Katie Taylor and Conor McGregor after May's fight. Alamy Stock Photo
Taylor-Cameron II

Eddie Hearn 'does not believe' Conor McGregor will attend Katie Taylor fight

Promoter does not think riots in Dublin last night will affect world title fight.

PROMOTER EDDIE HEARN has said he does not expect Conor McGregor to attend tomorrow night’s fight between Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron at the 3Arena in Dublin. 

The Matchroom boss also said that he does not think the riots in central Dublin on Thursday night will affect the world title fight tomorrow. 

McGregor’s company’s Forged Irish Stout is billed as one of the sponsors of the fight.

The MMA fighter has been criticised for posting incendiary remarks on social media during last night’s riots.  

Earlier yesterday afternoon, five people, including three young children, were hospitalised in a suspected stabbing near a school in Dublin city centre.

Two of the injured people – a woman (30s) and a young girl (5) – sustained serious injuries, An Gardaí Siochána said.

A man (50s) who is believed to be responsible for the attack is being treated in hospital for serious injuries. 

Speaking on Ireland AM this morning, Hearn said: “We will follow developments . . . and we will take instructions.”  

He continued: “This is an opportunity for positivity, not just for the sport of boxing, but in this country you’re talking about one of your greatest ever role models, an iconic figure of sport. 

“This is a celebration of boxing, this is a celebration of Irish sport as well. As always we follow the situations, we don’t feel it will affect the event tomorrow night and we hope that we can go ahead positively with a great event for Irish sport.”   

Presenter Elaine Crowley said that, at the Taylor-Cameron fight in May, McGregor “put himself front and centre”, adding, “I know he was sponsoring the event, but are we going to see that again?” 

“I don’t believe so, no,” said Hearn.  

Crowley added: “He’s been quite incendiary in his social media activity over the last 24 hours. No one likes to see what’s happened but his tweets last night were ‘Ireland we are at war’, ‘Do not let any Irish property be taken over unannounced’. 

“He’s slammed the government. He said last night you reap what you sow. Are you concerned at all that his rhetoric, which has been widely criticised, are you concerned at all if he gets involved . . . ?”  

Hearn said: “I don’t believe he’s attending the event. I don’t speak on his behalf. He’s obviously someone who has his own views, as everybody does.”  

“So he won’t be there?” Crowley asked.  

“I don’t believe so, no. For us, we just focus on the event.”

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