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# muslims - Saturday 17 October, 2015

Woman arrested after racist rant against Muslims caught on video

The woman calls the women a number of obscene names.

# muslims - Thursday 24 September, 2015

Death toll from Muslim pilgrimage tragedy reaches 717

The stampede broke out during the symbolic ‘stoning of the devil’ ritual. Hundreds more have been injured.

# muslims - Wednesday 16 September, 2015

# muslims - Monday 14 September, 2015

Topless protesters pulled from stage at Muslim religious conference

The women are part of activist group Femen and were protesting radical speakers at the conference.

# muslims - Friday 17 July, 2015

People in Kerry are worried about plans for a public call to prayer at a Tralee mosque

An anti-Muslim group is protesting the plans.

# muslims - Wednesday 24 June, 2015

From The Daily Edge Tesco have withdrawn this spectacular fail of a Ramadan promotion Fail

# muslims - Thursday 18 June, 2015

Ramadan begins today - but it's not as straightforward as simply fasting

There’s more to the fasting than just staying away from food and drink.

# muslims - Tuesday 5 May, 2015

Christians are leaving the faith in droves and the trend isn't slowing down

If the current trends continue beyond 2050 then by the year 2070 the world’s population of Muslims would roughly equal that of Christians.

# muslims - Thursday 30 April, 2015

Ireland isn't as welcoming as it used to be

But we’re less worried about the impact immigration could have on education and health services.

# muslims - Saturday 14 March, 2015

Muslim teachers will be allowed to wear their headscarves in class

The issue has been a major topic of debate in Germany.

# muslims - Saturday 31 January, 2015

61 killed in suicide bombing at mosque

Thousands protested in anger after the attack.

# muslims - Tuesday 13 January, 2015

Muslim communities share guidelines on how to deal with cartoons

The ‘survivors’ edition’ of Charlie Hebdo features a depiction of Mohammed on its cover page.

# muslims - Saturday 10 January, 2015

Brother of murdered French policeman: Do not confuse extremists with Muslims

Malek Merabet also chided the media for using footage of his brother’s killing.

# muslims - Tuesday 6 January, 2015

Cologne Cathedral plunged into darkness in protest over anti-Islam rallies

The move came as 18,000 people turned out an anti-immigrant demonstration.

# muslims - Monday 15 December, 2014

Australian commuters offer to accompany Muslims to work if they don't feel safe

It follows fears that Muslims may be targeted after a gunman took several people hostage in a cafe.

# muslims - Sunday 10 August, 2014

What is it like to be a Muslim in Ireland?

Is it different from any other faith? We found out.

# muslims - Sunday 3 August, 2014

China places official death toll of 'gang attack' at 96

37 civilians and 59 “terrorists” were killed in the incident last week in Xinjiang.

# muslims - Monday 28 July, 2014

Israel's Irish embassy deletes picture of Molly Malone in niqab

The pictures also showed European landmarks with weapons such as suicide bombs.

# muslims - Saturday 19 July, 2014

Suitcase or coffin? The choice thousands of people faced in CAR Catastrophe This post contains images

Suitcase or coffin? The choice thousands of people faced in CAR

A total of 2,599 people died by gunshot, machete attacks or grenades in a six-month period.

# muslims - Tuesday 3 June, 2014

Peter Robinson apologises for comments about Muslims

Last week Robinson said he wouldn’t trust Muslims for spiritual guidance but would trust them to “go down to the shops for me”. It didn’t go down well.

# muslims - Thursday 29 May, 2014

Peter Robinson: I was misinterpreted when I said I'd trust Muslims 'to go down to the shops for me' Northern Ireland This post contains videos

Peter Robinson: I was misinterpreted when I said I'd trust Muslims 'to go down to the shops for me'

The North’s first minister has been criticised for his comments in defence of a controversial pastor’s sermon.

# muslims - Wednesday 19 March, 2014

Osama bin Laden's son-in-law tells court he did not plot to kill Americans

Abu Ghaith is most famous for appearing in a video with bin Laden the day after the 9/11 attacks.

# muslims - Thursday 29 August, 2013

Ireland's largest mosque gets planning permission

The mosque will be built in Clongriffin, County Dublin and will cater for up to 3,000 people.

# muslims - Friday 14 June, 2013

Prolonged fasting for Ramadan is dangerous for people with diabetes

Abstaining from eating, drinking and using oral medications from dawn to sunset could cause hypoglycemia.

# muslims - Saturday 25 May, 2013

Two-child limit for Muslims in parts of Burma

Authorities in Burma’s western Rakhine state face accusations of ethnic cleansing after applying a two-child limit to Muslim families that does not also apply to Buddhists in the area.

# muslims - Friday 22 March, 2013

Pope wants better relations with Muslims and atheists

Pope Francis called for the Catholic Church to “intensify” dialogue with Islam.

# muslims - Thursday 21 March, 2013

At least 10 dead in Myanmar riots as Buddhists and Muslims clash

Several mosques were reported to have been torched as well as houses in the town of Meiktila.

# muslims - Thursday 20 September, 2012

Fears of protest grows after Mohammed cartoons published in France

The French magazine that published the cartoons sold out its usual print run of 75,000 copies in a few hours.

# muslims - Wednesday 19 September, 2012

French satirical mag publishes naked Muhammed cartoons

French authorities condemn publication as they strengthen security at embassies abroad.

# muslims - Saturday 15 September, 2012

Filmmaker questioned as protests continue over anti-Islamic movie In Pictures This post contains images

Filmmaker questioned as protests continue over anti-Islamic movie

Meanwhile, Al Qaeda has called for more attacks on US embassies.

# muslims - Sunday 19 August, 2012

In photos: celebrating the end of Ramadan around the world Ramadan This post contains images

In photos: celebrating the end of Ramadan around the world

Eid al-Fitr feast marks the end of Muslim’s holy month of Ramadan.

# muslims - Monday 11 June, 2012

Karadzic asks judges to dismiss his genocide case

Former Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic claimed he could not have foreseen the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica, in which 8,000 Muslim men and boys were slaughtered in a round of ethnic cleansing.

# muslims - Thursday 15 March, 2012

Iran "concerned over human rights violations in Ireland"

At today’s meeting of the UN Human Rights Council, the Iranian representative said that there were frequent occasions of racism against Muslims and other minorities. The claims were denied by Ireland’s UN ambassador.

# muslims - Sunday 8 January, 2012

Radical sect kill a further 6 people in northeast Nigeria

At least 52 people have been killed in recent days by the extremist Boko Haram sect – which has started specifically targeting Christians in northeastern Nigeria.

# muslims - Saturday 7 January, 2012

20 killed in Nigeria anti-Christian attacks

An extremist Muslim sect has claimed responsibility for the killings of at least 20 people who had gathered for a meeting of a Christian ethnic group.

# muslims - Sunday 4 September, 2011

9/11 memorials: Who won’t be there and what they can’t say 9/11 This post contains videos

9/11 memorials: Who won’t be there and what they can’t say

Remembering the dead ten years on – Ground Zero’s restricted guest list, and the talking points they’ve been requested to stick to.

# muslims - Friday 19 August, 2011

Islam Ireland welcomes debate on burqa but government has no plans for ban

The Islamic Cultural Cente of Ireland has been responding to calls from a councillor in Cork to ban the burqa in Ireland.

# muslims - Thursday 21 July, 2011

Texas man executed despite shooting victim campaigning for his clemency

Mark Stroman was on death row following two murders in the aftermath of 9/11. One of those who survived his attacks campaigned for his release.

# muslims - Wednesday 13 July, 2011

NATO set to continue bombing Libya during Ramadan

But the alliance said its campaign would stop if Gaddafi’s forces stopped targeting civilians.

# muslims - Tuesday 5 July, 2011

Police in New South Wales granted new powers to remove face veils

Police in Australia’s most populous state will now be permitted to demand that a woman remove her face covering when investigating minor offences.