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Last year
Alcohol consumption levels have decreased in the last five years, survey finds
Nicotine products to come under Drug Payments Scheme with cost capped at €80 per month
All time
Nine in ten smokers pick up the habit by age 25, studies show
Study shows unchanged teen smoking rates in 40% of countries over past two decades
Budget 2020: Winners and losers
Budget 2019: Winners and Losers
Tourists face €2.5k fine or a year in prison for smoking on Thailand's beaches
Vaping is 'far safer than smoking'
"It's the future": Restaurants and cafés are cracking down on smoking outside
Four out of 10 smokers lie on their life insurance applications
Ex-prisoner successfully sues France for putting him in a cell with smokers
Heard of 'Black Mount' and 'Jim's' cigarettes? They're available on the Irish black market...
One year on: 'If even one person stops smoking, then it will all be worth it’
Why are tobacco companies opposing this so vigorously? They're afraid.
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Poll: Should all third-level campuses go 'smoke-free'?
Australia's plain cigarette packaging has not given a boost to the illicit tobacco trade
Think e-cigarettes are harmful? 37% of Irish people believe they are
Man tries to smoke 100 cigarettes in one go, fails miserably
'Hands off our children, you're not getting them': Fine Gael debates smoking and e-cigarettes
'Small differences' can help you save up to €5,600 on life insurance
This woman had to give up her job, swimming and going to the salon...because of smoking
Tobacco industry 'needs to recruit 50 new smokers a day' to replace deceased and quitters
Russia's ambitious anti-tobacco plan aims to cut smoker numbers by half
Plain pack cigarettes will 'save lives' and prevent child smokers
Smokers in Europe 'not being given enough help to quit'
Smokers' group slams introduction of graphic health warnings
Life insurance prices can vary by up to €7,500 - study
Smokers urged seek support to kick the habit as new year begins
Plain cigarette packets less appealing to female smokers - study
PHOTOS: Smokers caught in the act of smoking
Reilly will not oppose bill to ban smoking in cars when children are present
Column: 5 reasons why we need to hike taxes on cigarettes. (Yes, again.)
Smoking related diseases in women reaching 'epic proportions'
Nearly 70 per cent say their socialising causes increase in smoking
Winners and losers of Budget 2012: In pictures
Column: Applying the lessons of beating Big Tobacco to beating Big Food
Cigarette sales fall by 10 per cent
Photos on cigarette boxes "will reduce amount of smokers"
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