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1. #STRESS TESTS: The EU stress tests on four Irish financial institutions – AIB, Bank of Ireland, Irish Life & Permanent, the EBS – revealed that €24bn is needed in recapitalisation funding. Straight after this announcement at the Central Bank, Finance Minister Michael Noonan revealed the Government’s plans to radically restructure the banking system. There will now be two pillar banks – one formed by Bank of Ireland and one which will be a merger of the EBS and Allied Irish Banks.

2. #LOWRY: The Dail passed a motion of censure on independent TD Michael Lowry today, officially asking him to voluntarily resign. In his third speech to the Dail in as many days, he said he was going nowhere.

3. #BABY DEATH: A coroner investigating the cause of death of a ten-day-old baby is appealing for anyone with information to come forward to gardai. Eight people were arrested when baby Johnny McCarthy was found dead with blunt trauma to the head last year but no-one has ever been charged in relation to his death.

4. #SOUTH AFRICA: An unidentified former rugby star in South Africa has been arrested after allegedly murdering three men – decapitating 0ne – with an axe. A fourth man, who is reported to have narrowly escaped death, is claiming that the rugby player was avenging an attack on his daughter in which she was raped and infected with the HIV virus.

5. #NAZIS ON SPEED: A medical study has revealed that hundreds of thousands of Nazi soldiers were fed crystal meth to improve their stamina during the Blitzkrieg campaign. Meanwhile, RTE Radio 1 is airing a documentary on Saturday about an Irishman who may have unwittingly saved the life of a young Adolf Hitler.