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TV3 asked billionaire Donald Trump about Kim Kardashian and crying

He also thinks that Michael Noonan is “terrific”.

DONALD TRUMP HAS revealed doesn’t have much to say about Kim Kardashian and hasn’t cried in a while.

TV3′s Ireland AM threw the billionaire a number of quick-fire questions at the end of wide-ranging interview, conducted during his visit to Ireland earlier this week.

Trump told presenter Colette Fitzpatrick that he is “probably easier to live with than you would think”, that he “doesn’t really have much of a comment” on Kim Kardashian, and thinks the pope is “terrific” and ‘doing something very unique’.

He had similar feelings about Minister for Finance Michael Noonan.

“I think that Michael who I met is just a terrific guy, he loves this country,” Trump said.

“It was very nice that he met me and he met me because I’m throwing tremendous amounts of money into Ireland and that’s a good thing.”

Touching on the subject of crying, he said that he hasn’t “in a while”.

I don’t like to cry and I don’t like to put myself on display crying, but you know, I see people crying and I have no objection to it.

Trumped added that he has high hopes for Ireland’s economy, noting that he wouldn’t invest significant sums in a country “that’s going in the wrong direction”.

He said the economy is ‘already surging ahead’.

Your whole tax policy and your whole incentivise policy is the right thing.

On American politics, Trump believes that while Hilary Clinton will run as the democratic candidate, he’s in with a definite chance of winning the election.

“I think I could beat her if I ran, but we’ll see whether or not, I’ll wait until November,” he said.

He branded Barack Obama’s time in office as a “disaster”.

Trump was in Clare earlier this week to visit a golf resort in Doonbeg that he plans to pump tens of millions into, transforming it into a world-class resort.

Trump on… helicopters.

Fitzpatrick: I just want to make mention of the fact that there is a helicopter actually landing outside and this is because there’s a Links Tournament on.

Trump: This is all the Trump effect. We’ve helicopters all of a sudden. We went from no helicopters to everyone’s got helicopters.

Obama’s birth cert (again).

He should have come clean over the years, and if you remember the very famous story where I offered him five million dollars if he showed some basic records and he never took me up on it… a lot of people feel that it wasn’t a proper certificate.

What makes him emotional.

Well, you always have to get into the family thing because there’s nothing like family and despite what I have just said the fact is is that there’s nothing more important than great relationships and great family. I have many friends that are unbelievably successful, the most successful people. I know them very well, and they’re miserable people.

Roz Purcell.

Fitzpatrick: Roz Purcell, our model, I know you put your eye on her when she competed in the Miss Universe pageant in 2010. What did you make of her? You kind of hand-picked her didn’t you?

Trump: I thought she was a very nice person. I actually did, and I hope she’s doing well, but I thought she was a very nice person.

Trump: I’m bringing hundreds of jobs — and yes, I’ll be a friend of the snail >

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