# War Crimes

This week
18th February 2024 - 21st February 2024
Tracking the atrocities: Meet the Irish expert helping Ukraine catalogue war crimes
Aonghus Kelly spoke to The Journal this week about his work and what it has been like to be based inside Ukraine as the war raged around him.
This month
February 2024
Amnesty calls for ICC to investigate killings by Israeli forces in the West Bank
Last year
Tom Clonan: A defeated Ukraine would be a military and political disaster for the EU and NATO
'The bombs keep falling on us': Gazans desperate for war to end as Israel presses offensive
The Israeli army is keeping up its campaign across the length of the Gaza Strip in the face of mounting international pushback.
South Africa launches genocide case against Israel at International Court of Justice
All Irish citizens in Gaza accounted for, as efforts continue to get them out, minister says
New international war crimes office opens in The Hague to probe Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Ireland to offer Garda assistance to prosecutors probing Russian war crimes in Ukraine
Germany says it has 'hundreds' of pieces of evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine
All time
Opinion: The war in Ukraine is also a war on nature
Ukraine plans international court to put Putin on trial
Debunked: A claim that the UN accused Ukrainian forces of using 'human shields' is missing context
International human rights group seeks arrest of ex-Sri Lankan president after he fled country
Amnesty accuse Russia of killing hundreds of civilians with cluster bombs in Ukraine's second city
UN issues war crimes warning after death sentences given to soldiers
21-year-old Russian soldier sentenced to life at first Kyiv war crimes trial since invasion
Here's What Happened Today: Wednesday
Germany seeks five-years' jail for ex-Nazi guard, now 101
Russia to cut electricity to Finland as tensions rise over Nato bid
Sergei Lavrov has accused the EU of transforming from a "constructive, economic platform" into an "aggressive, militant player"
Kyiv has admitted it is unlikely to become a Nato member - but has forged ahead with an application to join the EU
Russian forces have been accused of committing atrocities - including the killing of unarmed civilians, torture and rape
Russian soldier accused of war crime put on trial in Ukraine
Russia continues assault on east Ukraine as Finland moves towards joining Nato
The Explainer: How are war crimes investigated and prosecuted?
Ireland to give €3 million to International Criminal Court conducting war crime probe
Evidence of rape by Russian soldiers in Ukraine mounts as ICC investigates war crimes
Evidence of rape by Russian soldiers is mounting in Ukraine, Lauren Boland reports.
A growing number of women have shared testimony of being sexually assaulted during the war.
The International Criminal Court is investigating suspected war crimes.
Gardaí link with German authorities to develop specialist war crime questionnaire for Ukrainian refugees
Civilians flee east Ukraine amid warnings of 'horrific' abuses
Russian forces executed and raped civilians in apparent war crimes, Amnesty investigators find
Col Colm Doyle: Bucha shows that Putin's aim is the collective punishment of Ukraine's people
Zelenskyy denounces Russian 'war crimes' in Bucha and pledges to rebuild Kyiv suburbs
Gardaí should gather evidence of Russia's war crimes by interviewing refugees, says Flanagan
Analysis: Under international law, is Putin criminally liable for his invasion of Ukraine?
What are war crimes - and could Putin face trial for Russia's invasion of Ukraine?
UN warns of possible war crimes as Taliban hold tightens around north of Afghanistan
War crime judges uphold life sentence for 'Butcher of Bosnia' Mladic
Australian elite troops 'unlawfully killed' 39 in Afghanistan, report alleges
Kosovo president steps down to face war crime charges in The Hague
International Criminal Court may investigate British military over war crimes allegations
Opinion: 25 years on from the Rwanda genocide. Can we make sure it never happens again?
Bosnian Serb leader Karadzic's jail sentence increased to life imprisonment
Former Nazi concentration camp guard (94) breaks down during first day of trial