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Who should have a HPV cervical screening test?

Women and people with a cervix aged between 25 and 65.

WE INVITE PEOPLE aged 25 to 29 to come for screening every 3 years and those aged 30 to 65 to come every 5 years. Your risk of developing HPV decreases as you age.

You can book a test if you:

  • Checked the CervicalCheck register and it says your screening test is due soon.
  • Get an invitation letter to tell you to book your cervical screening appointment.
  • Have lost or did not get an invitation letter and your test is due.
  • Missed your last test.

You may also book a test if you are eligible for screening and may not have received an invite. 

You can book an appointment with any GP (family doctor) or nurse registered with CervicalCheck. You do not have to book with your own GP or nurse. The screening test is free.

HPV cervical screening is not a test for cancer – it’s a test to see if you are at risk of developing cervical cancer in the future.

You can find out when your next cervical screening test due here. 

You can find a list of participating GP practices and clinics here.