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# facebook - Yesterday’s News

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# facebook - Saturday 26 November, 2016

Did Pope Francis really endorse Trump? Pressure grows on Facebook and Google to reduce fake news

A group of Princeton undergrads were able to build a “fake news” classifier that they say Facebook should replicate.

# facebook - Sunday 20 November, 2016

Spanish police arrest man who had 'macabre' tattoo of the date of his girlfriend's murder on his arm

The man is suspected of having used his girlfriend’s mobile phone after he killed her to update her Facebook and other social media profiles to try to throw off investigators.

# facebook - Thursday 17 November, 2016

An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg from the world’s fact-checkers (including

Fact-checkers from around the world, including’s FactCheck, set out their stall on Facebook and fake news.

# facebook - Wednesday 16 November, 2016

From The Daily Edge This HONY story from a woman living with her sister's Irish ex-husband is going viral in Ireland HONY

Want a Late Late Toy Show ticket? Take a pic with a cutout of Ryan Tubridy

RTÉ want viewers to take pictures of themselves with a Ryan Tubridy cutout (known as RyanElf) and share them on social media.

# facebook - Tuesday 15 November, 2016

Mayor quits after racist Facebook posts that compares Michelle Obama to "ape in heels" West Virginia This post contains videos

Mayor quits after racist Facebook posts that compares Michelle Obama to "ape in heels"

The West Virginia mayor said her friend had ‘made her day’ with the post.

From The Daily Edge 15 thoughts everyone has while scrolling through their cringey Facebook On This Day The Way We Were

What exactly are Google and Facebook doing about the spread of fake news?

The tech giants have faced consistent accusations of affecting the US election since Donald Trump’s victory last week.

# facebook - Monday 14 November, 2016

From The Daily Edge Writing "suits you" under pictures of people holding babies should be outlawed You're Next

# facebook - Saturday 12 November, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg among users accidentally declared dead by Facebook

Media reports indicated that some two million errant memorials were posted on profile pages.

# facebook - Friday 11 November, 2016

'Fake news had nothing to do with Donald Trump's victory' - Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s CEO is adamant that the proliferation of less-than-truthful news had no bearing on the US election result.

# facebook - Thursday 3 November, 2016

Facebook slagging of accused's girlfriend led to stabbing, court told

The victim suffered serious injuries after being stabbed in the torso.

# facebook - Tuesday 1 November, 2016

Over a million people checked in on Facebook in solidarity with Indian Reservation protests

The protests have attracted support from some high-profile actors such as Mark Ruffalo and Shailene Woodley.

From The Daily Edge This Limerick comedian's reimagining of a foul-mouthed Irish Peppa Pig is brilliant Walshunit

# facebook - Thursday 27 October, 2016

From The Daily Edge The Mass Facebook event exploded overnight and the posts are absolute gold Getting Mass

# facebook - Wednesday 26 October, 2016

Australian teenager sues media over photograph of his mullet haircut

The New South Wales District Court judge in the case has dismissed all of the actions taken by Ali Mosslmani bar one.

# facebook - Saturday 22 October, 2016

Facebook apologises for another censorship slip, as it promises more graphic news

Facebook apologised for taking down a breast cancer awareness video because the images were flagged as offensive, saying the move was “an error”.

# facebook - Thursday 20 October, 2016

Charity criticises Facebook after it deemed a breast cancer awareness video "offensive"

Communications director Lena Biornstad said she found the decision “incomprehensible”.

# facebook - Wednesday 19 October, 2016

You can now buy cinema tickets, order food and make a hairdresser appointment on Facebook*

*It’s only available in the US for now.

# facebook - Monday 17 October, 2016

From The Daily Edge 8 cringey things you definitely did if you were obsessed with FarmVille Send Me A Pumpkin

8 cringey things you definitely did if you were obsessed with FarmVille

2009. What a time to be on Facebook.

# facebook - Thursday 13 October, 2016

Blocking, unfriending and privacy - new guide launched to help women protect themselves on Facebook

The guide was launched by Women’s Aid and Facebook.

From The Daily Edge This woman had an excellent response to being called 'just a nurse' Proud

This woman had an excellent response to being called 'just a nurse'

“I have helped babies into the world, many of whom needed assistance to take their first breath, and yet I am just a nurse.”

# facebook - Tuesday 4 October, 2016

From The Daily Edge Facebook briefly made a load of people believe they won a Nobel Prize Dammit

# facebook - Tuesday 27 September, 2016

Germany has stopped Facebook from harvesting WhatsApp subscriber data

Hamburg’s Commissioner for Data Protection added that Facebook would be required to delete data already received from WhatsApp in Germany.

# facebook - Thursday 22 September, 2016

US kid writes to five-year-old Syrian refugee offering him a place in his family

Alex, from New York, wrote after seeing a photograph of bloodied and dazed Omran Daqneesh.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan want to end all disease

The couple have pledged $3 billion to efforts to prevent, cure or manage disease.

# facebook - Saturday 17 September, 2016

# facebook - Thursday 15 September, 2016

Daughter sues parents in Austria for posting photos of her on Facebook

The 18-year-old woman recently joined the social network where she discovered 500 images of her that had been posted by her parents without her permission.

# facebook - Tuesday 13 September, 2016

From The Daily Edge People are loving this great photo of a working mam just getting on with the job Dr Mom

# facebook - Monday 12 September, 2016

From The Daily Edge 18 very Irish dating commandments Facebook Official

18 very Irish dating commandments

Dating in Ireland is hard. But not if you know all of this!

If you use Whatsapp, your data is about to become the property of Facebook

Julien Mercille explains how you can take steps to protect your data.

# facebook - Sunday 11 September, 2016

A 40-year-old technology still beats Facebook for getting people to visit websites

A new Irish study found email newsletters were more likely to drive online sales than social media.

# facebook - Saturday 10 September, 2016

Former Guardian editor says Facebook hoovered up over €20 million of its advertising income last year

Alan Rusbridger says Facebook is “taking all the money” because “they have algorithms we don’t understand”.

# facebook - Friday 9 September, 2016

Facebook does u-turn on censoring 'napalm girl' photo

Norway’s biggest selling newspaper had accused Facebook of censorship.

# facebook - Tuesday 6 September, 2016

From The42 Nicolas Anelka in 'Django Unchained' dig at Lillian Thuram Insult

Nicolas Anelka in 'Django Unchained' dig at Lillian Thuram

The reaction comes after a documentary on French television called “Another History of France, 1996-2016″.

From The Daily Edge This lad's Facebook got pranked and people think he's giving away All-Ireland tickets now Points For Originality

Social media can bring out the worst in public mourning, says an expert on digital grief

“In the context of grieving, because it’s easier to make a posting on an internet page, it’s often a kind of phoney impression.”

# facebook - Monday 5 September, 2016

Here's What Happened Today: Monday

Stephen Donnelly’s Soc Dem departure, crisis pregnancy agencies and a wildfire in Spain had everyone talking…

New Facebook tools allow you to help someone who might be at risk of suicide

The new features were designed with the help of Samaritans Ireland ahead of World Suicide Day this Saturday.

# facebook - Sunday 28 August, 2016

Facebook will get access to WhatsApp phone numbers to hit people with more targeted ads

The newly shared data is likely to prove a valuable commodity for the world’s largest social network.

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