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#State Papers

# state-papers - Today’s News


# state-papers - Saturday 3 January, 2015

Mrs Brown, tourists, and the Luas: The week in numbers

Plus: What was the lowest temperature in Ireland this week?

What did Ronald Reagan eat on his visit to Ireland?

Not too much butter, anyway.

Government Buildings got a lick of paint when Ronald Reagan came to visit

Including varnishing, carpets, ceiling tiles and “general cleaning up”.

Iran wanted films of the Irish struggle… we wanted to send them nature docs

A rep from Iranian TV wanted a video from Ireland for broadcasting.

# state-papers - Thursday 1 January, 2015

The day an Irish fishing boat was sunk by a British submarine Cold War This post contains videos

The day an Irish fishing boat was sunk by a British submarine

Newly released documents show the Government had ‘no intention’ to get involved in the crew’s case against the UK.

Back in 1984 the Government was worried about banning smoking in classrooms

In some schools smoking in the classroom was “an accepted practice”.

# state-papers - Tuesday 30 December, 2014

Could Britain’s State Papers give a ‘one-sided’ view of Anglo-Irish history?

One Fianna Fáil councillor believes so, as the British papers are being released ahead of Irish papers.

British spies had “excellent relations” with gardaí

And Irish ministers didn’t know it.

Stop it! RTÉ was told to stop jamming pirate radio stations

Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald said the Government were not trying to be “spoil-sports”.

Thirty years ago, a Fine Gael government was worried that Sinn Féin ‘could deliver’

Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Barry didn’t like that Sinn Féin representatives were being listened to.

# state-papers - Monday 29 December, 2014

Were there nuclear missiles stored in Northern Ireland?

That was a big question back in the early 1980s.

This American lady begged the Prime Minister to save the leprechaun

“In our hearts we know they are still there.”

# state-papers - Sunday 28 December, 2014

Ads for Transformer toys and Barbie’s Star Traveller were a big worry in the 1980s….

The country was in the midst of a recession with unemployment up to 16.1%.

Water cannons could be “more lethal than plastic bullets”. That’s what the UK told Ireland…

17 people were killed by either rubber or plastic bullets during The Troubles.

Ireland wanted to sell water to Saudi Arabia for $5 a barrel in the 1980s

There was one problem… Japan also wanted to.

# state-papers - Saturday 27 December, 2014

Thatcher in ’84: ‘The Irish don’t like to move, but they’re all terribly happy to move to Britain’

The PM’s comments have been revealed in newly released state documents.

“I would have preferred not to have seen Mr Browne at all”

Vincent Browne wanted to interview the Irish Ambassador in 1984 – who wasn’t happy about it.

This man warned that Ireland could end up needing a bailout… 30 years ago

State papers reveal how Alan Dukes warned his cabinet colleagues of the need to cut spending.

In 1983 there was a chance a Soviet spy satellite would fall on Ireland

There was one in 10,000 chance nuclear-powered Cosmo 1402 would fall over Ireland.

Thousands of Northern refugees streamed over the border in the 1970s – some were called “ungrateful”

The situation is detailed in a memo to Government from 1973.

The secret note that revealed how much Margaret Thatcher trusted Garret Fitzgerald

A steering note before Garret Fitzgerald’s meeting with Margaret Thatcher shows us how she was “by political preference” a Unionist.

This 1984 memo to the Taoiseach is why you can’t buy bangers at Halloween

You can buy all the toy gun caps you like though.

John Hume was ‘rather blunt’ with Margaret Thatcher in secret meeting

Notes from a secret meeting have just been released.

# state-papers - Saturday 13 September, 2014

NI Secretary of State referred to Ian Paisley as a ‘schizophrenic’

James Prior said the remark during a meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs Peter Barry in October 1983

# state-papers - Friday 3 January, 2014

Thatcher considered redrawing NI border to move Catholic areas south

The plan was revealed by British state papers released under the 30 year rule.

# state-papers - Wednesday 1 January, 2014

Minister objected to military vehicles factory setting up shop in Ireland in 1983

The Minister for Trade, Commerce and Tourism Frank Cluskey thought Ireland should take a restrictive attitude to the manufacturing of military equipment in Ireland.

# state-papers - Tuesday 31 December, 2013

Haughey government decided ministers should get a safe and shredder in their homes

If they required them, that is. The Fine Gael-led coalition tried to get them back in 1983 after they came to power.

# state-papers - Monday 30 December, 2013

From The Daily Edge Cornflakes and Ribena among foods banned during Mugabe’s 1983 visit to Ireland State Papers

Cornflakes and Ribena among foods banned during Mugabe’s 1983 visit to Ireland

State papers have revealed Mrs Mugabe’s dietary requirements.

# state-papers - Sunday 29 December, 2013

The ‘Free Nicky Kelly’ fliers found in New York’s subway in 1983 State Papers This post contains images

The ‘Free Nicky Kelly’ fliers found in New York’s subway in 1983

Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald and Minister Michael Noonan also came under considerable pressure from Nobel Peace Prize winner Seán MacBride.

The Department of Finance wanted to get rid of the government jet

The Cabinet and the Taoiseach wanted to keep the £2.5 million aeroplane.

Govt nervous about British nuclear plans and wanted cover ‘if anything went wrong’

An internal memo from the Department of Foreign Affairs shows the government wanted to “cover themselves in the event of anything going wrong” at Windscale.

# state-papers - Saturday 28 December, 2013

Haughey believed Jimmy Savile would be a good mediator for Thatcher dealings

A letter in the National Archives reveals details of a meeting between the pair at the Central Remedial Clinic in the 1980s.

Government wanted to play down its involvement in Kissinger visit

But he was given an official lunch, multiple tete-a-tetes with the Taoiseach and security detail.

Bishops given copy of Attorney General’s advice ahead of 1983 referendum

The Bishop of Clonfert was also given unfettered access to the Attorney General in the lead up to the abortion referendum.

Charles Haughey wanted to meet Saddam Hussein in 1978 – Saddam declined

Accompanied by Liam Lawlor, Haughey was there to arrange medical cooperation between the two countries.

The 9 at 9: Saturday

Good morning! Here are nine things you need to know as you start your day.

Changes to prison accommodation rules raised concerns about homosexuality

There were “obvious objections to having two prisoners in one cell – the most common objection being that it facilitates homosexuality”.

Haughey sought military advice on a common defence plan for Ireland and the UK

State Papers show he planned to ‘bait’ Margaret Thatcher into talks on reunification using the plan.

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