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# ukip - Saturday 17 February, 2018

Ukip members vote to remove scandal-hit leader Henry Bolton

Members backed a motion of no confidence by 867 votes (63%) to 500 (37%).

# ukip - Monday 22 January, 2018

Ukip in turmoil as two top figures quit party after leader refuses to step down

“We need to make it clear to Mr Bolton that his time is up.”

# ukip - Sunday 21 January, 2018

Ukip leader loses no confidence vote after row over comments made by ex-girlfriend

Henry Bolton’s former partner allegedly made racist remarks about Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle.

# ukip - Monday 15 January, 2018

UKIP leader splits with partner over 'racist' Meghan Markle texts

Jo Marney said that Meghan Markle would “taint” the royal family.

# ukip - Monday 8 January, 2018

Nigel Farage says top EU negotiator 'clearly doesn't understand Brexit' Immigration This post contains videos

Nigel Farage says top EU negotiator 'clearly doesn't understand Brexit'

Farage criticised Michel Barnier after their meeting today.

# ukip - Saturday 16 December, 2017

Nigel Farage claims he is 'skint' and says there is no money in politics

In an interview with the UK Daily Mail, Farage talked about his personal life, relationships and how he can’t walk around outside on his own without fear of being attacked.

# ukip - Friday 29 September, 2017

Ukip elects a new leader, its fourth in just over a year

The party elected former army officer Henry Bolton as its new leader.

# ukip - Wednesday 3 May, 2017

Varadkar says Farage 'takes the biscuit' with 'hilarious' comment that the EU is 'stoking Irish nationalism' United Ireland This post contains videos

Varadkar says Farage 'takes the biscuit' with 'hilarious' comment that the EU is 'stoking Irish nationalism'

Farage said the EU is doing it to make things difficult for the UK.

# ukip - Thursday 6 April, 2017

Welsh MP who left the Tories for UKIP leaves UKIP for the Tories

Mark Reckless said he was leaving as it was “job done” for the party.

# ukip - Saturday 25 March, 2017

'Job done': UKIP's only MP has quit the party

“I will leave UKIP amicably, cheerfully and in the knowledge that we won.”

# ukip - Wednesday 15 February, 2017

UKIP leader forced to deny own statement that he lost a close friend at Hillsborough disaster

A press officer for Nuttall has since offered her resignation over the controversy.

# ukip - Wednesday 4 January, 2017

'If Brexit goes well, the public pressure in Ireland for an EU exit will grow' - Nigel Farage

“Twice in the last 16 years Ireland has rejected EU treaties,” the former Ukip leader said this morning.

# ukip - Tuesday 20 December, 2016

'Poisonous': Nigel Farage's comments about Jo Cox's widower criticised

The right-wing politician has been threatened with legal action over comments he made about an anti-racism group.

# ukip - Tuesday 29 November, 2016

UKIP wants the Irish government to help pay for a motorway in Wales with EU funds

Assemblyman David Rowlands told “I’m glad they all realise the irony” in a Ukip member seeking EU funds to upgrade the motorway.

# ukip - Wednesday 23 November, 2016

Explainer: Five months after the Brexit referendum, why is UKIP in chaos?

In its moment of triumph, infighting has plunged the party into turmoil.

# ukip - Thursday 10 November, 2016

'Come and schmooze Theresa, don’t touch her': Nigel Farage's advice to Trump

The former UKIP leader made light of claims made by Trump that he could grab women’s privates due to his fame.

# ukip - Monday 17 October, 2016

Favourite for Ukip leadership quits party following 'altercation' with fellow MEP

Steven Woolfe had been seen as front-runner to succeed Nigel Farage before allegedly being assaulted in Strasbourg recently by fellow Ukip MEP Mike Hookem.

# ukip - Saturday 8 October, 2016

I can prove I was attacked, hospitalised UKIP MEP claims

The other MEP involved in the row claims that Steven Woolfe started the fight.

# ukip - Friday 7 October, 2016

EU launches probe after clash of Ukip MEPs leaves one in hospital

Steven Woolfe MP has regained consciousness and is now recovering.

# ukip - Thursday 6 October, 2016

Ukip MEP Mike Hookem insists altercation with Steven Woolfe was 'verbal' only

Steven Woolfe MEP, favourite for the leadership of Ukip following Diane James’ resignation, earlier released a statement to say his condition is improving.

# ukip - Wednesday 5 October, 2016

Ukip turmoil as new leader quits just 18 days into the job

Nigel Farage has ruled out a return.

# ukip - Monday 12 September, 2016

Nigel Farage says Ireland should rejoin the Commonwealth to hedge our bets on the EU

“I would say this – the Queen is, you know, a figurehead, shes’ not the leader, doesn’t make the law, she can’t do anything other than be a global ambassador for the Commonwealth.”

# ukip - Monday 4 July, 2016

Nigel Farage resigns as leader of UKIP

Farage “wants his life back”.

# ukip - Monday 9 November, 2015

Ireland has been 'bullied' in its dealings with the EU: Farage

The Ukip leader’s comments come as Taoiseach Enda Kenny talks up the risks of a Brexit.

# ukip - Monday 11 May, 2015

It turns out Nigel Farage won't be resigning after all

UKIP say they’ve rejected his official resignation.

# ukip - Friday 8 May, 2015

AS IT HAPPENED: Tories on course for majority, SNP storms Scotland ... and Miliband set to quit The Morning After This post contains videos

# ukip - Thursday 7 May, 2015

Four men and a lady: Political deadlock could means days of fraught talks

Forming coalition governments comes natural to Irish politicians, but the same is not true across the water.

# ukip - Wednesday 6 May, 2015

UKIP candidate filmed threatening to 'put a bullet' in rival candidate

“If this lad turns up to be our prime minister I will personally put a bullet in him. That’s how strong I feel about it.”

# ukip - Sunday 26 April, 2015

Poll: Do we need more bank holidays? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Do we need more bank holidays?

UKIP is campaigning for an extra one to be brought in to mark St George’s Day – but do we need another one here?

# ukip - Friday 17 April, 2015

From The Daily Edge Some genius made this wonderful alteration to a UKIP poster Welcome

# ukip - Wednesday 8 April, 2015

This campaign video from the UK Greens is … well, bonkers

So ridiculous, it works.

# ukip - Tuesday 7 April, 2015

What you need to know about the election that no one can predict Explainer This post contains videos

What you need to know about the election that no one can predict

In a closely-fought race it appears neither the Conservatives nor Labour will emerge victorious on 7 May.

# ukip - Thursday 26 March, 2015

Quiz: Who said it...Jeremy Clarkson or Nigel Farage?

They’re the middle-aged men that middle England adores.

# ukip - Sunday 15 March, 2015

Gardaí probe assault at meeting of party that wants “proper border control”

The meeting was stopped by protesters who call the party “fascist”.

# ukip - Thursday 12 March, 2015

Britain doesn't need anti-discrimination laws, says Farage

He made the comments in a documentary that will go out next week.

# ukip - Tuesday 10 March, 2015

'Britain twice saved the world from tyranny, we'll do what we want' - Tory MP

Gordon Brown reckons a Brexit would make the UK akin to the ‘North Korea of Europe’. So… would it?

# ukip - Saturday 28 February, 2015

Leaflet at UKIP conference claims LGBT education is 'sexual grooming'

The party has previously distanced itself from the Christian group that was handing out the leaflets.

# ukip - Tuesday 24 February, 2015

That's a scandalous amount of controversies for just one party, UKIP

By the second half of 2014, Nigel Farage had run out of ways to say sorry – and was saying things like “mega, mega apologies” instead.

# ukip - Monday 23 February, 2015

UKIP councillor fired over these "deeply racist" comments

The footage was broadcast on Meet the Ukippers last night.

# ukip - Wednesday 4 February, 2015

From The Daily Edge UKIP politician asks his Twitter followers to 'play Hello Kitty World' with him Hello Kitty World

UKIP politician asks his Twitter followers to 'play Hello Kitty World' with him

He blames his five-year-old daughter for the gaffe. A LIKELY STORY.

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