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Opinion: 'Trump should eliminate US nukes and give a chance to diplomacy'
Yes, North Korea is a bad regime but this doesn’t mean that bombing it is the solution, writes Julien Mercille.
RTÉ pay: 'Those who say that we need to pay a lot to attract talent are wrong'
We know that many journalists working in the private media make peanuts, writes Julien Mercille.
Opinion: 'Trump’s budget attacks science, medical research and disease prevention'
Beyond the moral atrocities, Trump’s budget is not even competent from a technical perspective, writes Julien Mercille.
Worried about your child being bullied online? Here’s some helpful advice
Cyberbullying can happen to anyone. It’s always wrong and it should never be overlooked or ignored.
Opinion: 'Electing Macron last week could result in Le Pen winning the next election in 2022'
Macron’s approach, is the failed strategy of austerity or neoliberalism, writes Julien Mercille.
Julien Mercille: Liberals are wrong to cheer on Trump's bombs
Boosting humanitarian aid and taking in more refugees would be more effective in alleviating suffering, writes Julien Mercille.
'Fox News' Bill O'Reilly will be replaced by another big mouth, cheering Trump on'
The fact that the advertisers pulled out of the O’Reilly show doesn’t mean that they have withdrawn their money from Fox, writes Julien Mercille.
'Trump’s budget is easy to understand: he’s boosting the military, cutting everything else. Scary'
Donald Trump’s first official budget document reveals his militarisation plans at the expense of the environment and civil society, writes Julien Mercille.
Julien Mercille: 'We should transform Paddy's Day into a people’s celebration, that's not about blind patriotism'
If we created an alternative and more inclusive Paddy’s Day, it might even change the country for the better, writes Julien Mercille.
American soap opera: 'Family, business and government all intertwined in Trump's presidency'
There are multiple conflicts of interest and ethical concerns surrounding Trump’s family, writes Julien Mercille.
Julien Mercille: 'From a progressive perspective, Obama's record is less than impressive'
Barack Obama’s contributions to the economy and health care were positive but his list of failures is longer, writes Julien Mercille.
'The media should tell the truth about the alt-right'
The alt-right is a phenomenon, and matters to public life – so the media should report on it by telling the truth about it, writes Julien Mercille.
Julien Mercille: 'Trump is simply continuing policies pursued by Democrats'
Donald Trump’s mass deportation plan and wall building is very similar to Barack Obama’s and the Clinton’s, writes Julien Mercille.
Opinion: Four reasons why Donald Trump won the election
Working class Americans have been neglected by the political establishment, writes Julien Mercille.
Opinion: We need a strike at 4.27pm this Friday for women’s pay
Ireland’s pay gap between men and women is 14% – but can we do something about it, asks Julien Mercille.
Hillary Clinton and Wikileaks: Is it legitimate to release personal emails in full?
Should Wikileaks ensure that only details of public interest are released? The answers are not black and white, writes Julien Mercille.
Column: The US football players kneeling for the national anthem are doing something important
There is a long history of athletes taking a stand for justice, writes Julien Mercille.
If you use Whatsapp, your data is about to become the property of Facebook
Julien Mercille explains how you can take steps to protect your data.
Where will Namaleaks lead us? The answer depends on you
Julien Mercille is a member of the Namaleaks team. He explains why the site was set up.
Why are so many British politicians resigning?
Julien Mercille looks at the decisions of Nigel Farage, David Cameron and Boris Johnson to move out of the spotlight.
The coup against Jeremy Corbyn is a case of elites trying to squash popular aspirations
Julian Mercille writes that the coming weeks could have fateful consequences for the Labour Party.
On the death of Jo Cox: Racist rhetoric contributes to the rise in violence
The hype around the Brexit campaign, hyper-patriotism, and “Britain first, immigrants out” discourses have led to this tragedy writes Julien Mercile
The pink tax is just another cost of being a girl
Women are charged a so-called “pink tax” because they pay more than men for equivalent products, writes Julien Mercille.
Atrocities you probably haven't heard about through the media
Brutality in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and elsewhere has been largely overlooked by western media outlets, Julien Mercille writes.
Jack Chambers has taken some heat on social media, but public figures get criticised all the time
Columnist Julien Mercille writes that if we start policing the internet for online abuse we can say goodbye to freedom of speech.
Five simple reasons the government got the mood of the people so wrong
The government’s electoral campaign emphasised the two slogans of “economic recovery” and “stability” failed to convince many voters, writes columnist Julien Mercille.
'For me, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are virtually the same'
Columnist Julien Mercille gives us his take on the election ahead.
'Anti-Islamic group Pegida are coming to town. We can't afford to laugh and dismiss them'
Two protests are taking place this Saturday – there are bound to be a clash of ideas, writes Julien Mercille.
Promoting 'brand Ireland' with a film about emigration? I'm not comfortable with that
There’s something weird about a media and government cheering on a movie about emigration, writes Julien Mercille.
The Catholic Church does not promote an egalitarian ethic - it never has
The Catholic Church has a record of abuse, twisted morality and regressive politics, writes Julien Mercille.
'I watched this man bleed out. He was rolling on the ground and I imagined his last moments'
The drone programme has been referred to as a “global assassination campaign” that has murdered over 4,000 people, writes Julien Mercille.
Students loaded with loans are less free to conduct their lives in the way they wish. It's a bad idea
We know very well the negative consequences of a student loan system. Just look at the United States, writes Julien Mercille.
Ireland's health system is broken, we need an NHS model like the UK
Private for-profit health care systems are both more costly and provide lower quality care than public systems, writes Julien Mercille.
To reduce the threat of terrorism, stop bombing and close Shannon Airport to the US military
There are a number of steps that should be taken to address the threat posed by terrorists, writes Julien Mercille.
What are political leaders waiting for? It's time to liberalise Ireland's abortion laws
Abortion is a sensitive subject., but there are many reasons why the laws need to be overhauled, writes Julien Mercille.
A wealth tax is a possibility. You don’t need to be a member of the far left to call for this
Instead of cutting taxes and USC, politicians should start spending more, writes Julien Mercille.