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This week
22nd January 2023 - 27th January 2023
Tom Clonan: How Leopard 2 tanks could give Ukrainian forces a 'dramatic advantage'
This is another decisive moment in the war in Ukraine.
Last month
December 2022
Tom Clonan: Russia cannot ‘win’ this war on Ukraine - so what can we expect in 2023?
Escalation won’t alter the fact that a Russian victory is not possible, security analyst Tom Clonan writes.
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Last year
Tom Clonan: Losing Kherson is a huge blow for Russia that will embolden the Ukrainian army
The security analyst looks at the recent gains for Ukraine and says it must now capitalise on this and win back more territory.
Tom Clonan: Putin has made another strategic blunder but this is a dangerous moment
The security analyst looks at the Russian president’s latest move and the level of threat he now poses.
Tom Clonan: Putin’s military miscalculations in Ukraine may prove to be his undoing
The security analyst says the stakes are high now as Ukraine troops push back and all eyes are now on Moscow.
Tom Clonan: There is now little chance of a Russian breakthrough in Ukraine
The security analyst says Putin’s tactics are failing and the international community must work hard to bring a peaceful end to the conflict.
Tom Clonan: Only Putin knows how far he is willing to go to win his futile war in Ukraine
The security analyst assesses Putin’s use of nuclear power as a weapon of war.
Tom Clonan: Time is running out for Putin in Ukraine and this makes him dangerous
The security analyst says that having seized all of Luhansk, Putin will now turn his attention to Donetsk.
Tom Clonan: Putin's Ukraine advance is a dogged, savage and illegal war of attrition
Our columnist says the Russian leader is showing no regard for Ukrainian or Russian lives in the latest assault in the east.
Tom Clonan: On day 75 of the war, the Russian war machine remains sluggish and without 'victory'
There was little for Putin to celebrate during this year’s ‘Victory Day’.
Tom Clonan: Russia's renewed assault on the Donbas region is an attempt to re-frame the narrative
For symbolic and propaganda reasons, Putin has a few weeks to turn things around in Ukraine, writes security analyst Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Russia has pivoted to regenerate a major offensive on the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts
Security analyst Tom Clonan writes about how the Russian forces have taken out their frustrations on the civilian population.
Tom Clonan: A turning point has been reached in the invasion of Ukraine
The security analyst looks at the past few days of activity and peace talks and what that tells us about the future.
Tom Clonan: Russia has converted Mariupol into a pressure cooker of human suffering
However, the security analyst writes that the Russian military has been “mauled” on the approach to Kyiv.
Tom Clonan: Russia will now target more innocent civilians to achieve 'victory' in this war
The security analyst says based on the trajectory of this invasion, it’s now clear that the civilian population in Ukraine is a de facto target.
Tom Clonan: The Kremlin’s war aims are slowly revealing themselves - here's what we know
The security analyst says that it would appear at this point that the Russians are seeking to cut Ukraine in two.
Tom Clonan: Putin is waging a 1942 war in 2022, causing untold suffering and destruction
The security expert says the Russian leader has employed similar tactics in Grozny in Chechnya.
# Opinion
Tom Clonan: This war will test European values in a manner not seen since the 1940s
The choreography for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been protracted and overt, Tom Clonan writes.
Tom Clonan: By force or by diplomacy, Russia wants to re-take separatist territory from Ukraine
Russia’s recognition of the breakaway republics’ ‘2014 borders’ represents a declaration of intent to re-take the region, Tom Clonan writes.
Tom Clonan: The next 24 hours will be pivotal in the future of peace in Ukraine and Europe
The security analyst says a Russian invasion of Ukraine could mean the largest conventional ground offensive in Europe since World War II.
Tom Clonan: Will Russia stage a 'false flag' operation as a pretext to invading Ukraine?
Throughout history, false flag operations have been mounted many times to justify the invasion of a neighbouring territory.
All time
Tom Clonan: Dozens have contacted me since Women of Honour with stories of sexual assault and bullying
The security analyst says the recent documentary has merely scratched the surface of issues for women in the Defence Forces.
Tom Clonan: The Taliban's power grab was spectacular but they can't govern at gunpoint
The security analyst looks at the Taliban and discusses the possible future outcomes for the people of Afghanistan.
Tom Clonan: Afghanistan, its people and all military personnel are now in a race against time
The security analyst says the stakes couldn’t be higher in the days before the US withdrawal.
Tom Clonan: The Irish Army Ranger Wing face a treacherous Kabul - but they are highly trained
The security expert says every person evacuated from Kabul by the ARW will represent a life transformed, free of Taliban persecution.
Tom Clonan: The US loss to the Taliban will have severe global repercussions
The security expert looks at the fall of Afghanistan and how it all plays out on a global stage.
Tom Clonan: 'Scenes of desperation at Kabul Airport speak to the barbarity of the Taliban'
The events of the next 48 – 72 hours in Afghanistan are being shaped in a highly fluid and febrile environment, security expert Tom Clonan writes.
Tom Clonan: The Taliban's impending victory in Afghanistan is bad news for humanity
The security analyst says the Taliban brings its violent misogyny with it, meaning women and girls will suffer most.
Tom Clonan: Last night's attack in Vienna shows Islamic State is regrouping and shifting focus
Islamic State’s so-called ‘Caliphate’ took a beating last year, but the terror group has been revived from new bases in Africa, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Our Defence Forces are effectively on life-support
Tom Clonan says the government’s new Commission on the Future of the Defence Forces must not delay in tackling the many crises faced in the forces of this country.
Tom Clonan: The messaging from this new government has been an omnishambles
Its communications strategy has been a mess at a crucial time for public health, Brexit and the economy, writes Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Ireland's ICU guidelines for Covid-19 must safeguard people with disabilities
Rationing of critical care during any coronavirus surge must not happen at the expense of the most vulnerable, writes Clonan.
Opinion: 'Lisa Smith's story will continue to divide and provoke Irish public opinion - and rightly so'
Security expert Tom Clonan outlines what could happen with Lisa Smith’s return to Ireland.
Grave effects of Trump abandoning Kurdish allies evolving at bewildering speed
Events in Syria appear to represent a major setback for the US and a major victory for Syria’s President Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies, writes Tom Clonan.
Recent attempted bombings in Northern Ireland could drag us all back to the Troubles
A recent attempted mortar attack in Strabane has all the hallmarks of the past, writes Tom Clonan.
Opinion: Living with a disability in Ireland - a relentless dystopian nightmare
The daily life of a person with a disability is not aided by Irish society, writes Tom Clonan.
Opinion: Defence Forces personnel are the lowest paid workers in the public service
Oglaigh na h’Eireann is reaching a tipping point, a point of no return, in terms of recruitment, retention and falling numbers, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Who is responsible for the incendiary devices posted from Dublin to London this week?
This is precisely the same type of incendiary device used by a dissident republican group in recent years but it could also be a lone wolf, writes Tom Clonan.
Opinion: The Derry car bomb is part of a dissident republican resurgence over the last decade
The suspension of the Northern Ireland Assembly coupled with the rhetoric around a ‘hard border’ has given oxygen to groups like the New IRA, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: 'If cool heads prevail, the Kerch situation should not escalate ... but we don't live in a time of cool heads'
How the Russia-Ukraine naval clash may play out in a Trump and Brexit world.