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This year
Analysis: Weekly shop increases aren't driven solely by higher costs - what about company profits?
Economist Victor Duggan looks at the latest economic figures and asks why super-sized profit margins are not being queried more.
Analysis: Housing in Ireland won’t look any better before the next general election
Economist Victor Duggan looks at the continued decline of housing supply in this country – he doesn’t hold out hope of it improving any time soon.
Analysis: Is the global economy resilient enough to handle its high levels of debt?
Economist Victor Duggan looks at the level of debt internationally and ask if the global economy can manage it.
How to get involved in World Mental Health Month this October
World Mental Health Month takes place this October as part a month-long programme of events by Mental Health Ireland to raise awareness of mental health challenges.
Analysis: We know of 'shrinkflation' but what role is 'greedflation' playing in our economy?
Economist Victor Duggan wonders if it is a profit-price spiral that is driving inflation.
Analysis: Government supports are welcome but will they improve living standards long-term?
Taking the temperature of the global economy, Economist Victor Duggan asks whether government support offered this week will be adequate.
Last year
Analysis: Are we headed for recession? Does it matter?
Economist Victor Duggan says there’s talk of the ‘R’ word everywhere, but we might just avoid it if the many global storms settle.
Analysis: We can expect to see interest rates continue to march higher this week
Economist Victor Duggan looks ahead to the expected ECB rate hike tomorrow.
Analysis: ‘Giveaway’ budget can’t gloss over collapsing living standards
Economist Victor Duggan says while some budget measures will help, we cannot ignore the rough winter ahead.
Analysis: Minister Donohoe, this is what you should and shouldn't do tomorrow
Economist Victor Duggan has some good advice for the finance minister ahead of tomorrow’s budget.
Analysis: Dysfunctional housing policy is failing a generation of renters
Economist Victor Duggan looks at the rental policy failures that have brought us to the current crisis.
Analysis: Governments must act before energy prices break consumers' backs
Economist Victor Duggan looks at rising energy prices and possible ways consumers can be helped.
An economist: Debunking the myths of Ireland’s cost of living crisis
Economist Victor Duggan says much of the conversation around inflation and the cost of living crisis is outdated and inaccurate.
Opinion: The government's temporary measures are doing nothing to tame inflation
Putting money in people’s pockets after the fact instead of tackling the cause of high prices won’t curb the cost of living, Victor Duggan writes.
All time
Opinion: As we gradually return to normal, we need to stop the creeping Amazon-ification of our economy
Everyone should have the right to a living wage, job security and decent work conditions, writes Victor Duggan.
The deeper lesson from GameStop: Let's look at taxing the speculators who gamble for financial gain
Rather than looking for swingeing spending cuts or increased taxes on work, how about we start at the top, writes Victor Duggan.
Opinion: How you see the Irish economy depends on if you're a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person
In many ways, the Irish economy looks to be in ‘Goldilocks’ territory: not too cold, but still not too hot, writes Victor Duggan.
Previewing Ireland's economy in 2019: The stats don't lie - Ireland is doing well right now
And yet there are some potential concerns to look out for in 2019, writes Victor Duggan.
'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results'
Victor Duggan takes a deep dive into the good, the bad and the ugly of the housing measures in Budget 2019.
'That’s insane… did they guarantee everything?': Reliving the night of the bank bailout
Economist Victor Duggan was Labour TD Joan Burton’s economic advisor on the night of the bank guarantee. He recounts that fateful night here.
Womenomics: 7 steps to make gender equality the new normal
Equality can improve men’s lives too, writes Victor Duggan.
The lost decade is over: Our 7.8% GDP growth last year was comfortably the highest in Europe
The bigger picture is certainly bright; the challenge is to better use the fruits of economic growth to improve living standards, writes Victor Duggan.
Previewing Ireland’s economy in 2018: It’s gonna get better, before it gets worse
Brexit, US tax changes, ECB interest rate rises or the fallout from an overheating economy are not expected to weigh heavily on Ireland in 2018, writes Victor Duggan.
Government's populist practice of buying off grey vote has damaged the young
The 2008 crisis hit Generation Y hardest. Meanwhile the government is only interested in helping older generations, writes Victor Duggan.
Opinion: Twelve simple steps to tackle our housing crisis
Although there is no silver bullet, and the problem has become so acute that it probably needs the kitchen sink thrown at it, writes Victor Duggan.
'Maduro's Irish supporters don’t see any problem with him crushing rights'
Anything short of a return to a fully democratic path would be a tragic betrayal of the Venezuelan people, writes Victor Duggan.
'It isn't sustainable for our tax revenues to be so dependent on Washington'
Thought will need to be given to further broadening Ireland’s tax base, writes Victor Duggan.
Column: The Leprechauns are at it again in the latest GDP figures for Ireland
But on the upside Ireland’s inflated GDP makes it easier for the country to meet the 3% of GDP budget deficit target, writes Victor Duggan.
Irish jobs: Unemployment is down again but we shouldn't be complacent
Brexit hasn’t had a destructive short-term impact here but there is a way to go until we have full employment, writes Victor Duggan.
Analysis: The Exchequer returns came out yesterday - but two figures are flattering the public finances
Corporation tax and excise duties are making up for the relative weakness of Ireland’s other tax takes, writes Victor Duggan.