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Top comments of the week

Here’s our round-up of the most interesting and most popular comments from the past seven days. Did you make it in?

EVERY SATURDAY MORNING we take a look at all the best comments left on the site by our readers over the past seven days.

This week there was a lot of talk about An Garda Síochána (obviously), the ambulance scandal, Irish mammies and more.

So here are the standout comments from the week that was.

The 5 most popular comments this week

1.The most up-voted comment this week was from gerbreen on Patrick Nulty’s resignation. He received 1,936 green thumbs for remarking:

Obviously wasn’t going to contest allegations. Refreshing to see accountability mind. Interesting to see how FF will perform here.

2. Frankly, this is one of the best comments of all time. It has 1,729 thumbs up (including mine). Thanks O Swetenham:

I sneezed mid shower once and head butted the wall of the bathroom full force. It really really hurt. That was the worst Tuesday ever

3. Glenn O’hAilpín was not too keen on The Secret Candidate and wasn’t shy to let people know. 1,334 of you liked his candidness.

Read two paragraphs and found myself disliking the author too much to keep reading. If you do not like my ‘No Junk Mail’ sign I would advise you to F off.

4. Donal Costello was offended that people get offended too easily these days. 1,296 of you liked that he was offended at being offended too easily. There.

People get offended over everything these days. Anyone with a brain could see that BA werent making fun of the Malaysia airlines crash but of course people just love making controversy out of nothing

5. We need a visual for this. This is a pasta measuring wheel.


Source: Natalie Rogers

And this is what Niall Murray said to get 1,261 thumbs up from you all. Dirty.

Tried the pasta measuring wheel before. Apparently my manhood could feed 4 women…

What would your mothers say?

The top 5 articles which received the most comments this week

1. Column: Ireland shows no love to babies dying in their mothers’ wombs (403 comments)

2. Independent TD Patrick Nulty resigns over drunken message to 17-year-old (345 comments)

3. “The aim of Putin is not Crimea but all of Ukraine”: Kiev fears Russia ready to attack (263 comments)

4. Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan has resigned (244 comments)

5. The Secret Candidate: Here’s why ‘no junk mail’ signs are my absolute pet hate (193 comments)

Some of the best comments left on the site this week


(Pic: Instagram / upsidedownsix)

The Anglo building has a new occupier – and it is arguably more famous than the original. As Réidín Kelleher on Facebook said:

Stolenbucks to Starbucks!

Earlier this week, footage of an incredible base jump from the World Trade Center was released. brian and Steve M were on hand with some great pieces of trivia about the building.

The height of the new World Trade Center being 1776 feet high is based on America’s year of Independence from the British. A truly magnificent structure. Good luck to the base jumpers.

A super building:

The building contains 49,000 cubic yards of concrete, enough to pave more than 200 miles of NYC sidewalks

Among 1WTC’s unique construction elements are its high-strength concrete, which can withstand seven times more pressure than standard concrete.

Lets hope the security and re-enforcement design put into this building never has to prove its worth.

Last year, Ireland’s hospitals saw a record number of organ transplants. But some readers were surprised that the figures were still so low – at 294 organs. Damien O’Connell was on hand to explain.

People who are suitable to donate their organs have to fit pretty tight criteria.. i.e. They have to be officially diagnosed brain dead on a ventilator in an ICU somewhere. A lot of people die in ICUs but are not brain dead, henceforth they are not suitable for donation for a plethora of reasons. Most organ donations come from people with acquired brain injuries, brain haemorrhages, traumatic brain injuries etc. with otherwise healthy bodies. A programme has been started in Beaumont hospital to harvest organs from head injured patients that are not brain dead, but dying. The problem is that the organs are valid for a lot shorter time than the organs harvested from a live brain dead patient, and they usually have to transplanted in the same specialist centre due to the time limitations. I suppose we need to look at changing our system, and having an independent transplant authority like the countries that have the highest transplant rates. And this idea of taking organs without family consent….it won’t work……the scenario being the donor being wheeled out of the ICU to theatre while the family plead the staff not to do this..

We’re including this here from Paddy Cooper because of the convulsions of laughter the ‘health and violation’ reference sent us into. On an article about the controversial Littlewoods ad, he said:

What about the diet coke ad with women sitting on top of a hill rolling a can down where the man is mowing the grass only to get him to take his top off treating him like a sex object very demeaning and a health and safety violation women don’t complain about this ad because it’s only men

Mark Tobin put so much effort into this after the news of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s conscious uncoupling broke that we just had to include it.

I hope people Don’t Panic at this news. These things happen at High Speed. I heard there has been Trouble but I was hoping the Sparks would fly. I really home that Everything’s Not Lost.

I saw a Warning Sign when Chris had Green Eyes in Amsterdam. I hope they come to their senses and this was just A Rush of Blood to the Head.

Maybe if they just Talk, they could get back to Square One. This is probably a new Low for the pair. The Hardest Part is thinking, What If.

Is it really over? I thought they would be older than 42 when this ended. Is it over? Yes!

The whole thing just went Up In Flames. Their life looked like Paradise. Whatever you feel about this end, Don’t Let It Break Your Heart.

I don’t even know for sure, but I’m presuming they are all Coldplay songs. Anyone?

Here’s a nice timely but not very PC statement from Lionel Hutz on #gardagate:

This is extremely messy. The Taoiseach is so far out of his depth that he will stumble upon the black box from MH370 any day now.

Following the shocking revelations on RTÉ’s Prime Time investigation into the ambulance service in this country, Julie Corcoran had some advice for those in rural areas:

Best advice I can give based on experience and living in a rural area is the following;

Ring for an ambulance (specify cardiac if necessary).

Arrange to meet the ambulance on road to hospital, DO NOT WAIT for them to reach you.

Ambulance control will stay in contact letting you know where the ambulance is.

You need to know your hospitals and what their specialist areas are. You may need to cross county lines to meet the right ambulance for the right hospital.

Please do not depend on an ambulance reaching you or a loved one, have a plan, especially if you live in a rural area with a shut local hospital.

Finally, and ahead of Mother’s Day we leave you with this Irish mammy, maire ni craith.

My daughter had to miss school yesterday over students spraying a can of lynx in the class which resulted in her having a bad asthma attack, I was about to pick up the phone yesterday to have a rant with the principal over it, as she is still recovering, when I realised that my daughter is the teacher. That’s how far us irish mammy’s will go to protect our children.

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