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Last year
Proposed changes to how Ireland culls its deer population met with mixed reaction
Danny Healy-Rae calls for 'serious cull' of deer population citing road accidents and crop damage
Concerns that Ireland's plan for deer will lead to 'inhumane' recommendations
Phoenix Park reminds public to refrain from approaching or handling fawns during fawning season
Over 80% believe national deer herd is damaging biodiversity as call for cull grows
All time
Government wants to hear from the public over how the nation's deer population is controlled
Drivers urged to be cautious around deer breeding season
34 deer killed in Phoenix Park as part of 'managed cull' this week
People feeding Phoenix Park deer is harming the herd, researcher warns
Deer cull begins in Killarney National Park to manage red and Sika herds
Pet stag kills man and critically injures woman in Australia
'The deer are taking over': Danny Healy-Rae asks if army will be sent to Kerry as locals face 'turmoil and tears'
34 deer killed as part of regular cull at Phoenix Park
Phoenix Park deer: 'The bucks are in the bachelor area ... the females are up near Castleknock'
State-hired marksman shot over 200 deer in the Phoenix Park in the last two years
Anger over calls for 50,000 deer to be culled in Wicklow
Research reveals 'highly unusual' behaviour of male monkey trying to have sex with female deer
Reindeer are shrinking: Warmer weather threatens Christmas icon
US hunter 'paid substantial sum' for licence to shoot rare red deer in Killarney
Outrage as severed heads of deer found in Killarney bin
Deer from Kerry roaming freely in the Phoenix Park? It's not a good idea
Concern over plan to kill deer blamed for Killarney car accidents
Baby deer doesn't ever want to stop having its belly rubbed
Excited dog and deer have a ball racing each other
This baby deer being rescued from a fence will break your heart
A deer the size of a hamster was born in a Spanish zoo
'Operation Bambi' finds deer head in Tallaght house
Red deer from Kerry could be introduced to the Phoenix Park
Deer calf Mairead found shot in ditch dies
Deer's incredible escape from car caught on camera
Poor Deer Pic of the Day
VIDEO: Horse racing interrupted when deer take to the track
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