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Goat this: Old Irish Goats reintroduced to Howth after nearly a century to help prevent fires
'The situation has vastly improved': Gorse fires on Howth Head now contained
'A very busy night': Dublin Fire Brigade battle gorse fire on Howth Head
Fire crews tackle gorse fires in Wicklow Mountains as illegal burning of vegetation condemned
No one has been prosecuted for deliberately starting wildfires since 2012
Anger over 'shocking seven-hour delay' in deploying Air Corps to fight wildfires in Donegal
'A Holy mess': Pleas for more support as Donegal locals help battle another gorse fire
Council criticises 'uncontrolled burning' as Irish Air Corps drops 42,000 litres on Wicklow fires
'Severe safety risk': Public warned not to fly drones above wildfires
Photos: Dublin Fire Brigade battles gorse fire near Howth Head as hot weather persists
A complaint has been made to Europe about Ireland's failure to protect wildlife
Watch: Dublin Fire Brigade battling a large gorse fire in the mountains last night
Gorse fire which was visible across Dublin put under control last night
Farmers who started 'illegal' gorse fires may have Basic Payment Scheme grants docked
Nasa has taken an aerial photo of Ireland's gorse fires as public warned of health risks
It took 32 hours to quell a gorse fire which spread over 4,000 acres of 'outstanding natural beauty'
Minister accused of being 'clueless' over wildfires
Michael Healy Rae wants to rethink how we do fires in this country
Nine fire engines sent to another gorse fire on Howth Hill
Donegal fire fighters battling night and day against the 97th gorse fire this month
Galway gorse fires brought under control following overnight evacuations
The Daily Fix: Saturday
Total cost of forest and gorse fires set to rise above €7 million
Fires cause €5 million worth of damage with 985 hectares of land destroyed
Gorse fires continue in midlands and north-west
Fire chiefs warn that gorse blazes could continue into week
Gorse fires continue to rage across northwest