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Harris says there may be 'potential to do a bit more' easing of restrictions than has already been flagged for May
The Higher Education Minister is arguing that the public know how to socialise safely outdoors now, and should be allowed to do so.
AstraZeneca has written to an Oireachtas committee to say that it will deliver 100 million doses of its vaccine in the first 6 months of the year.
Finance Minsiter Paschal Donohoe said that it could be 2023 before Ireland returns to pre-pandemic employment levels.
It's another freezing morning - here's what you can do to keep your pipes clear and your car running
750,000 people are living in poverty in Ireland - on under €218 a week
Town in Meath sees water supply interrupted for more than 24 hours
Leading NGOs say 'government wrangling' has delayed action on the homelessness crisis
Domestic workers are the most exploited group in Ireland
1.23 million households have now registered with Irish Water
Irish Water says over 1 million have registered ahead of tomorrow's deadline
Irish people easily have the worst mortgage debts in the eurozone
Leo wants to find out just how healthy Ireland is
Irish aversion to debt is "most disappointing" aspect of recovery
What can be done to help Ireland's "unacceptable" rate of jobless households?
Men and women totally disagree on who decides what their family eats
Jan O'Sullivan rejects average water charge of €240
Are 'buy one get one free' offers just filling up your bins?
Over 50s' income did not fall during the recession - ESRI
250,000 households have less than €15,000 a year to live on
Almost 80,000 homes have so far been fitted with water meters
Your questions about the local property tax answered
Household savings primarily being used to pay down debt
Household debt down but sustainability levels barely improve
Kids have serious 'pester power' on family food purchases
Irish households saw one of the biggest falls in income after 2007
Young people 'bear burden of financial crisis'
The burning question*: Should you read in bed when your partner doesn't?
Mortgage holders in arrears are older and more likely to have children - report
Junior Minister: We made a mess of communicating property tax exemptions
Nearly 30 per cent do not intend to pay property tax - poll
Leo Varadkar: Property tax is easy to pay and hard to evade
Barnardos: CSO survey shows 'ravaging' effects of recession on families
Here's how much disposable income the average person in Ireland has
56pc of Irish homes 'go into debt to pay essential bills'
Fear of burglaries has risen over past year
Irish Banking Federation agrees new initiative to help distressed borrowers
You asked, we answered: What you wanted to know about the property tax (pt 2)
Over 1.1 million have now paid the Household Charge - Hogan
Noonan: If people can afford high-end TV packages, they can afford the household charge
Irish households will generate 25 per cent more packaging waste over Christmas
81 per cent of households now have internet access
ESRI: One in five people are living in jobless households