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# inequality - Thursday 23 January, 2020

Ireland's tax system does 'the most in Europe to reduce inequality', says ESRI

The top 10% of households earn more than 2.6 times that of the middle household in 2017

# inequality - Sunday 14 April, 2019

Private cancer patients getting access to drugs that public patients can't get is 'incredibly unfair'

The Irish Cancer Society said that lifesaving medicines should be available to everyone who could benefit from them, not just people with private health insurance.

# inequality - Sunday 10 February, 2019

Lynn Ruane: 'We need to change society radically from the ground up'

I am a product of the community development projects that have been systematically eroded writes, Senator Lynn Ruane.

# inequality - Sunday 16 December, 2018

From The42 Ruud Gullit: 'Almost impossible' for a black person to speak out Inequality

Ruud Gullit: 'Almost impossible' for a black person to speak out

Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling allegedly received racist abuse from a Blues fan, sparking widespread debate over racism in football and society.

# inequality - Sunday 9 December, 2018

From The42 Sterling claims newspapers 'help fuel racism' following alleged abuse at Stamford Bridge Inequality

Sterling claims newspapers 'help fuel racism' following alleged abuse at Stamford Bridge

The Manchester star posted a message on Instagram criticising the media coverage received by black footballers.

# inequality - Friday 2 November, 2018

How access to health services differs if you've private insurance or are 'in the twilight zone'

Ireland’s two-tiered system contributes to the type of service patients receive, even from public providers, a new report has found.

# inequality - Tuesday 30 October, 2018

Homeless and Traveller children 'falling through gaps' in education system

Ireland is one of the best countries in terms of reducing education inequality, but concerns have been raised about vulnerable children.

# inequality - Wednesday 25 July, 2018

'For those concerned about the decline in real wages, there is a solution - join a trade union'

Productivity at work is up, but we need to see decent pay rises and career progression for all workers. Trade union membership is the key to this, writes Paul Dillon.

# inequality - Monday 22 January, 2018

The world's richest 1% swallowed up 82% of the wealth created last year

A new report by Oxfam has found that income inequality is growing.

# inequality - Thursday 13 July, 2017

From The Daily Edge Dismantling the myth that 'women don't want to do the dirty jobs that men do' Inequality

Dismantling the myth that 'women don't want to do the dirty jobs that men do'

A guide to shutting that argument down.

'The start of Paschal's troubles': Primary teachers reject public sector pay deal

The INTO said that the pay deal did not address the issue of pay inequality for newcomers to the profession.

# inequality - Monday 6 March, 2017

Suicide is killing the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Ireland

A new report highlights increased risks to individuals, like workers on zero-hour contracts or those who are facing losing their homes.

# inequality - Thursday 3 November, 2016

'You'll never work in this town again': Mila Kunis reveals producer's threat after refusing to pose semi-naked

The Black Swan actress has written a powerful essay to stand against sexism in Hollywood.

# inequality - Wednesday 12 October, 2016

Who was this Budget for? Big business, landlords and property developers

It is summed up by the fact that while TDs will benefit by more than €50 a week, young unemployed people will get a miserly €2.70, writes AAA-PBP TD Paul Murphy.

# inequality - Thursday 28 July, 2016

One in 40 people living in Dublin is a millionaire, according to a new survey

The city’s 32,000 millionaires put it 10th on the list of European cities.

# inequality - Saturday 20 February, 2016

“Tax the rich” isn’t going to solve our problems after the election

‘Why would you move to Ireland, as a doctor or an executive looking to invest, if you could take a job elsewhere and earn more after tax?’, writes Aaron McKenna.

# inequality - Wednesday 17 February, 2016

'Everyday we work to close the gap': Are the rich still getting richer?

Research conducted by Oxfam has found inequality to be a major election issue for voters.

# inequality - Monday 18 January, 2016

A few dozen people now own as much wealth as half of the world's population

New research by Oxfam shows women are also disproportionately affected by global inequality.

# inequality - Tuesday 17 November, 2015

This is why Joan Burton is hailing a 'landmark moment' in Ireland's recovery

Just don’t mention the regional unemployment.

# inequality - Saturday 26 September, 2015

David McWilliams turns down Celebrity Economist Debtmatch with Dan O'Brien

Well, a debate anyway…

# inequality - Wednesday 17 June, 2015

Pope Francis will make powerful enemies tomorrow by releasing a radical new document

The pontiff is to issue a scathing papal encyclical directly linking rampant capitalism with irreversible environmental catastrophe and rising global inequality.

# inequality - Tuesday 5 May, 2015

Why a fatal Porsche crash is causing uproar in Iran

It has led to talk about inequality in the country.

# inequality - Wednesday 4 March, 2015

There are now 1,826 billionaires in the world (as the gap between rich and poor widens further)

181 new members joined billionaire club in the past year, while 1 in 9 people in the planet don’t have enough to eat.

# inequality - Wednesday 25 February, 2015

The gap between the rich and poor is widening, thanks to this government

Economic inequality in increasing in Ireland – despite what TDs might say.

# inequality - Monday 16 February, 2015

How much do the top 1% in Ireland earn a year?

And the bottom 90%?

# inequality - Monday 19 January, 2015

The top 1% could soon own more than HALF of global wealth

But how can this be reversed?

# inequality - Monday 15 December, 2014

Half of all Irish people are willing to pay more tax...

… provided better public services are thrown into the bargain.

# inequality - Wednesday 3 December, 2014

You were probably taught by a man in university

New research has shown that the most senior positions in universities are dominated by men.

# inequality - Wednesday 29 October, 2014

The number of billionaires in the world doubled during the global crisis

If the richest three people spent $1 million every day, it would take 220 years to run out of money.

# inequality - Wednesday 8 October, 2014

Think Ireland's income taxes are already too high? Try 60% for top earners

TASC wants anyone earning over €100,000 to get a higher tax rate to make things better for everyone else.

# inequality - Tuesday 7 October, 2014

No country in the world gives women the same power, pay and rights it gives to men

Plan Ireland published a report today that highlighted gender inequality.

# inequality - Monday 15 September, 2014

# inequality - Monday 7 July, 2014

Opinion: An opportunity to rid the world of poverty is on the horizon

A concerted push for global development, the Millennium Development Goals, will wrap up next year. The UN is meeting today to discuss what comes next – inequality and climate change must be on the agenda this time.

# inequality - Saturday 21 June, 2014

Joan Burton says she has the passion needed to be the next Labour leader

She said the widening gap between the rich and the poor needs to be tackled.

The world's most famous economist thinks the property tax is unfair*

*But only if you’re in negative equity.

# inequality - Wednesday 14 May, 2014

Men "hit harder than women by unemployment during recession"

Two new studies from the ESRI look at gender and the impact of the recession on work and finances.

# inequality - Monday 28 April, 2014

Opinion: Across Europe, equality is being obliterated by austerity

Social Europe is being destroyed. Will our EU 2014 candidates pledge commitment to fighting rising poverty, unemployment, inequality and social exclusion?

# inequality - Wednesday 19 March, 2014

Ireland's suicide rate is below EU average - OECD report

The study found that incomes and employment in Ireland remain far below their pre-crisis levels.

# inequality - Wednesday 5 March, 2014

Column: I’ve been involved in politics since before I could vote – but it's still a man’s world

Industry is leading the way in discovering the benefits of gender balanced boardrooms, and the business of politics should be no different, writes Emer Higgins.

# inequality - Monday 3 February, 2014

Column: We've been given an opportunity to re-think our values as a nation... so what are they?

Where do we stand as a nation on issues like neutrality, aid and inequality? Ireland’s Foreign Policy Review allows us to have our say, writes Hans Zomer.

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