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# loyalists - Wednesday 23 September, 2020

Taoiseach backs investigation into loyalist murder of Louth man

Seamus Ludlow was killed on his way home from a pub in Dundalk in 1976.

# loyalists - Saturday 16 November, 2019

Border crime: Republican and loyalist smuggling gangs 'crippling haulage sector'

Dissidents and loyalists are using the same routes to smuggle goods.

# loyalists - Friday 25 October, 2019

Foster blames Varadkar for 'setting precedent' with comments that could stoke loyalist violence

Foster told PA that some loyalists were contemplating violent resistance to any Brexit deal.

# loyalists - Wednesday 12 July, 2017

Two fire crews attacked while responding to bonfire incidents in the North

The fire service responded to around 40 bonfire-related incidents last night.

# loyalists - Monday 22 May, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn is being attacked in the UK press over his 'refusal to directly condemn the IRA'

The pro-Tory papers have not been kind to the Labour leader today despite the fact he condemned all violence.

# loyalists - Saturday 2 January, 2016

Margaret Thatcher wanted to crush Loyalist strikers just like she did the miners

The UK Prime Minister was determined not to let them take down the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

# loyalists - Tuesday 14 July, 2015

Man charged with attempted murder after car was driven into pedestrians

A 16-year-old girl was also hurt when a car ploughed into pedestrians.

# loyalists - Wednesday 8 July, 2015

Unionists condemn 'evil' Swastika flown near Loyalist bonfire

The incident came one day after graffiti threatening to “crucify” Catholics in Belfast.

# loyalists - Saturday 16 May, 2015

The British government still has unreleased files on Ireland's worst terrorist attack

34 people lost their lives in the coordinated attack 41 years ago.

# loyalists - Monday 11 August, 2014

Two injured during anti-internment parade in Belfast

One officer and a members of the public sustained minor injuries in the parade which saw thousands take to the streets.

# loyalists - Friday 11 July, 2014

Here’s What Happened Today: Friday

Everyone’s talking about who got what job in the Cabinet, the 12th of July parades and the future of the Poolbeg chimneys…

# loyalists - Sunday 6 July, 2014

Why was the Afghan government asked to ban Facebook?

It’s all to do with the presidential election.

# loyalists - Saturday 7 September, 2013

Police call for calm as threat issued to Belfast schools

A man claiming to represent the Red Hand Defenders issued the threat, according to the Irish News.

# loyalists - Thursday 29 August, 2013

Man arrested on suspicion of terrorist activity in Carrickfergus

The 42-year-old was arrested by officers investigating the Union Jack flag protests. To date, over 180 people have been charged as part of the investigation.

# loyalists - Sunday 18 August, 2013

Martin McGuinness: The past few weeks have not been good for Northern Ireland

The Deputy First Minister also criticised the DUP – his coalition partner – for abandoning plans to develop the Maze prison into a conflict resolution centre.

# loyalists - Friday 16 August, 2013

Column: I hope my son never lives through the kind of violent history I did

Recent violence on the streets of Belfast filled me with despair; we need to teach our children respect for each other’s identity and traditions to avoid passing on the failures of the past, writes Peter Osborne.

# loyalists - Sunday 21 July, 2013

In pics: Orange Order parade stopped from entering Ardoyne Orangemen This post contains images

In pics: Orange Order parade stopped from entering Ardoyne

PSNI stopped the parade on the Woodvale Road, one kilometre outside Ardoyne.

# loyalists - Saturday 20 July, 2013

Appeals for calm in Belfast ahead of Orange Order parade

The parade is due to take place at 2.30pm today.

# loyalists - Monday 8 July, 2013

Column: There's a case for a United Ireland but it doesn't lie in voodoo economics

If we want to end the partition between the Republic and Northern Ireland, then we need to embrace some realistic solutions for the economic future, writes David McCann.

# loyalists - Saturday 1 June, 2013

Vince Vaughn has made a film about the Northern Ireland murals...

… yes, really. (And you can watch it on tv from today).

# loyalists - Wednesday 15 May, 2013

Two journalists receive death threats from paramilitaries

There has been condemnation of the threats against the two unidentified journalists who are based in Northern Ireland.

# loyalists - Saturday 9 February, 2013

Timeline: How the flags drama unfolded in Northern Ireland

It began with a vote and ended with burnt-out offices, dozens of injuries and arrests, and a sense that a fragile peace had been disrupted.

# loyalists - Thursday 31 January, 2013

PSNI officers meet with loyalists in bid to end protests

Senior officers met with the Ulster People’s Forum over the protests which have been ongoing for almost two months.

# loyalists - Tuesday 29 January, 2013

Column: We need new ideas to solve the flag issue in Belfast

Innovative ideas are needed to solve the crisis in the North, writes Steve Wrenn, who says we need to think outside the box and compromise.

# loyalists - Sunday 13 January, 2013

Adams: The vast majority of the Belfast protests are illegal

Gerry Adams said most of the protests are being organised by the BNP, the UVF and criminal elements, and need to end.

# loyalists - Friday 11 January, 2013

More violence in Northern Ireland as Union flag protests continue

Petrol bombs, fireworks and other missiles have been thrown at police in Belfast and Carrickfergus.

# loyalists - Wednesday 9 January, 2013

Loyalist activist says Dublin protest has been postponed

Pastor Barry Halliday of Families Acting for Innocent Relatives (Fair) told that the protest had been postponed, a claim the gardaí have not confirmed and another organiser has denied.

# loyalists - Tuesday 8 January, 2013

Violent clashes in Belfast as flag protests enter fifth night

Police officers were attacked with missiles while vehicles were damaged with hatchets and sledge hammers.

# loyalists - Monday 7 January, 2013

Cross-party calls for loyalists to reconsider Dáil protest

Around 150 loyalists plan to hold a protest outside Leinster House this Saturday sarcastically calling for the Irish flag to be taken down… even though it won’t be flying.

# loyalists - Friday 4 January, 2013

Ten police officers injured in Belfast flag protest

The protests are part of an ongoing campaign against restrictions on flying the union flag at Belfast City Hall.

# loyalists - Thursday 20 December, 2012

Northern Ireland leaders to meet over flag clashes

The heads of the five main political parties will meet to discuss the unrest across Northern Ireland over the past two and a half weeks.

# loyalists - Tuesday 18 December, 2012

Column: Why are loyalists so angry about a flag?

The furious protests in Belfast are born primarily of the hurt of abandonment, writes Michael Anderson.

# loyalists - Sunday 9 December, 2012

Teenage boys among those charged over Belfast unrest

Three teenager boys, two aged 13 and one aged 14, will appear at Belfast Youth Court tomorrow charged with a number of public order offences.

# loyalists - Thursday 6 December, 2012

Plot to kill Gerry Adams touched upon in Finucane report

Adams said the revelation by Desmond de Silva, who wrote the report, comes as no surprise.

# loyalists - Wednesday 29 August, 2012

Column: Surely Loyalist marchers want a better image than this?

The violence during parades in Belfast last weekend have David McCann pondering the need for Unionism to appeal to Catholics as well as Protestants.

# loyalists - Friday 13 January, 2012

Family of Pat Finucane begins legal challenge

“Clearly we have a difference of opinion here” – the Taoiseach discussing the possibility of a public inquiry into the murder with the British PM yesterday.

# loyalists - Thursday 20 October, 2011

Gaddafi's hometown taken by Libyan forces

Libyan fighters for the interim government have reportedly hoisted their flag over the city of Sirte, the last hold-out of those loyal to former leader Muammar Gaddafi.

# loyalists - Wednesday 31 August, 2011

Rebels 'closing in' on Gaddafi

The rebels have given pro-Gaddafi forces a deadline of Saturday to complete negotiations and surrender.

# loyalists - Saturday 13 August, 2011

Petrol bombs thown at Derry police

The main Apprentice Boys march in Derry passed off peacefully, however a car was hijacked and set alight and police were targeted with petrol bombs afterwards.

# loyalists - Sunday 10 July, 2011

Six injured in rioting as police van rammed by hijacked bus

PSNI officers also came under attack from petrol bombs amid serious disturbances in the North last night.

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