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Wednesday 6 December 2023 Dublin: 6°C

Election 2014 Liveblog: European and local results (plus Gilmore resigns) as it happened

Results in Dublin, Midlands and all the councils filled…

WE’RE INTO DAY three of counting in Election 2014.

Dublin’s seats have been decided, Ming is off to Europe and Brian Crowley and Liadh Ni Ríada are joining him.

The main stories today…


Daragh Brophy here for Day three of our election liveblog…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or sensibly getting a good night’s sleep) you’ll know the main drama overnight has been in Dublin 4, where the count for capital went on until the early hours.

Our Political Editor Hugh O’Connell was there until, well, pretty recently, and has all the detail.

Eamon Ryan‘s due to meet the returning officer at lunchtime, and any decision on a recount will be announced at 2pm.

There’s nothing confirmed results-wise at the Ireland South and Midlands North West count centres in Nemo Rangers’ and Castlebar’s Royal Theatre. They’ll be back at the count tables at 9am.

So… Can the Green Party leader pull a rabbit out of the hat?

It’s Europe – the final countdown…

EuropeVEVO / YouTube

Could Sad Eamon Ryan be the new Sad Keanu?


Photocall’s Mark Stedman captured these images overnight at the RDS…

Mark Stedman / Photocall Ireland Mark Stedman / Photocall Ireland / Photocall Ireland

European and Local Elections. Green Part

Meanwhile, the Greens have been touting their electoral success this morning, with 12 councillors elected around the country.

This, from a press release sent out at around 5am…

Eamon Ryan: “Voters have given us a fresh opportunity to work hard for them, and to make their voices heard at council level. From today, that work begins for all of us.”

This morning’s front pages all tell a similar story.

The Herald, perhaps, puts the scenario facing Labour in the starkest terms…


A wider cabinet reshuffle is now on the cards following Labour’s shellacking (as Joan Burton put it) and Fine Gael’s ‘wallop’ (to use a phrase Enda’s fond of).

The Taoiseach and the Tánaiste are set to meet later today to discuss the fallout from the weekend.

More here…

Mark Stedman / Photocall Ireland Mark Stedman / Photocall Ireland / Photocall Ireland

The latest on the Euros…

Paschal Sheehy‘s just been on to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland from Cork. He says we can still expect a first count at the Nemo Rangers’ count centre sometime between 11am and lunchtime, at which point its expected FF’s Brian Crowley will be elected.

The perennial poll-topper’s surplus of around 50,000 votes will then be distributed, with SF’s Liadh Ní Riada expected to claim the second seat.

He says it “could be a long time” before there’s a result for the third seat, expected to go to FG’s Sean Kelly.

Deirdre Clune and Simon Harris (also of FG) remain in the hunt for the fourth seat.

Of course, there’s also some other big news in Cork this morning, and Paschal’s all over that too…


Meanwhile, RTÉ’s Cian McCormack, in Midlands-North West, says the first count in Castlebar is still expected at some stage in the afternoon.

He says there’s likely to be a “right schamozzle” for the fourth seat in the 15 county constituency between independent Marian Harkin and the FF pair of Pat ‘the Cope’ Gallagher and Thomas Byrne.

It looks like Ming ‘Euroming’ Flanagan‘s on his way to Europe though…

[Pic: Orla Ryan]

A quick look at the councils…

There’s a recount under way in Mayo.

It was a long night in Donegal.

And they’re moving on in Carlow-Kilkenny.

Get the full lowdown on the locals here.

After a surge in electoral success here, Sinn Féin are also expected to top the poll in Northern Ireland.

Martina Anderson‘s expected to retain her seat.

Counting begins this morning in the three-seat constituency.

The DUP’s Diane Dodds and Ulster Unionist Jim Nicholson are also defending their seats.

More from the BBC.

Anderson’s been sending her congratulations to her Dublin colleague, Lynn Boylan, who was elected at the first count last night….

More criticism for Eamon Gilmore this morning, after another Labour Oireachtas member said yesterday that it was time for then entire front bench to go…

It follows the party’s drubbing in the local and Euro elections.

More here… 

Matt Carthy of Sinn Féin saying this morning that his people are now “fairly sure” he’ll take a seat in Midlands-North West. 

Counting’s due to get back under way in the massive 4-seater and in Ireland South around now.

“Anyone who wants the job will have to take out Eamon Gilmore.”

— RTÉ’s Political Correspondent Martina Fitzgerald, this morning.


And we’re back under way in MNW..

And in Limerick..

There are are a number of recounts under way today.

Here’s everyone elected to the councils so far.

Spare a thought for Dublin’s news staff as you arrive in the office this morning.

It was sunrise by the time many of them finished at the RDS this morning.

And from the looks of it, dawn wasn’t even that impressive…

Get the full report from Hugh, here… 

Jackie Healy Rae‘s been on to Radio Kerry from his hospital bed to congratulate his grandson Johnny on his Kerry County Council victory at the weekend.

Jackie’s son Danny (Johnny’s father) also retained his seat on the council at the weekend…

The family patriarch, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery, was given special dispensation to leave his bed and cast his vote on Friday.

[Pic: Daragh Brophy]  

Don Macmonagle / YouTube

Some recount news from the locals, where there’s just 35 seats of the total 949 yet to be filled.

In Kilkenny..

In Mayo.

In Longford.

In Limerick.

And in Kerry.

Gerry Adams appears to have had at least eight hours sleep…

More than many journalists.

Will Ming send a replacement to Brussels?

There had been speculation he would.

Here’s what he said today.

I can categorically say that if I get elected to the European Parliament I will as promised go out there and represent people there.

However, he left the door open to a possible early return from the continent, saying it was his intention to serve the full five years “but it was also my intention to stay in Dáil Éireann for the full term”.


Image: @AnastasiaQuiche

John Gormley, the former Greens’ leader, had something to say about Labour’s possible renegotiation of the Programme for Government at the weekend.

If anyone would know….

Another council result…

Not many seats left to fill now… 

But they’ve moved on to any other business at other local authorities.

First count in Ireland South now expected around noon, apparently.

In Midlands-North West, the first count result could be between 2 and 4pm this afternoon.

By the way, it should be said — as with many predictions being made this weekend, those estimates for first count times come with health warnings.

In Dublin, of course, we’re still waiting for news on a possible recount.

Eamon Ryan‘s requesting a fresh look at the ballots after he finished just over 1,149 votes behind Brian Hayes in the early hours of the morning.

Here’s what (a slightly hoarse) Hayes had to say about the situation at the RDS earlier….

Hugh O'Connell / YouTube

Our own Órla Ryan is back on duty at the MNW count centre in Castlebar…

It may be another long day for her…

Meanwhile, in Cork we’re still minutes away from a first Ireland South count.

Meanwhile, our Political Editor’s back on Dublin watch after a very late night (yes, he was working)…

Eamon Ó Cuív breaking with party line on the Mary Hanafin story on RTÉ just now…

While most FF TDs wheeled out to give reaction to the party’s decent showing in the council elections referred to Kate Feeney as ‘the official Fianna Fáil candidate’ in the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Blackrock ward, Ó Cuív said he regarded both women to be FF councillors.

He said the issue surrounding whether or now she should have filed those party electoral papers was “a small procedural issue that needs to be clarified”.

In some encouraging news for Micheál Martin he said he had no problem with the party leadership, and claimed (somewhat implausibly) not to have heard John McGuinness’s comments on the issue yesterday….

Still waiting in Cork…

*Places hands nonchalantly in pockets, whistles.*

Brian Crowley, the country’s longest serving MEP, has been elected for a fifth term in the European Parliament after the result was announced in Ireland South.

The Fianna Fáil politician’s victory had been widely anticipated — he’s topped every opinion poll of this year’s campaign by a huge margin.

The result was elected at the Cork count centre at Nemo Rangers’ within the last few seconds.

Crowley’s Brussels vote was, as expected, only massive.

The veteran Fianna Fáil MEP claimed 180,329 of first preferences out of a total valid poll of 657,498.

His surplus of 48,829 will now be distributed and counting will continue.

Interestingly, Simon Harris is ahead of his Fine Gael colleague Deirdre Clune following that count… 


Niall Carson / PA Niall Carson / PA / PA

Phil Hogan‘s been giving his reaction to FG’s poor showing over the weekend…

The party’s Director of Elections said that after three years of tough decisions “you expect people not to be rewarding you for that”.

Outside of the top 5 in Ireland South, here’s how the candidates fared in the first count…

A better than expected showing from Diarmuid O’Flynn of Ballyhea Says No…

Diarmuid O’Flynn (non-party) 30,323 

Phil Prendergast (Lab) 30,317

Kieran Hartley (FF) 29,987 

Grace O’Sullivan (Green) 27,860

Teresa Heaney (Catholic Democrats)  13,569

Richard Cahill (non-party) 10,719

Jan Van De Ven (Direct Democracy Ireland) 9,255

Jillian Godsil (non-party) 9,179

Peter O’Loughlin (non-party) 6,561

Donal O’Riordan (Fís Nua) 1,634

Preparations for a recount under way in Dublin 4.

From our Political Editor…

I’ve just arrived at the RDS where staff are preparing for what looks certain to be a recount in Dublin with just 1,149 votes separating Eamon Ryan in fourth and Brian Hayes in third.

Ryan has said he just wants to be certain of the result given the late hour at which it Hayes and Nessa Childers were elected to the third and second seats in the capital.

Meanwhile in Castlebar… 

There are no Labour councillors in Cork city as a result of Friday’s election.

The party’s lost all seven of its seats…

Just 30 local election seats still to be filled around the country…

Check out the full list (now with fancy graphs and such) here >

More trouble on the cards for Eamon Gilmore.’s Paul Hosford has the story… 

Labour leader Eamon Gilmore is to face two no-confidence motions in the coming weeks.

Motions will be tabled by both the party’s central council and parliamentary party.

The parliamentary party will meet this Wednesday, while the central council will meet in the coming weeks.

And Midlands-North West will be ready to announce shortly….

Afternoon all, it’s Christine Bohan here, taking over from the capable hands of my colleague Darragh Brophy.

Despite the many, many promises that a first count in Midlands North West would be due within minutes, we’re still waiting.


In the meanwhile, here’s a rather cool thing on the website of newly-elected Green Party councillor Claire Byrne (no, not that Claire Byrne).

It shows an animation of every single election count in each local election area, with bar charts showing how it all played at.

Watch as the bars magically move! Guess who’s going to make the quota! Wonder at the proportional representation-single transferable vote system! Drum your fingers as we wait for news of Midlands North West! 

how the vote went down

Check it out here.

BREAKING: Beleagured Labour leader Eamon Gilmore is to make a statement at the Department of Foreign Affairs at 4pm today, with reports suggesting that he is to resign as party leader. 

Labour slumped to just 7 per cent in the local election results, significantly lower than opinion polls had indicated.

Labour Party Ard Fheis Niall Carson / PA Wire Niall Carson / PA Wire / PA Wire


Total poll: 663,703

Invalid ballot papers: 17,258

Quota: 129,290

Luke Ming Flanagan (Ind) 124,063

Matt Carty (SF) 114,727

Mairead McGuinness (FG) 92,080

Marian Harkin (Ind) 68,986

Pat The Cope Gallagher (FF) 59,562

Thomas Byrne (FF): 55,383

Jim Higgins (FG) 39,908

Ronan Mullen (Ind) 36, 326

Lorraine Higgins (Lab) 31,951

Mark Dearey (Green) 9,520

Ben Gilroy (DDI) 7,683

Mark Fitzsimons (Ind) 2,424

TJ Fay (Ind) 2,002

Cordelia Nic Fhearraigh 1,829

Quick analysis: Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, Matt Carty and Mairead McGuinness all look set to take the first three seats – unless Carty fails to pick up the transfers ,which has been a problem for other Sinn Féin candidates.

There’s going to be a dog fight for the fourth seat, though. Marian Harkin, Pat The Cope Gallagher and Thomas Byrne could all do well on transfers

The five lowest candidates, who all got under 10,000 votes, have now been eliminated and their votes will be distributed.

Breast cancer awareness PA Archive / Press Association Images PA Archive / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

Meanwhile, back at the RDS, Green Party leader and oh-so-close-to-being-an-MEP-but-not-quite Eamon Ryan says he doesn’t want a full recount of the hundreds of thousands of votes.

Instead, he wants bundles of ballots to be checked in case there were any mistakes made.

Ryan finished fourth in the 3-seat constituency in the early hours of this morning, just 1,149 votes behind Brian Hayes of Fine Gael.

He spoke to our political editor Hugh O’Connell a few minutes ago about the dramatic count:

Hugh O'Connell / YouTube

Phew, it’s all go right now, isn’t it? Within the last two hours we’ve had Eamon Gilmore possibly about to resign, Ming topping the poll and Brian Crowley getting elected by a mile in Ireland South.

For a breather, here’s a terrible joke from a commenter.


As we enter what may be the final few minutes of Eamon Gilmore‘s tenure as leader of the Labour party, let’s remember happier times.

Gilmore final interview as leader was here with us, just last Tuesday. In the interview Gilmore said that he wasn't overly concerned with what position he holds in government, but was more concerned about what government does.





That’s all, folks.

Eamon Gilmore announces that he is stepping down as Labour leader.

The Labour leader is flanked by Ministers Pat Rabbitte, Joe Costello and Alan Kelly, as well as chief whip Emmet Stagg as he makes the announcement. They applaud him as he finishes his statement.


Gilmore says he will remain involved in politics and wants to seek re-election in his constituency in Dún Laoghaire at the next general election. 

His stepping down will be effective once a successor is appointed.

He tells the assembled media that he made the decision last night. He says he doesn’t believe his departure will destabilise the government, and says it was the responsible thing to do following Friday’s election results for Labour.

We’ll get back to the European and local counts shortly, promise, but here’s some snippets from Gilmore’s speech.

Hugh O'Connell / YouTube

For starters:

At 10.30 am this morning, I informed the General Secretary of the Labour Party that I intend to stand down as Leader of the Party, with effect from the election of my successor.

He said the party had taken on the responsibility of Government in a difficult time but had tried to address the crisis as fairly as possible.

But it was a course which carried a high political risk, and Labour has paid the price for that in the local and European elections.

I deeply regret the loss of good public representatives and the defeat of outstanding Labour candidates last Friday.

He said the party needed to renew itself and look to the future before thanking everyone he had worked with over the past seven years.

It has been an honour to lead you, and I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.


With Eamon out the door, what does front-runner Joan Burton have to say? Not too much, as it turns out:

Getting back to the world of elections, Fine Gael MEP Jim Higgins isn’t too happy.

Fine Gael Ard Fheis Laura Hutton / Photocall Ireland Laura Hutton / Photocall Ireland / Photocall Ireland

He has just conceded at the counting centre in Castlebar after coming 7th out of the 14 candidates in Midlands North West. He has been an MEP since 2004.



The finish line is very much in sight for the local elections, by the way.  97 per cent of all council seats have now been filled. Hurrah!

There are just 28 seats to go out of 949.


There’s some chatter on Twitter about the performance of Theresa Heaney, the Catholic Democrats candidate who ran in Ireland South. She scooped 13,500 votes, putting her 10th out of 15 candidates.

You can read our interview with her here where she talks about her views on women staying in the home, why a same-sex referendum will never happen in Ireland, and why the contraceptive pill is polluting the water.

With Eamon Gilmore out of the picture there’s a job vacancy at the head of the Labour party (predictably, some wag has already put it up on JobBridge).

Nominations for both leader AND deputy leader of the party open tomorrow and will close seven days later. If a ballot is required, anyone who is an ordinary member of the party will be allowed to vote, and will have almost one month to do so.

Expect to see the new leader of the party unveiled either next week (if there’s only one candidate) or else on 4 July, the deadline for returning postal ballots.

photo-216-504x500 Hugh O'Connell Hugh O'Connell

If you’re looking for a state of the nation (or its politicians, actually) on how people feel about Gilmore’s resignation, Michelle Hennessy has been gathering reaction here.

Nice pic, Michelle:

The best – but slightly less official – reactions on Twitter are over on

Such as:

Our reporter in the Midlands-Northwest count centre in Castlebar, has been speaking to Ming Flanagan, due to be elected as the first MEP there on the next count.

That count is due in around 20 minutes.

Of course, with Ming’s election, that means there will be a byelection in the Roscommon-South Leitrim constituency.

There will be another byelection in Dublin Southwest because Brian Hayes is likely to keep his new MEP seat (subject to Eamon Ryan’s recount) in the Dublin constituency.


Here is Ming Flanagan and supporters celebrating in Castlebar just now.

Sorry that this is on its side. It was pretty hectic down there:


Well, he is still Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The second count has just happened in Ireland South.

Gav Reilly of Today FM and late of this parish has a tallycard here that shows why no-one has yet been elected to join Brian Crowley as MEP.

HOWEVER, Liadh Ní Riadh of SF is really close to the tally of 131,500. She’s now on 125,309.

From Hugh O’Connell:

I’m back at the RDS where we are expecting the results of the ballot recheck within the next 90 minutes. Around 352,000 votes have been checked and now counters are doing random sampling of transfers from Mary Fitzpatrick and Paul Murphy.

“Incredibly minor discrepancies” have been uncovered according to staff here which means the overall outcome – the election of Brian Hayes and Nessa Childers – is unlikely to be affected.

Meanwhile, back in Castlebar, the fate of the three remaining MEP seats up for grabs after Flanagan’s win is intriguing.

Matt Carthy of Sinn Féin is likely to make the 129,290 quota in some near count because he’s currently on 117,670.

Next is Mairead McGuinness (FG) on 94,019; Marian Harkin (ind) on 72,045; Pat ‘The Cope’ Gallagher on 60,466 and then Thomas Byrne (FF) on 56,290. Jim Higgins (FG) is still in it at 40,462 but has already conceded that he won’t be in with a shout of a seat, and is in fact retiring from politics.

Ronan Mullen (ind) and Lorraine Higgins (Lab) have been eliminated.

There we have it.

Brian Hayes (FG) and Nessa Childers (ind) are confirmed the final two MEPs for Dublin.

They join Lynn Boylan of Sinn Féin.

Evening folks, Paul Hosford taking over from Susan Daly here.

It’s been a breathless couple of days, hasn’t it? What do you make of it all? Let us know in the comments or tweet @thejournal_ie or @PTHosford

This could be big news from Kerry.

Independent candidate and former Fianna Fáil senator Dan Kiely says he’s taking a legal challenge against the result in Listowel.

Kiely told Radio Kerry that he is seeking a full recount.

A result from Granard, County Longford.

Two seats were left to be filled and they have gone to Martin Mulleady of Fianna Fáil and his party-mate Luie McEntee.

That means that Granard’s six seats were split evenly by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil candidates, mirrroring what happened across Longford.

The two parties will hold 15 of 18 seats on Longford County Council.

Here’s how the political representation on Longford County Council looks:


In the massive Midlands-Northwest constituency, a third count is expected at around 9pm.

Here, from our reporter in Castlebar Orla Ryan, ‘s how it looked after a second count:


Who will be on the plane to Brussels with Ming? Matt Carthy looks like he’s almost there, and Mairead McGuinness must be feeling fairly secure, but that fourth seat is still very much in play, with two Fianna Fáil candidates, Thomas Byrne and Pat The Cope Gallagher fighting it out with independent Marian Harkin.

On the local side, there are just 16 seats to be filled: seven in the Fingal County Council ward of Swords, three in Ratoath in Meath and six in Ballybay-Clones in Monaghan.

The Monaghan seats won’t be decided for another week, however, due to the sad passing of councillor Owen Bannigan on Friday.

Want to know what gets the staff of through weekends like the last one?

It looks like this, but with more pizza:


Slowly, the Swords recount is taking shape, but there are still five seats to be decided.

Of course, it’s not all that simple. There are a few recounts due to take place around the country.

In Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, the Dun Laoghaire LEA will have a full recount on Wednesday, a recount in Castlebar is underway and the Tullamore recount is examining 15 misplaced ballots.

Expected recounts in Wicklow, Kilkenny and Ballina were cancelled earlier.

In Castlebar, it looks like our reporter Orla Ryan tried to get a sneaky snap of Matt Carthy and Pearse Doherty, but was undone by the flash on her camera.



Agonising for Sinn Féin’s Liadh Ní Riadha in Ireland South.

As the third count comes in, she is just 660 short of a quota, meaning the champagne will stay on ice as she awaits confirmation that she will join Brian Crowley as an MEP for the region.



News from Castlebar, where Orla Ryan has been staked out since Saturday.

Counting will resume at 9am tomorrow.

There are still 16 unfilled council seats – but only 10 that will be decided tonight.

Swords and Ratoath, all eyes are on you.

BREAKING: Sinn Féin’s Liadh Ní Riada has been elected in Ireland South on the fourth count.

BREAKING: Rónán Mullen has been excluded after third count in Midlands-NorthWest – he was on 41,164 votes. The quota is 129,290.

Two counts came in pretty close together there, so let’s break down the results.

In Midlands-Northwest, Matt Carthy is now just over 8,000 votes away from being elected.

However, Carthy will have to go home and prepare to celebrate tomorrow, because they’re shutting down counting in Castlebar for the night.

And what of Ireland South?

With two seats taken, the race for seats three and four looks set to come down to a three into two proposition for the Fine Gael candidates.



That Swords recount is still ongoing, by the way. Independent Michael Collins, who requested the recount, has been eliminated on the 14th count.

After a marathon recount, Fianna Fáil take four seats in Tullamore and Offaly County Council goes onto the list of completed councils and will get its own graph here.

While Ireland South looks like it may be a three-horse race for two seats between the Fine Gael candidates, independent Diarmuid O’Flynn remains in with a shout.

He sits on 34,840 votes, around 20,000 behind Fine Gael’s Simon Harris in fourth, but could attract a lot of transfers.

If that remains the case, it will be a massive upset.

The newly-minted Liadh Ní Riada MEP says that her election to the European Parliament is a “victory for the ordinary people of Ireland”.

Speaking from the count centre at Nemo Rangers GAA Club in Cork, she said;

“Sinn Féin went to people of Ireland South with the very clear message that there is a better, fairer alternative to the politics of austerity and cuts.

“My election is a victory for ordinary people who have suffered so much under the regressive policies pushed by the European Commission and implemented with such relish by successive governments here at home.”

The next count in Ireland South is not expected for another 40 minutes. Settle in folks, this one is going to go on all night.

Spoke too soon!

The fifth count is in down south, but nobody has reached, or is close to reaching, the 131,500 quota.

It’s notable that Diarmuid O’Flynn, the Ballyhea Says No activist remains transfer-friendly.

So, what of the recounts in Swords and Ratoath? Still going, 73.4 hours after the polls closed.

Also, the recount in Castlebar won’t be announced until after midnight. Good news for insomniacs, I guess.


The Castlebar recount is expected in the next few minutes. Note: expected.

In Swords, independent Joe Newman and Fianna Fáil’s Adrian Henchy join Philip Lynam of Sinn Féin and Darragh Butler of Fianna Fáil on Fingal County Council.

That is four of the nine seats there filled and it only took three days and 16 counts.

Remember that expected recount result in Castlebar? That’ll be another hour or so.

Quick update from Ratoath, where Fine Gael TD Regina Doherty is on site, it being her backyard and all.

And just like that: it’s on.

Count six in Ireland South sees Catholic Democrat Theresa Heaney eliminated and Fianna Fáil’s Kieran Hartley and Diarmuid Flynn both benefit.

Hartley could make a play for the fourth seat here.

There are still three seats to fill in Ratoath, but only four candidates left.

Here’s how they stand:


Swords has finished its count and will make an announcement shortly.

Luckily, Fingal County Hall is in Swords, so the victorious candidates will be able to make the journey to the chamber fairly handily.

In the UK, Nigel Farage seems to be pretty pleased with himself, but if he thinks Ming Flanagan is going to be taking him out for Belgian waffles in Brussels, he’s got another thing coming.

And Swords has a result!

Labour’s Duncan Smith, AAA’s Eugene Coppinger and independents Paul Mulville, Anne Devitt and Justin Sinnott are all elected on the 17th count in a recount.

After the sixth count in Ireland South, nobody has reached the quota. Counting is underway in the seventh count, after which the count will resume at 9am.

So, what do does results from Swords mean for the representation of the people of Fingal? Here’s how it looks in handy doughtnut chart form:


The three remaining seats on Meath County Council in Ratoath will all go to Fine Gael candidates.

Gillian Toole, Maria Murphy and Gerry O’Connor will all take seats.

That result from Ratoath finishes the representation on Meath County Council and confirms that Labour will not have a seat in the Royal County from June’s council meeting on.





So, where are we now?

Well, we have six of our 11 MEPs elected – three in Dublin, one in Midlands-Northwest and two in Ireland South – and 943 of our 949 councillors.

The six unfilled council seats will be voted for in Ballybay-Clones on 7 June, following the sad death of outgoing councillor Owen Bannigan on election day.

There are also two recounts – one in Castlebar that is due to be announced tonight and one in Dun Laoghaire that will be carried out on Wednesday morning.

That Castlebar recount is becoming the Chinese Democracy of Irish LEA counts. It was due at various stages of the evening, but we’re still waiting.

Still with us? You must either be off work tomorrow or an insomniac. Either way, welcome!

The last counts of the evening- the Castlebar recount and the seventh count in Ireland South are due fairly soon.

I know Midlands-Northwest has packed up for the evening, but Matt Carthy and Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights, separated at birth?


And that’s it for the night from Ireland South. On the seventh count, nobody is elected.

But, that’s not to say there’s not big news. Kieran Hartley is now just 2,000 votes behind Simon Harris in fourth.

Candidates will be back in the count centre in Nemo Rangers in Cork in a few hours, but many won’t sleep a wink. This is going to be tight.

Here’s how they stand:

The third day of counting in the local elections has drifted into the fourth and a recount of a ward with 15,000 valid votes has stalled.

The first indication was that Castlebar would deliver a recount verdict around 9pm, but five hours later, there is no result.

It has been 65 hours since counting began in Castlebar, but a result is now “imminent”.

And finally! A result from Castlebar!

It shows no change, so Michael Kilcoyne (Ind), Lisa Chambers (FF), Therese Ruane (SF), Cyril Burke (FG), Frank Durcan (Ind), Blackie Gavin (FF), Henry Kenny (FG), Al McDonnell (FF) are all elected.

And what does that do for Mayo County Council?



That’s all from myself, Paul Hosford, thanks for being here with me until this ungodly hour.

Tomorrow, we should have answers as to who else is heading to Europe, but right now I’m heading to bed.

Good night!

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