Commander Mark Kelly - the husband of Gabrielle Giffords - poses before last Friday's aborted launch of the Endeavour space shuttle. Chris O'Meara/AP
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NASA: Endeavour liftoff delayed until next week at the earliest

The launch of Endeavour’s final mission, originally set for last Friday, won’t take place at least until next Tuesday.

NASA HAS SAID that the second-last ever space shuttle launch will not take place for at least another week.

Friday’s attempted launch of the Endeavour space shuttle – which is making its final journey into space; Atlantis will make the last ever journey later this summer – was scuttled by a bad fuse box.

NASA managers met yesterday to discuss the problems, and decided that more time was needed to test a replacement.

As a result, Endeavour will not not launch until at least next Tuesday, May 10.

Endeavour’s commander, Mark Kelly, is married to Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was able to travel to Kennedy Space Center in Florida last week to watch the anticipated launch.

She returned to a Houston rehab hospital when the launch was called off; a spokesman for the congresswoman said Giffords would return to Cape Canaveral for the next launch attempt.

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