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QUIZ: How well do you know the Oscars?

Will tonight be your night?

LET’S START WITH this year…

The cast of which nominated film wore t-shirts bearing the 'I can't breathe' slogan during its premiere?
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American Sniper
How many Oscars did Titanic win?

Who did Marlon Brando send to decline his Oscar for The Godfather in 1973?
A known organised crime figure
His son

His chef
A Native American activist
What was the last film to win the 'Big Five' awards?
The Artist
The Silence of the Lambs

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
How many retweets does this photo from Ellen DeGeneres have?
3.3 million
4.4 million

5.5 million
6.6 million
What did Melissa Leo do in 2011 that had never before been done in 82 years of the awards?
Use the F-word
Drop the award on stage

Bring her mother up on stage
Announce her retirement mid-speech
Julianne Moore is nominated for the fifth time this year. For which film did she receive her first nomination?
PA Images
The Big Lebowski
Far From Heaven

Boogie Nights
What did Will Ferrell and Steve Carell do in 2006?
Take turns singing lines from the nominated songs
Wear heavy make-up in honour of make-up artists

Fight over who opened the envelope
Announce nominees through interpretive dance
Who has the most Oscars for acting?
PA Images
Jack Nicholson
Ingrid Bergman

Katharine Hepburn
Daniel Day-Lewis
Which of these four films did NOT win the award for Best Picture?

What band did Michael Moore reference when attacking the Iraq War during his famous acceptance speech in 2003?
The E Street Band

'N Sync
The Dixie Chicks
Ireland's Neil Jordan won an Oscar for which film?
Interview with the Vampire
Michael Collins

The Crying Game
The Butcher Boy
Who was the first black actor to win an Oscar in a leading role?
James Earl Jones
Sidney Poitier

Diana Ross
Morgan Freeman
None of these actors have won an Oscar, but who has the most nominations? (Five)
PA Images
Samuel L. Jackson
PA Images
Tom Cruise

PA Images
Leonardo DiCaprio
PA Images
John Travolta
How many statuettes have been presented since they were first handed out in 1929?
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Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
The absolute tops, not even an iceberg or a Jon Stewart howitzer could take you down.
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You scored out of !
You're Daniel Day-Lewis
You're a proven winner with a dedication very few can match. Oscar royalty.
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You scored out of !
You're Meryl Streep
Three wins, 19 nominations and love from all sides, go you. A few regrets though maybe?
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You scored out of !
You're Martin Scorsese
The Oscars haven't really been fair to you. But everyone know's you're better than that.
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You scored out of !
You're Leonardo DiCaprio
Seriously, where did it all go wrong? You still have time though.
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You're Kevin O'Connell
A sound-mixer who's been nominated a record 20 times without winning a statue. Seriously, give up.
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