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Tuesday 21 March 2023 Dublin: 11°C

# Planets

Last year
# Goldilocks zone
Planetary bodies seen for first time in habitable zone of dead star
Researchers suggested their findings might provide a glimpse of what will become of our solar system.
All time
# Quiz
Quiz: How much do you know about the planet Mars?
Test your knowledge.
# Look Up
Five astronomical highlights the skies have in store in 2021
We’re starting another rotation around the sun. Here’s what to watch out for in the skies.
# Space
QUIZ: How much do you know about the planet Venus?
Scientists made a new discovery in the clouds of Venus recently…
# Research
Saturn is losing its rings at the 'worst-case scenario' rate
The rings are being pulled into Saturn by gravity as a dusty rain of ice particles under the influence of Saturn’s magnetic field.
# Potential life
Seven planets in Milky Way have water and are potentially 'habitable'
Based in the Trappist-1 system, the planets seem to contain water and have rocky surfaces.
# The final frontier
"A giant surprise": New photos reveal previously unseen mountains on Pluto
# under the sea
What's under the icy seas of Europa? NASA plans to find out
The hope is that a new prototype will be able to explore distant planets with potential habitable oceans.
# as you do
What were you doing at 15? This boy found a new planet 1,000 light years from Earth
Wagg’s exoplanet is located in a distant solar system within our home galaxy, the Milky Way.
# into the beyond
This space suit isn't from a new sci-fi movie. NASA astronauts might wear this to Mars
For the first time since 1982, NASA is in the process of testing new space suit prototypes.
'Get your ass to Mars': Buzz Aldrin wants humans to permanently occupy Mars
The second man to land on the Moon said those that travel to Mars shouldn’t envisage that they will ever return to Earth.
# deep space
These stunning Hubble images show us the secrets of the universe
And a lot of pretty colours as well.
# Space race
'It's not like Star Trek': This is a big weekend for NASA's plans to land a human on Mars
The MAVEN spacecraft, a scout for human explorers, is approaching the red planet
# He Said What
Football on Jupiter, Mars or Saturn? Sepp Blatter thinks it could happen some day
He has to be trolling us at this stage.
# a mars a day
Look up! We'll have the best view of Mars in two years tonight
Hello there, Red Planet.
Opinion: We have found Earth's Cousin outside our solar system ... but what does that mean?
The Kepler spacecraft been on a planet-hunting mission since 2009 – and it’s just found the first Earth-sized planet in a habitable zone. What are the implications?
# uncharted space
NASA finds 'bonanza' of 715 new planets, but how many could support life?
About four in fact.
# interstellar trekker
Is there life on Mars? Ten years on the Opportunity rover is still looking
The rover was only supposed to run for 90 days, but 10 years a 40 Martian kilometers later, it shows no signs of stopping.
Column: Stargazing for beginners – get the most out of these dark winter nights
Short days can hinder what we can do with our free time – but there is plenty to see and do at night, even in these days of less money to spend, astronomy is a surprisingly inexpensive (and often free!) hobby to enjoy, writes Conor Farrell.
# Look Up
International Space Station to pass in front of the moon tonight
Areas between Dublin and Bantry Bay in Cork should be able to see it tonight.
# The Future
Scientists launch animal sperm bank to recreate populations on other planets
The scientists in Japan were quick to stress that there is presently no human application for the technology but this may be explored in the future.
NASA's planet-hunting spacecraft is broken - but they're determined to fix it
The planet-hunting telescope is 40 million miles from Earth and searches for Earth-like planets outside our solar system.
# Kepler
Earth isn't so special anymore, apparently
We’re not the only good place to hang out in the ‘habitable zone’.
# Astronomy
Astronomers reveal the smallest planet ever discovered by humans
Earth, meet your new baby cousin: Kepler 37b.
Column: Why I want to be Ireland's first female astronaut
Engineer, Norah Patten, has always been fascinated with space and has even made a career out of it. Now she wants to be Ireland’s first female astronaut. Here she tells us why.
Column: Why it’s important to look at the stars – literally
It’s good to be curious about a world outside our own, because being inquisitive in the past has gotten us where we are today, writes Conor Farrell.
# Home 2.0
The top 5 planets that are 'prime candidates' for harbouring life
They all have VERY fancy names.
# final frontier
Astronomers find diamond planet twice the size of Earth
The planet is made up mainly of graphite and diamond and was spotted zooming around a nearby star.
# Blue moon
Blue moon to be visible tomorrow night
This month the universe has decided to throw in a second full moon for the price of one.
# backdrop
PIC: If Jupiter were as close to Earth as the moon is...
One word: Wow.
# the longest day
Is today the longest day of the year? Or tomorrow?
It’s tomorrow. Officially. At 12.09am to be exact.
# Mars
NASA refines Mars landing – but brings it closer to dangerous landing zone
‘Curiosity’ is set to land on the red plant in early August.
# Transit of venus
VIDEO: Venus passes in front of the sun for the last time before 2117
The ‘Transit of Venus’ occurs in pairs, and won’t be seen again this century – but NASA, thankfully, took this video.
# Venus
Astronomers gear up for rare Venus Transit solar event
Next time Venus can be seen travelling across the face of the Sun will be in 2117.
# Space
European Space Agency sets sights on Jupiter
New mission will focus on the gas giant’s three large icy moons.
# Mars
Mars Watch: Tonight's your chance to see the red planet
Giant telescopes set up around country for public to use.
# heavens above
Bright stars: What to see in the sky tonight
Jupiter, Venus and a thin slice of crescent moon to be highly visible at 8.30pm.
# Planets
'Double Planet' in the skies tonight, as Venus and Jupiter blaze together
The brightest and second-brightest planets in the sky will come extremely close to one other tonight – and it will all be visible with the naked eye.
# solar flare
Northern Lights might be visible over Ireland tonight
There may be lots of activity in the skies tonight, thanks to solar flare activity – here’s your guide on what to look out for.