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Irish diplomats secure aid for 4.1 million displaced people despite threat of Russian UN veto
US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces says it has captured an Irish citizen fighting for Islamic State
Tánaiste would have 'much preferred' if the UN was taking action against alleged Syrian chemical attack
Trump speaks with Theresa May over the phone but holds off on a final decision on strikes against Syria
Russian military says Syrian government now in full control of town where alleged chemical attack took place
Trump slams 'horrible' alleged chemical attack in Syria, vows to respond 'forcefully'
'Hell on Earth': More than 400 people have been killed in five-day assault on Syrian rebel-held area
More than 300 people now killed in rebel held area of Syria
US 'deeply concerned' as 250 civilians killed in two days of bombing by Russian and Syrian forces
Syrian rebels and opposition reject Russia's peace talk plan
Member of Syrian White Helmets to receive Tipperary Peace Prize today
Opinion: 'A political solution to the Syrian war is very unlikely now'
Tensions flare as Syrian forces fire at Israeli jets
'Syrians are increasingly likely to opt for a strongman like Assad, capable of bringing stability'
44 killed in twin bomb attack in centre of Damascus
UN warns of 'looming humanitarian catastrophe' in four Syrian towns
It's over: Assad has finally retaken full control of Aleppo's charred ruins
UN sets up panel to gather evidence of war crimes in Syria
Obama blames Russia and Iran for the "horror" in Aleppo
'Too little, too late' - Syrian army halts shelling of Aleppo to allow trapped civilians to leave
Aleppo's Old City has fallen to Assad's forces
Seven-year-old tweeting from war torn Aleppo 'doing well' after family flees army advance
Seven-year-old Syrian girl's Twitter account disappears as Assad's forces close in
Russia has stopped bombing Aleppo - but for how long?
A city on the brink of destruction: Can anything save Aleppo?
Syria's heroes: the volunteers who run towards the bombing
Reports that "prominent" Al-Qaeda leader killed in US airstrike
After two years of Islamic State rule, the children of Manbij are finally allowed return to school
Obama: Syria "haunts me constantly"
UN aid convoy delivering food destroyed by airstrikes in Syria
Ireland the most welcoming country for Syrian refugees, according to major European study
Conjoined twins born in the midst of battle in Syria have died while awaiting permission to travel
Syrian rebels say they have broken the siege of Aleppo
Widespread outrage after Syrian rebel group beheads 12-year-old child
300,000 dead, 11 million refugees, but nobody can get in a room to talk about peace
"Women, children, the sick, and the wounded are condemned to death" - hospitals bombed in heart of Syria's violence
A city destroyed: What you need to know about Aleppo
A Syrian living in Ireland thinks taking in 4,000 refugees is too little, too late
In Syria, children swim in craters made by barrel bombs
Syrian rebels abandon last positions in Homs