The 9 at 9 Nine things you really need to know by 9am: plans for a property tax outlined; leading economists plead for debt forgiveness and Amazon pulls Paedophile’s Guide in wake of protests.

Every morning, The brings you nine things you need to know with your morning coffee.

1. #STORM WARNING: Met Eireann has issued a severe weather alert for this afternoon and evening, with warnings of possible structural damage and high seas.

2. #BLOODBATH BUDGET: The ESRI has outlined its proposals for an €80 a month property tax. Social welfare recipients and people who have paid stamp duty are  likely to be exempt, the Independent reports.

3. #DEBT FORGIVENESS: A group of nine economists have said that with 200,000 households facing negative equity, leaving banks with arrears of up €10 billion – which is ‘relatively small’ in the context of the bank bailouts – some form of mortgage forgiveness is essential. Writing in the Irish Times, the economists suggest a writedown of at least 30 per cent of the more recent mortgage amounts.

4. #AMAZON: Amazon has pulled a controversial ‘paedophile’s guidebook’ from its listings less than an hour after it made the online retailer’s bestsellers’ list, TechCrunch reports. According to Gawker, after the story broke last night, sales of the self-published e-book shot up by 101,000%.

5. #MISSING: The remains of a woman whose son went on the run after a coroner ordered him to bury her are still missing. It’s thought her body is being moved around Britian in the boot of her son’s car, the Irish Sun reports.

6. #LANE RAGE: A woman has been awarded €10,000 in damages after a bus driver called her a “blonde bimbo”, a “dirty smelly trollop” and a “tramp” after she drove across his path during rush hour, the Independent reports.

7. #PAKISTAN: A Christian woman has been sentenced to death in Pakistan after she was convicted of defaming the Prophet Mohammed.

8. #CENSORSHIP: Dept of Finance officials pressurised the OECD economic think tank to remove warnings about the end of the boom from a 2006 report, one of its authors claimed yesterday.

9. #ITALY: An Italian man has had his marriage annulled and is refusing his wife alimony…because she mentioned that she might like to sleep with other men.