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'It feels pretty good, we can't complain': The week in quotes

Here’s what was said and who said what this week.


I only saw it a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked. There are things that I may forget along the way but if they’re brought to my attention, I remember. I never wrote the letter.

A woman who received personal documents from the Department of Children said her signature was forged on a letter sent to nuns from a Mother and Baby Home in 1980 thanking them for their help.

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I never felt old until this year. Now I am made to feel my age as vulnerable and dependent.

The words of one older person who shared their experience of the pandemic for a new report by the Alliance of Age Sector NGOs.

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We have reasons for optimism.

Chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan on how Ireland’s vaccination programme is helping to pave the way for the continued reopening of society.

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My message to parents of children of that age would be, if you have a child with an underlying medical condition, absolutely avail of it at the earliest opportunity. If you have a child, for example, living in a household where there are other people who are at risk, absolutely avail of it at the earliest opportunity. For all parents in that age group and parents of healthy children as well, I would say think about it, think about Covid, think about your own situation. Be reassured that this vaccine is very effective at preventing Covid.

NIAC chair Dr Karina Bulter on the rollout of vaccines to adolescents.

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When you get a set of circumstances where there were inquiries that were either not complete or found to be flawed, and a large amount of people who are grieving and not getting answers to questions, there is a vacuum, and that is a vacuum which gets filled. The purpose of an inquest is to make a very real attempt to allay those rumours and at least at the end can say, certain facts were established.

Senior counsel Michael O’Higgins speaking at this week’s sitting of the Stardust fire inquest.

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Fake bookings and reviews are a malicious, concerted and coordinated campaign of fraudulent misrepresentation towards small businesses who are simply adhering to the law of the land.

CEO of the Restaurant Association of Ireland Adrian Cummins wrote to government highlighting how pubs and restaurants have been the subject of coordinated online abuse and fake reviews this week by those opposing the use of Covid-19 vaccine certs.

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It feels pretty good. We can’t complain.

Fintan McCarthy on his Olympic gold medal success with Paul O’Donovan in the men’s lightweight double sculls final.