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# immigration - Today’s News

The Government is making it easier for skilled workers from abroad to work in Ireland

A new bill will bring in nine different ways to be granted an employment permit.

# immigration - Thursday 10 April, 2014

Sickle Cell: Ireland’s new disease which affects 400 children and 100 adults

Ireland has an opportunity now to “do something right and groundbreaking”, the Health Committee has heard this morning.

# immigration - Tuesday 8 April, 2014

Column: ‘You f**king n*gger’, I hear it every week

A victim of racism speaks about his experiences as a major anti-racism awareness campaign is launched today.

# immigration - Thursday 20 March, 2014

Column: There’s something about Ireland … this is the country I now call home

Brazilian-born Sury Fiorini came to Ireland without knowing what to expect; what she found was an affinity with a country, a people and “the definition of the word patriotism”.

# immigration - Saturday 15 March, 2014

Seven jobseekers killed in Nigeria stadium stampede

Witnesses said that only one entrance at the 60,000 capacity Abuja stadium was open as the crush occurred.

Police find tunnel used to smuggle Mexicans into America

Three suspected people-traffickers were arrested.

# immigration - Wednesday 12 March, 2014

Syrian refugees to be offered temporary residence in Ireland

Alan Shatter announced the Humanitarian Admission Programme this afternoon.

# immigration - Saturday 22 February, 2014

Calling someone a ‘foreign pig’ is not racist (according to Swiss law)

However, the highest court in Switzerland did concede it was ‘insulting.

# immigration - Wednesday 12 February, 2014

Column: Impact of Swiss vote to curtail immigrants will ripple toward Eurosceptic UK

The EU response to Swiss curtailing of migrants should be aimed at the UK, not just Switzerland, writes John O’Donnell.

# immigration - Monday 10 February, 2014

“This will cause problems” – EU warns Switzerland after immigration result

Germany says the vote is “going to create plenty of problems for Switzerland”.

# immigration - Friday 7 February, 2014

More than half of Ireland’s asylum seekers in ‘reception system’ for over 3 years

A new report has highlighted a number of problems, including lack of autonomy of the applicants.

# immigration - Sunday 2 February, 2014

Joan Burton has no plans for UK-style crackdown on welfare for jobless immigrants

A Fine Gael TD asked the Labour minister about a recent ban on immigrants in the UK receiving dole payment for their first three months of residency.

# immigration - Saturday 1 February, 2014

Venezuela’s youth are abandoning their homeland, Ireland is their destination

Sometimes the lines outside the Irish consulate in Caracas are 200 people deep, forcing a rotating cadre of self-appointed leaders to maintain a 24-hour vigil to stop queue jumpers.

Hundreds detained in Irish prisons each year over immigration issues

Many of these people were being held in prison ahead of their deportation.

# immigration - Monday 6 January, 2014

Polish Minister criticises David Cameron over immigrant comments

The British Prime Minister had said that existing benefit rules for EU workers from eastern Europe were a “monumental mistake” – but Poland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs disagrees.

# immigration - Friday 3 January, 2014

‘No surrender!’: BNP leader Nick Griffin’s response to being declared bankrupt

Griffin says his bankruptcy won’t prevent him from staying on as an MEP.

# immigration - Wednesday 1 January, 2014

New, transparent guidelines on family reunification applications published

Minister Shatter said the policy guidelines are necessary to assist applicants and decision makers.

# immigration - Sunday 22 December, 2013

Immigrant families will be ‘torn apart this Christmas’

The Immigrant Council of Ireland says that laws regarding family reunification will lead to heartache this Christmas.

# immigration - Monday 25 November, 2013

Shatter condemns hate mail sent to Muslim Community, says gardaí will take “appropriate action”

An unsigned letter sent to mosques and schools in Ireland warns members of imminent attacks.

# immigration - Monday 21 October, 2013

Column: Europe needs a new approach to illegal immigration

Restoring fiscal health to the eurozone remains a serious challenge, but the EU must nevertheless find a solution to its illegal immigration crisis to prevent further tragedies, writes David Moloney.

# immigration - Sunday 20 October, 2013

Superman and Asterix have more in common than you’d think

Exhibition shows that the immigrant ‘outsider’ experience was influence on comic books the world over.

# immigration - Friday 18 October, 2013

‘Racist and prejudicial’ comments went unchallenged on 4FM show – BAI

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has upheld a complaint made against the The David Harvey Show on 4FM.

# immigration - Tuesday 15 October, 2013

Column: Emigration is not all a sob story – it also has major benefits

While emigration can be sad, living abroad also exposes a person to new cultural challenges that can benefit them both as a person and as an employee, writes Amy Bracken.

# immigration - Monday 14 October, 2013

Immigrant Council call for clear procedures for stateless people in Europe

There are 600,000 stateless people across Europe.

# immigration - Thursday 10 October, 2013

Column: ‘A Migrant State of Mind’ – emigration and mental health

I emigrated from my native Sri Lanka to Ireland in a bid to find acceptance – but unfortunately the journey of a migrant does not end when they arrive on the shores of their new home, writes Dil Wickremasinghe.

# immigration - Tuesday 8 October, 2013

1,900 “welfare tourists” caught in three years

New powers and investigative techniques have led to the apprehension of 101 welfare tourists at airports since last June.

# immigration - Monday 7 October, 2013

Column: What’s more important – borders or people?

Hundreds are feared dead after a ship carrying asylum-seekers sank in the Mediterranean – yet many Europeans, who have endured histories of emigration, have simply hardened their hearts to the tragedy, writes Fr Bobby Gilmore.

# immigration - Saturday 5 October, 2013

Divers hope to resume search off Italy amid fears death toll could reach 300

Rough seas have hampered the body recovery effort off Lampedusa where a boat carrying hundreds of migrants from Africa sank on Thursday.

# immigration - Monday 9 September, 2013

From The Daily Edge Drunk man tries to smuggle himself into US in truckload of red chillis Hot In Here

Drunk man tries to smuggle himself into US in truckload of red chillis

He was found with a bottle of tequila next to him.

# immigration - Saturday 7 September, 2013

Australian PM Kevin Rudd concedes election to this man

The Conservative challenger Tony Abbott has ousted Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd as millions of Australians voted overnight.

# immigration - Thursday 29 August, 2013

Ten people emigrate from Ireland every hour

The number of under-14s in Ireland now numbers over a million, but a person leaves the country every six minutes.

# immigration - Monday 26 August, 2013

Lack of information on asylum-seeker deaths ‘shambolic’

The agency responsible for providing direct provision accommodation does not have access to death certificates on any of the 53 people who died in the last ten years, according to Minister Alan Shatter.

# immigration - Sunday 25 August, 2013

Here’s What Happened Today: Sunday

Today everyone’s talking about earthquakes in the Irish Sea and the last stand of Priory Hall residents.

Poll: Should a domestic violence clause be added to immigration law? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should a domestic violence clause be added to immigration law?

The Immigrant Council of Ireland has said our laws are keeping people trapped in violence relationships. Should domestic violence be formally recognised in the legislation?

The 9 at 9: Sunday

Good morning! Here are nine things you want to know as you start your day.

Woman ‘forced to drop rape charges’ so she could stay in the country Exclusive

The woman, who is a US citizen, was a victim of domestic abuse but needed her husband to renew her immigration status.

# immigration - Friday 23 August, 2013

Favourite in Australian election wants to buy Indonesian “smuggler boats”

Tony Abbott wants Australia to pay “wardens” in Indonesian villages as well as bounty payments to curb immigration into Australia.

# immigration - Wednesday 14 August, 2013

US congressmen visit Leinster House to discuss undocumented Irish

Fine Gael TD Pat Breen, who met with them, will travel to Washington next month to lobby politicians on the US immigration reform legislation.

# immigration - Friday 9 August, 2013

Domestic violence victims ‘trapped’ by immigration laws

Victims are often afraid to report abuse because they fear it will impact on their immigration status.

# immigration - Friday 2 August, 2013

Anger over UK Home Office’s ‘immigration offenders’ tweets

The UK Home Office kept Twitter up to date as it arrested suspected illegal immigrants yesterday.

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