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Debunked: TikTok videos touting unproven and potentially dangerous 'herbal abortion' methods
Clips circulating on TikTok recently have suggested how women can terminate their own pregnancies, Brianna Parkins writes.
Many videos have cited the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade last month.
Medical experts have warned against using such methods because they are possibly dangerous and there is no evidence to support them.
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FactCheck: Were refugees and asylum seekers segregated by race in a Dublin processing centre?
Arrivals to a Dublin centre were given different coloured wristbands depending on their race according to an activist group.
Wristbands determined access to beds with Ukrainian arrivals given beds while other asylum seekers slept on the floor, the group alleged.
The group, Abolish Direct Provision Campaign, called on Minister Roderic O'Gorman to resign.
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National Gallery 'regrets' removal of portraits but says Direct Provision operator will still run cafe
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Gallery workers express 'deep distress' on awarding of cafe contract to Direct Provision firm
Aramark, an American corporation, took over running the gallery's cafe on 14 February, Brianna Parkins writes.
Staff asked the gallery's board members earlier this month to reconsider Aramark's suitability for catering contract.
Company currently operates three Direct Provision centres for the State in Cork, Clare and Westmeath.
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Lobby group claims thousands of tonnes of foreign peat were imported in Ireland. Social media users attacked The Greens over the news while others doubted it happened at all. We test the evidence.