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Last month
February 2024
Investigators say four bolts on Boeing plane were missing before a panel blew out mid-flight
January 2024
US-bound jet diverts to Dublin Airport after crew report a cracked windshield
Ryanair to step up oversight of quality control at US factories building Boeing aircraft
Boeing CEO admits 'mistake' after Alaska Airlines mid-flight scare
Airline's decision not to ground plane questioned after 'warnings triggered on previous flights'
United Airlines says inspections found loose bolts on its 737 MAX planes
Last year
Ryanair to buy 300 new Boeing aircraft over 10 years in a $40 billion deal
All time
No survivors found in crash of Chinese airliner carrying 132 people
Judge approves Boeing settlement with investors over 737 Max
Boeing agrees settlement with families of Ethiopia crash victims
US to charge ex-Boeing pilot over 737 Max crashes
Boeing calls for grounding of some 777s and UK bans them from its airspace after Denver engine fire
Boeing 737 MAX cleared for Irish airspace after green light from EU authorities
Boeing 737 Max cleared to resume flying in Europe from next week
Divers recover black box from crashed Indonesia plane
Indonesia intensifies search for black boxes of crashed plane carrying 62 people
Boeing to pay €2 billion to settle criminal conspiracy charge over 737 Max
Boeing 737 MAX returns to US skies for first time in almost two years with American Airlines flight
US aviation officials clear Boeing 737 Max for flight nearly two years after fatal crashes
More woe for Boeing as potentially dangerous debris found in 737 Max fuel tanks
Three people killed and dozens injured after plane skids off runway in Istanbul
Boeing pushes expected 737 Max return until this summer, months later than anticipated
'Designed by clowns': Boeing staff mocked regulators before grounded 737 MAX was certified
Boeing recommends using 737 Max simulator training before returning grounded planes to service
Boeing chief executive resigns amid ongoing 737 MAX scandal
Boeing spacecraft returns to earth after aborted space mission
Boeing to suspend production of 737 MAX jets, putting future of plane in doubt
Boeing expects 737 Max planes will resume flying in January
Ryanair grounds some of its fleet after identifying structural cracks
Boeing reports structural cracks in up to 50 of its 737 NG planes
Irish butter, cheese and liqueurs among European goods hit with US tariffs
Boeing reaches first settlements with Lion Air crash victims
Boeing takes $5 billion hit over 737 MAX grounding
Ryanair to cut services this winter over Boeing 737 MAX aircraft delays
Boeing to give $100m to families and communities affected by crashes
US regulators tell Boeing to fix new 'potential risk' on 737 MAX
French families sue Boeing over fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash
'It very well could be worse': Lucky escape for passengers on flight which crashed into Florida river
Boeing CEO defends safety record after two fatal crashes
Boeing CEO stands by 'fundamental safety' of 737 MAX jets following Ethiopian Airlines report