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Dublin: 19°C Monday 18 October 2021

Top comments of the week

Here’s our round-up of the most interesting and most popular comments from the past seven days. Did you make it in?

EVERY SATURDAY MORNING we take a look at all the best comments left on the site by our readers over the past seven days.

This week there was a lot of talk about medical cards, Donald Trump and what you’d do if you found €40,000.

So here are the standout comments from the week that was.

The 5 most popular comments this week

PastedImage-86715 Source: Tony Kavanagh

1. James Brown made everyone chuckle with this comment about last weekend’s amazing photo from the Giro. He received over 3,047 green thumbs for it too.

She needs to be drug tested. She wasn’t even heard of 3 years ago, now she’s leading the race. Very suspicious.

2. Newday Rising was not happy with Ireland’s welcome for Donald Trump – and 2,976 of you agreed. 

Greeted by Noonan, a girl in a red dress, a harpist and a fiddler. Our world humiliation is almost complete

3. On a piece about a councillor getting into a scuffle with a voter, Lurfic questioned the decision to publish. He received 2,455 green thumbs. 

Surely if this is a matter that the gardai are looking into you shouldn’t be publishing a biased version of events? Especially if the other party was the original complainant.

4. It hasn’t been a great ould time for the gardaí but when there’s praise due…Patrick Reilly got 2,128 nods for this after an off-duty garda foiled an armed robbery. 

That guard a showed some bottle in fairness to him.

5. Like many, Gizmo mac voiced his anger over the ongoing medical card controversies -to which 1,945 readers responded to positively. 

“No he’s fine again, just a 24hr thing” inconsiderate incompetent plebs!

The top 5 articles which received the most comments this week

1. Fine Gael councillor scratched in face while canvassing in Clonakilty (367 comments)

2. Water meters have been REMOVED from the pavement in Cork (291 comments)

3. “It’s the end of Europe!”: Conchita’s win sparks outrage from Russian politicians (278 comments)

4. Trump: I’m bringing hundreds of jobs — and yes, I’ll be a friend of the snail (278 comments)

5. Poll: Do you think the ban on nuclear power should be lifted? (278 comments)

Some of the best comments left on the site this week

PastedImage-21370 Source: AP

It emerged yesterday that three young people in New York found $40,000 stuffed in envelopes down their couch – and returned it to its rightful owner. We applaud Eel Knack Mole‘s attention to detail in this comment.

It was reported on the radio that they were given a $1,000.00 reward. Maybe now they can buy shoes.

There was lots of talk about childcare this week following an appeal for funding at Darndale Belcamp Integrated Childcare Service. Mick Kenny, a manager at another facility, explained some details – and raised an interesting election question for the next politician who arrives at your doorstep.

A drop of €200,000 in funding represents more than a few patents now paying fees. It represents the drastic underfunding of the sector. The overheads are huge from wages, food, utilities rents etc. Community services fill out fee policies which have to be approved by the Dept of children who basically dictate what we charge making it difficult to structure your business financially to your service users. A one size doesn’t fit all and from my experience working patents also struggle to pay fees too, And again the purpose of these services are to support children, putting them first and give them the best start in life to help them break the cycle of disadvantage. I’m a working parent too and childcare cost are mad due to lack of funding to the sector. Parents need to make childcare an election issue and push the government from proper supports, I’ve often asked politicians what their party’s policy on childcare is and I’ve only got blank expressions. Families and childcare are not a priority on the government’s agenda sadly.

The Dáil heard about a number of stories from families devastated by the loss of a medical card this week. Edel Walsh voiced her anger at the seemingly chaotic system.

Id rather not have free gp care for my 2 year old if it means anyone with a chronic health condition got a medical card! Watching my 70 year old father, worked whole life paying taxes etc…has medical card five months, received a letter for review and prob be taken off him, he has copd and emphysema,had major surgery on his lungs few years ago which saved his life, hes constantly sick, on lots of medication which would coat him a chunk of his pension if no medical card …surely he is entitled to some help???! Government need a wake up call from the people…they don’t give a toss!
In an opinion piece on Monday, John O’Brien lamented the fact that he couldn’t enjoy watching his brother play in Croke Park because he uses a wheelchair. Michael O’Cearra explained that his problems with the stadium are similar.
Delighted to have seen this been brought up finally. Me being a wheelchair user all my life I have been to all the Dublin matches in Croke Park for the last 8-9 years and to be blunt, sometimes it would have been better to watch it on the tv in the pub or at home. My issue isn’t with the parking (as it seems to be with some) as I live a short distance away or the stewards as I have found them to be brilliant at all times, my issue is with the view.Time and time again, I’ve found myself having to watch the television supplied above the wheelchair section in Croke Park whenever there was a goal chance, a goal or if there was a controversial event unfolding. This is as a result of people in front of me standing up which makes my view therefore non-existent as the seats in front are only one single step down from me. These fans are definitely not at fault as they are entitled to stand up and do as they please but the design of the stadium clearly didn’t take the disabled into account which is a shame as I pay for a ticket along with everyone else so would expect the same view at all times. In comparison, I have been to the Aviva a few times and my experience of the view is far better, I always have a clear view regardless if people in front stand up as I am much higher up (In relation to only being a single step up in Croke Park). They are brilliant with regards to the stewards and disabled facilities nonetheless apart from the viewing issue. They could learn a thing or two from the Aviva with regards to this viewing issue.

The best yarn of the week goes to Trish O’Leary-Dunne with this one about the bird, the thief and the barman.

My brother had an african grey stolen a few years back. An article in the paper led to the recovery of the bird after the robber tried to sell him to a barman (in the cuckoos nest funnily enough)

Spent a zillion euro on some fancy brunch lately? You should have gone to Mark Lillis‘s house.

I made my girlfriend a really fancy lunch yesterday.

Slow baked haricot pulses in a sweet tomato jus, drizzled over a bed of grilled wholewheat dough…Or beans on toast as she called it.

The Love/Hate actor involved in that infamous cat shooting was shot (in real life) on Friday. He received injuries to his leg but is doing fine in hospital. Waterford Whispers News had the jump on who was responsible.


And a garda source told us:

If you can’t laugh at yourself….

Finally, the sun came out yesterday with temperatures soaring (SOARING!) to 20 degrees Celsius. You all welcomed summer, as only the Irish can.

Dave Sherman:

Time for large Bulmers, burnt food, sunburn and mad dash visits to Woodies…

Don Callanan:

I’m havin a 99′r for breakfast

Rau Depuis

I’m off to Spain :)

Spot any good comments? Send them through to us by email at sinead@thejournal.ie.

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