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January 2024
Young caregivers receive poorer Leaving Cert grades than their peers, new study shows
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Pandemic had no impact on the 'vast majority' of 13-year-olds' transition to secondary school
Poor housing conditions affect children's health - research
Online gambling among young Irish people almost quadruples between ages of 17 and 20
All time
Just over half of nine-year-olds own a phone, up 10% on ten years ago
Strong relationships with parents, peers and teachers 'key to child and adolescent wellbeing'
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Most of Ireland's teens are healthy and ambitious, but not all of them get the same fighting chance
Smoking, alcohol and poor diet: Over half of Irish 17-year-olds categorised as having 'unhealthy' lifestyles
Ireland's 20-year-olds are stressed, living with their parents and worried about housing
Growing up in Ireland: Just one in four 9-year-olds get recommended level of physical activity
One fifth of obese 13-year-olds in Ireland believe they are just the right weight
Being overweight or obese is 'major health problem', particularly among children from low-income families
Girls and children from disadvantaged backgrounds find it harder to transition to secondary school
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One third of Irish 18-year-olds have had sexual intercourse, major study finds
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