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Change generation

QUIZ: What Kind Of Flatmates Do You Need?

Whether you’re flying the coop for the first time, or on your millionth houseshare, it’s need-to-know info.

This article is part of our Change Generation project, supported by KBC. To read more click here.

FLATSHARES ARE MORE than just a fact of life for many of us in the Irish rental market.

They’re also a rite of passage – and you can often tell what stage in their life a person is at from what kind of house-share situation they’ve chosen for themselves.

More than likely, what you want and need in a home at 18 is not what will work for you at 30.

One way you can avoid a lot of headaches when it comes to signing a lease is figuring out what kind of person you want to live with. So we’ve put together this highly scientific (ahem) and fun quiz to help you work that out.

(Let us know in the comments how close we got – and also throw in your best flat-share stories and memories to boot. We’re know you’re good for them…)

1. When it comes to the kitchen in the shared house, how would you like the food to be organised?
What's mine is mine, and what's yours is also mine.
I like to keep things separate and clearly labelled.

Weekly shop together and then get my own personal bits too.
I absolutely hate it when my flatmates eat my stuff or even use my teabags tbh.
2. What's your stance on house parties?
Never. Ever.
For special occasions, why not?

I'd rather not have anyone back except once in a blue moon.
Live for them.
3. Now for matters of the heart. Are you comfortable with other flatmates having their partners over a lot?
If they're staying over, I want them involved in paying bills.
Yeah, the more the merrier.

As long as they're sound and cause no problems, it's grand.
One or max two nights a week is plenty.
4. This one is straight from Flatshare 101. Passive-aggressive notes... Yay or nay?
Sometimes you have to!
Don't see anything wrong with it.

God no, I would always prefer a quick chat.
Not cool at all.
5. When it comes to communal areas in a houseshare, what's your take?
Respect and cleanliness is key. As well as moderation.
I'm up for hanging out with my flatmates.
6. Be completely honest here. Out of a max possible score of 10, how clean are you? Don't worry, we won't judge.
Hmm... I swing between a 2 and a 4. Sorry.
Maybe a 7? I do my best but I'm human.

I'd give myself a solid and consistent 8.
9 or 10. It's a big deal for me.
7. A scenario-based question to finish us off. Your flatmate gets home and announces they are considering adopting a kitten. How do you react?
"Nope, no way. Not happening. Don't ask again please."
"Cool! I love cats."

"As long as I don't have to mind it, grand."
"I'd really rather we didn't, if that's OK with you."
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You need a party gaff
You're more than likely at the point in your life where you don't mind a bit of noise and people coming and going. It's better to live with extremely like-minded individuals at this stage in the game, lest WWIII be unleashed after one too many parties on your side.
Share your result:
You scored out of !
Yikes. Maybe you should live alone?
OK, OK, we exaggerate - but you definitely have high standards and it's likely some younger or less experienced flatmates might have trouble living up to them. You either need to live with Mr Muscle or else consider flying solo to avoid a stressful situation for all involved.
Share your result:
You scored out of !
You should live with a few close pals
You're past the stage where you want to live with strangers, and would like a cosy place with one or two people you already know well - or even just your partner. You want a home at this point, not just a place to kip.
Share your result:
You scored out of !
You should consider living with strangers
Anonymity, privacy and a lack of personal ties is the order of the day for you. Living with friends can be messy, and finding like-minded individuals online who you won't see again once the lease is up is the route for you to avoid stress.
Share your result:

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