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# lgbt - Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Taoiseach says it's 'not satisfactory' that trans healthcare report hasn't been published

The National Trans Healthcare Steering Committee has raised concerns about the status of the report.

# lgbt - Friday 2 October, 2020

Closure of PrEP service will 'undoubtedly' have impact on HIV rates, experts warn

Staff from the GMHS have been redeployed to Covid-19 test centres in recent months.

# lgbt - Sunday 9 August, 2020

College might once have offered an escape for vulnerable students - Covid-19 has changed that

With lectures moving largely online, students with a tough home life may find themselves with few good options.

# lgbt - Saturday 8 August, 2020

Polish police clash with demonstrators protesting against LGBT activist's arrest

Warsaw police said that 48 people were arrested.

# lgbt - Tuesday 30 June, 2020

Mary McAleese condemns Catholic Church for 'intrinsically evil' teachings on homosexuality

The former Irish president warned of the damaging impact the church is having on Ireland younger LGBT community.

# lgbt - Monday 15 June, 2020

US Supreme Court rules law protects LGBT workers from discrimination

The court voted that Title VII, that bars job discrimination because of sex, encompasses bias against LGBT workers.

# lgbt - Thursday 14 May, 2020

'We had bottles thrown at us, a woman spit on us': Six in 10 LGBT people avoid holding hands in public

Three in 10 people avoid certain locations for fear of being assaulted, according to a new survey.

# lgbt - Tuesday 17 March, 2020

Trans people with gender-aligned passports and birth certificates less likely to feel suicidal, new research finds

More than 22,000 trans men and women were surveyed for the study.

# lgbt - Wednesday 26 February, 2020

'The most important thing is to talk about it': Trans couple open up in intimate new documentary

Victoria and Max are a trans couple who are hoping that speaking about their experiences will help others in a similar position.

# lgbt - Sunday 9 February, 2020

'A historic day': Switzerland votes to back new anti-homophobia law

Critics who believe the law will end up censoring free speech had forced a referendum on the issue.

# lgbt - Friday 7 February, 2020

Phillip Schofield: 'I have been coming to terms with the fact that I am gay'

Schofield made the announcement in a statement posted on his Instagram account.

# lgbt - Saturday 25 January, 2020

'If someone goes under, call 999': Addiction expert warns about GHB after more overdoses

The drug has been making headlines after more overdoses last weekend and a high-profile rape case.

# lgbt - Tuesday 14 January, 2020

US chastity speaker cancels trip to Ireland 'due to illness' after number of talks were axed Exclusive

A number of talks by Jason Evert had already been cancelled amid criticism of his stance on homosexuality and other issues.

# lgbt - Monday 13 January, 2020

From today, same-sex marriage is now legally recognised in the North

The first marriage ceremonies should take place in February.

# lgbt - Friday 10 January, 2020

'Untold damage could be done': Talks by US chastity speaker cancelled amid criticism

Jason Evert has described homosexuality as a disorder and is critical of contraception.

# lgbt - Saturday 4 January, 2020

'GHB is a killer, I know of eight men who died after taking it' Exclusive

Concerns have also been raised about people being sexually assaulted while taking drugs such as GHB.

# lgbt - Tuesday 24 December, 2019

Same-sex kiss cut from new Star Wars movie for viewers in Singapore

Local media reported that the women were seen embracing but not kissing.

# lgbt - Thursday 19 December, 2019

Teenager who harassed women after they refused to kiss on London bus has sentence increased

The boy was given eight-month youth referral order due to the homophobic nature of the attack.

# lgbt - Monday 9 December, 2019

From The42 'Football has not created an environment where anyone would ever feel comfortable saying, 'I am gay'' Rainbow Laces This post contains videos

'Football has not created an environment where anyone would ever feel comfortable saying, 'I am gay''

A brilliant clip of Graeme Souness on a weekend where LGBT inclusion in football was pushed – though Everton are now investigating reports of homophobic chants.

# lgbt - Friday 6 December, 2019

'If one of our team-mates was to come out and say they were gay, nothing changes'

Leicester City duo James Maddison and Ben Chilwell have expressed their support of LGBT footballers.

# lgbt - Thursday 21 November, 2019

'Rectifying the historic wrong': LGBT advocates wanted sexual orientation included on the next Census

Scotland’s census will give individuals up to 21 options under this category including skolisexual and demiromantic.

# lgbt - Tuesday 12 November, 2019

Half of LGBT+ students have heard homophobic or transphobic comments from staff members at school

73% of LGBT+ students surveyed said they feel unsafe at school.

# lgbt - Thursday 7 November, 2019

Collins Dictionary recognises 'non-binary' and names 'climate strike' as Word of the Year

Pop star Smith came out as non-binary this year, sparking a debate over gender and sexuality.

# lgbt - Wednesday 6 November, 2019

Column: 'We're worried our son will become an orphan due to our lack of rights'

LGBT couple, Gabriela and Kelly Socol, are fighting for parental rights and equality for their family.

'Devastating': Trans people on wrong waiting list for years after referrals were 'misplaced'

Over 100 people were affected by the HSE’s error.

LGBT couples stage 'kissing protest' outside Dáil to demand hate crime legislation

The government said that it was looking at legislative options to address hate crime.

# lgbt - Monday 4 November, 2019

Regulations to allow same sex parents register both their names on their child's birth cert to be signed today

Law will allow same sex parents register both their names on their child’s birth cert from May 5th 2020.

# lgbt - Saturday 2 November, 2019

Russia investigates videos of children talking with members of the LGBT community

In Russia, the offence of “sexual violence” can carry a jail term of between 12 and 20 years.

# lgbt - Monday 21 October, 2019

'What we have in Ireland is not equal': Same-sex parents call for more legal rights to their children

The protest was held this afternoon outside the Department of Health building in Dublin.

# lgbt - Friday 18 October, 2019

Government looking at hate crime legislation as LGBT group says assaults are on the rise

The Department is putting out a public consultation in the coming weeks on the issue.

# lgbt - Saturday 12 October, 2019

Gay couple encourage other members of the LGBT community to consider fostering children

There are more than 6,000 children in state care in Ireland.

# lgbt - Saturday 21 September, 2019

From The42 'I feel like it's going to happen when it happens. We're in Ireland and it's very accepting of being gay' Tolerance

'I feel like it's going to happen when it happens. We're in Ireland and it's very accepting of being gay'

Members of the Dublin Devils and PFAI general secretary Stephen McGuinness on the lack of LGBT representation in football.

# lgbt - Thursday 29 August, 2019

No single 'gay gene' exists, says scientists

Many genetic variants play a role in same-sex attraction, according to a new scientific study.

# lgbt - Thursday 8 August, 2019

First openly gay election candidate in the Arab world enters Tunisian presidential race

“The fact that I’m gay doesn’t change anything,” Mounir Baatour said.

# lgbt - Saturday 3 August, 2019

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar marches in Belfast pride parade for the first time

Today is the first time the taoiseach attended the Belfast pride parade which is highlighting the theme of marriage equality.

# lgbt - Monday 22 July, 2019

From The42 'Does being gay mean you can’t be a good footballer? No. So let's crack on' - Dyche Equality

'Does being gay mean you can’t be a good footballer? No. So let's crack on' - Dyche

The Burnley boss says nobody in his dressing room would have an issue with the sexuality of a team-mate.

# lgbt - Thursday 27 June, 2019

Uniformed PSNI officers will march in Dublin's gay Pride parade this weekend

This is the first time uniformed PSNI officers will march in the parade.

# lgbt - Wednesday 26 June, 2019

Pride flag to fly over Leinster House this weekend

A LGBT+ group has been set up within the Houses of the Oireachtas.

# lgbt - Thursday 20 June, 2019

Commemorative plaque unveiled at the site of Ireland's first dedicated LGBT community centre

The Hirschfeld Centre was burnt down 31 years ago.

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