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# memory - Monday 6 July, 2020

Quiz: How well do you remember the Premier League 2007-08 season?

Can you vividly recall the year when another great Man United side triumphed?

# memory - Thursday 2 May, 2019

Hello brain implants, goodbye forgetting people's names: The future of your memories

Sarah Harford on the technologies that could change the way we remember things (and mean we’ll never embarrass ourselves at parties again).

# memory - Monday 18 March, 2019

From The42 'He was watching down over us' - squad member's tragic death drove Ballyhale to All-Ireland glory Memory

'He was watching down over us' - squad member's tragic death drove Ballyhale to All-Ireland glory

Eoin Doyle died last April and his old jersey has been hanging in Ballyhale’s dressing room every game since.

# memory - Sunday 22 July, 2018

Study finds 40% of people have a fictional first childhood memory

The authors of a new study said it is not until people are five or six that they form adult-like memories and some participants said they had memories from when they were babies.

# memory - Monday 19 March, 2018

'Chieftain's Walk' to raise awareness of rare disease Martin McGuinness died from

It’s just under a year since the former Deputy First Minister died.

# memory - Sunday 4 March, 2018

How your eyes can say if you'll have memory problems in later life

A new study has pinpointed how changes in the blood vessels in your eyes could point to problems later.

# memory - Thursday 22 June, 2017

From The42 Shock Longford defeat still fuelling McManus and Monaghan Scarred

Shock Longford defeat still fuelling McManus and Monaghan

A surprise summer exit has not been forgotten by the Farney men as they head into an Ulster semi-final against Down.

# memory - Sunday 18 June, 2017

From The42 'The swim has been a great way to help us cope with our grief' Memory

'The swim has been a great way to help us cope with our grief'

The 12th annual Frances Thornton Memorial Galway Bay Swim takes place next month.

# memory - Wednesday 7 June, 2017

Even moderate drinking can damage your brain, new research says

The study monitored more than 500 people over 30 years.

# memory - Wednesday 22 March, 2017

Large crowds turn out in Derry, Dublin and Belfast to remember Martin McGuinness

The death of the former deputy first minister of Northern Ireland was announced yesterday.

# memory - Monday 2 January, 2017

Your dog can remember what you did

They may be easily distracted, but a new study shows that their recall ability may be deeper than previously thought.

# memory - Sunday 4 December, 2016

Don't sleep on it: Going to bed angry makes it worse

Memories of negative or traumatic events often last longer than those of positive or neutral experiences, and sleep doesn’t help.

# memory - Sunday 9 October, 2016

Half a century ago Colin saved a girl from drowning; today he wants to find out what happened to her

Colin Wilde has always wondered what happened to the girl whose life he saved 50 years ago.

# memory - Sunday 26 June, 2016

Have trouble remembering things? Here are five simple tips that might help

From creating a memory palace to establishing an emotional connection.

# memory - Sunday 22 May, 2016

There's a reason your mam calls you by your siblings' - or dog's - names

“It’s not just random.”

# memory - Thursday 24 March, 2016

"When he died, a lot of my dreams and my hopes died with him"

The sister of a teenager who died after taking a synthetic drug has spoken publicly for the first time.

# memory - Thursday 10 March, 2016

In case you're still wondering, closing apps does not speed up your iPhone

And Apple has pretty much confirmed it to be the case.

# memory - Wednesday 6 January, 2016

Need a quick way to speed up your iPhone? You have two options

Should you have trouble figuring out the cause of slowdown.

# memory - Monday 26 October, 2015

Over 140 Gardaí and PSNI officers ran the Dublin Marathon in memory of Garda Golden

15,216 people had registered for the 36th Dublin City Marathon.

# memory - Thursday 8 October, 2015

'Googling' stuff ends up being really really bad for your memory

Most people are happy to rely on their phones instead of their memories when trying to recall something.

# memory - Thursday 17 September, 2015

Here's why the latest iPhone will work better than all that's gone before

It seems that Apple’s latest packs twice the memory of its predecessor, something the firm neglected to mention at last week’s launch.

# memory - Sunday 21 June, 2015

Smartphone a little slow? It may have a memory problem

If your phone’s RAM is handling too much, then it’s worth looking at ways to reduce the strain.

# memory - Sunday 10 May, 2015

QUIZ: Do you remember Ireland in 2000?

Y2K baby.

# memory - Thursday 7 May, 2015

From The42 Former England manager denies claiming he was asked not to pick 'too many' black players Denial

Former England manager denies claiming he was asked not to pick 'too many' black players

Graham Taylor insists he cannot recall telling an anti-racism in football campaigner that he had been told to limit the number of black players in his England squads.

# memory - Monday 4 May, 2015

QUIZ: How well do you remember Ireland in 1995?

It was really sunny, remember?

# memory - Monday 27 April, 2015

People don't have to be afraid of dementia – they just need to know the facts

Actor and director Ronan Smith writes about his greatest life challenge to date – the progressive neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s Disease.

# memory - Sunday 29 March, 2015

From The42 How well do you remember Ireland's footballing foes? Quiz

How well do you remember Ireland's footballing foes?

Ahead of Martin O’Neill’s side’s key clash with Poland tonight, we recall some of their past challenges.

# memory - Saturday 3 January, 2015

QUIZ: How well do you remember the '90s?

Test your knowledge.

# memory - Friday 2 January, 2015

QUIZ: How well do you remember the noughties?

Saipan, the Euro, those yellow pants…

# memory - Tuesday 16 December, 2014

From The Daily Edge This 2014 Year In Review video has an ending that will floor you Zeitgeist

This 2014 Year In Review video has an ending that will floor you

Wait for it. It’s only 70 seconds away.

# memory - Saturday 22 November, 2014

Opinion: Academic doping – can drugs make you smarter?

Can drugs improve your attention, concentration, and reduce your need for sleep…

# memory - Wednesday 8 October, 2014

Getting an SD card to increase phone storage? Here's what you need to know

Micro SD cards are a handy way of increasing storage space on your smartphone, but there’s more to consider than just space.

# memory - Sunday 28 September, 2014

Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads

The very best of the week’s writing from around the web.

# memory - Friday 29 August, 2014

Sending electrical current to brain could help treat Alzheimer's

The treatment has now been proven to improve memory and could help in other memory disorders, like from stroke or brain injury.

# memory - Wednesday 27 August, 2014

Good news: It may be possible to overwrite bad memories

Thank you light-sensitive algae protein.

# memory - Wednesday 6 August, 2014

Column: What is your earliest memory?

Most of us have our earliest memory from an event around the age of three – but our memory milestones move about during childhood.

# memory - Sunday 3 August, 2014

Opinion: Does learning a second language lead to a new identity?

Speakers can feel liberated by the ‘voice’ they discover in a new language.

# memory - Sunday 29 June, 2014

7 memory skills that will make you smarter*

*We hope

# memory - Tuesday 10 June, 2014

Using general anaesthetic on infants could harm their memory for life - study

The student found that children who had been anaesthetised as babies had about 28 percent less recollection on average than their peers.

# memory - Saturday 7 June, 2014

How to erase a memory - and restore it

The research from the University of California at San Diego could impact on Alzheimer’s research.

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