# Migration

Last week
11th February 2024 - 17th February 2024
Debunked: Galway Beo did not report that an old Eircom building would house 900 male migrants
'Campaign of arson' on properties linked to asylum seekers is 'unprecedented', says Tánaiste
This month
February 2024
'A campaign of far-right terrorism': Murphy lambastes Govt over response to arson attacks
Govt parties intent on 'getting the facts out' around immigration heading into local elections
Last month
January 2024
Algeria and Botswana to be added to 'safe countries' list from today
Fine Gael canvassers to get guidance on speaking about migration on the doorsteps
Up to €10m extra 'social inclusion' funding signed off on for areas taking in asylum seekers
FG politicians given international protection info sheet as Varadkar appeals for help setting out facts
Varadkar: Govt will 'likely' pay money instead of accepting more migrants
Bríd Smith warned by Ceann Comhairle for claiming 'Nazi supporters lies' have been repeated in Dáil
Roscrea could get 'community-owned' hotel as Taoiseach comes under pressure from his party
Ten districts with the highest proportion of refugees to get special support package, says Taoiseach
Five migrants died trying to reach UK by crossing Channel overnight, over 30 rescued
Last year
Interview: O'Gorman says blockades of asylum seeker accommodation should not be tolerated
The Integration Minister said he regretted government did not act faster to resource communication with local communities.
UK Government rows back on family visa threshold hike for foreign family members
EU deal to reform asylum laws described as 'cruel' and 'catastrophic' by aid groups
Tánaiste accepts need to address people’s fears about immigration with evidence-based approach
British Home Office 'struggling to source planes' for Rwanda plan
'A new normal': Migrants huddle in open-air camps on US border without food or water
Dáil adopts motion emphasising importance of inward migration, following immigration debate
UK salary threshold for overseas workers to raise to €45,100 under plans to cut migration
Poland and Hungary clash with EU leaders at informal summit over new migration proposals
Taoiseach: Ireland may pay EU countries rather than accept more refugees under migration pact
EU reaches 'historic' new migration deal to help ease pressure on Italy and Greece
More than 2,500 migrants dead or missing in Mediterranean in 2023
UN refugee agency rejects UK Home Secretary's comments about migration
Housing Minister condemns 'misinformation' letters distributed in Dublin with Fianna Fáil logo
Debunked: Conspiracy site Infowars used fake claims about Ireland as evidence of 'white genocide'
Barry Andrews: Several false narratives surround migration and asylum seeking - here are some facts
First asylum seekers arrive on board Bibby Stockholm barge in Dorset, England
MEPs pass resolution calling for EU-led search and rescue mission in Mediterranean
Spanish coastguard searching for three boats lost at sea after rescuing one found in distress
EU-bound migrants attacked and violently deported from Tunisian coastal city of Sfax
Poland and Hungary block EU summit over migration
'Fortress Europe': NGOs and MEPs critical of EU following migrant Mediterranean tragedy
79 dead and over 100 rescued from sunken migrant ship off Greek coast
Debunked: Video arguing migrants will damage Ireland relies on false claims and statistics
US pandemic-era border laws lapse as Democrats hit out at Republicans over 'political football'
US braces for 'chaotic' border scenes as Covid rule deterring migrants expires at midnight
Dutch court rules asylum seekers cannot be sent back to face 'mistreatment' in Italy