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# babies - Saturday 30 December, 2017

# babies - Sunday 12 November, 2017

Joanne McNally: 'I don’t want children, but I’m not selfish'

I also have the attention span of a ferret on six nespressos, writes Joanne McNally.

# babies - Wednesday 8 November, 2017

More than 27,000 fathers have taken paternity leave so far

“We have to take a wider societal view and not think of rearing children as something best done in one’s spare time, preferably by women,” Deirdre Clune said.

# babies - Sunday 1 October, 2017

'Shocked and disappointed': Pressure mounts to restore funding for breastfeeding support initiative

The HSE said it plans to provide funding for a new, revised model.

# babies - Monday 4 September, 2017

From The Daily Edge 12 of the quickest reactions to the royal baby announcement THE ROYALEST BABY

12 of the quickest reactions to the royal baby announcement

Royal baby 3: RESURRECTION.

# babies - Wednesday 2 August, 2017

12 mothers share their best (and funniest) breastfeeding stories

“In the throes of passion I suddenly realised I was spraying my boyfriend with a leaking left breast.”

# babies - Wednesday 12 July, 2017

92 babies suffering from drug withdrawal recorded in Irish hospitals last year

Babies with drug withdrawal symptoms undergo six to eight week of rehabilitation.

# babies - Monday 10 July, 2017

By EU standards, Ireland is pumping out new babies

Ireland has the highest birth rate in the EU.

# babies - Monday 12 June, 2017

An Austrian hospital gave parents the wrong babies and nobody knew for nearly 30 years

Doris Gruenwald only found out after she took a DNA test.

# babies - Tuesday 23 May, 2017

HSE review of maternity complaints finds patients not treated with dignity or respect

Health Minister Simon Harris said it is ‘regretted’ that it took such a long time for families to be heard on their babies’ deaths.

# babies - Monday 17 April, 2017

New wireless cameras to revolutionise care of premature babies

The skin sensors currently used to monitor vital signs in babies born prematurely generate false alarms in up to 90% of cases.

# babies - Monday 13 March, 2017

From The Daily Edge Writing "suits you" under pictures of people holding babies should be outlawed You're Next

# babies - Tuesday 7 March, 2017

Watch: 'We took their babies and gifted them, sold them, trafficked them and starved them' Tuam Babies This post contains videos

Watch: 'We took their babies and gifted them, sold them, trafficked them and starved them'

Minister Zappone has agreed to a small scoping exercise to assess if the mother and baby home investigation can be expanded.

Indian police find 19 female foetuses dumped in sewer

Women in India can face pressure to produce male children, who are seen as breadwinners.

# babies - Friday 3 March, 2017

She was right: How Catherine Corless uncovered what happened in Tuam

“So many things get covered up these days, I am just so thankful that this has come out”.

# babies - Wednesday 1 March, 2017

Ireland's breast milk bank is running very low on supply

There’s only two weeks of supply left at the island’s only milk bank.

# babies - Tuesday 7 February, 2017

Canadian woman found guilty of hiding six babies she gave birth to in storage locker

Authorities are unable to determine the causes of the deaths.

# babies - Sunday 5 February, 2017

'I was tested to the limit': How hypnobirthing is helping women during labour

“Some people think it’s new age, hippy dippy. It’s anything other than that. It’s very practical, down to earth.”

# babies - Sunday 8 January, 2017

Aoife and Saoirse, Finn and Noah - Ireland's ten most popular baby names

Girls’ names like Eabha and Shauna were not so popular while Feidhlim and Erik were on the bottom of the list of boys’ names.

# babies - Sunday 1 January, 2017

Say hello to the first babies born in Ireland in 2017

Twin boys were born in the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin at one second past midnight.

# babies - Wednesday 28 December, 2016

Dutch IVF clinic says 26 women may have been fertilised with the wrong sperm

The clinic said there’s a chance the egg cells may have been fertilised by sperm other than that of the intended father.

# babies - Monday 26 December, 2016

Busy Coombe Hospital welcomes seven babies to the world on Christmas Day

Little Sean Kelly-Murray was the first to arrive.

# babies - Saturday 24 December, 2016

Over 120 children under the age of one were in state care last Christmas

The Child and Family Agency has a statutory duty to children who are not receiving adequate care and protection.

# babies - Thursday 15 December, 2016

The first three-parent baby in the UK could be born next year

The technique would allow mothers who carry disease-causing mutations in their genes to give birth to children free of the illness.

# babies - Monday 5 December, 2016

Going digital: Rollout begins for e-health records from babies' birth

The new system is the first national electronic patient chart for maternity anywhere in the world.

# babies - Wednesday 9 November, 2016

Quads, triplets and twins born in quick succession at Limerick maternity hospital

The first set of quadruplets born in Limerick in 50 years arrived in October.

Relax, ignore the mess and accept help - Top tips for new parents

Put down Gina Ford, go with your gut and you’ll get through it.

# babies - Saturday 29 October, 2016

Babies should sleep in same room as parents to reduce risk of death - doctors

Close to 3,500 infants die each year in the United States from sleep-related deaths.

# babies - Friday 21 October, 2016

From The Daily Edge This little baby starts bawling any time her parents shift in front of her Get A Room

# babies - Tuesday 4 October, 2016

From The Daily Edge 31 questions everyone plagues you with when you've had a baby Parenting

# babies - Friday 30 September, 2016

6 big questions about breastfeeding, answered by an expert

We speak to a breastfeeding expert from the HSE.

# babies - Saturday 3 September, 2016

Premature twins recovering after being rescued from rubber dingy: 'They were so small and so cold'

“I was expecting normal newborns but they were much smaller…I was very surprised when I saw them.”

# babies - Friday 2 September, 2016

From The Daily Edge People are loving this Mam's post about 'getting s**t done' with twin babies Get S**t Done

# babies - Wednesday 31 August, 2016

Newborn twins among 3,000 rescued from rubber boats at sea

Nearly 6,500 people risked their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea on Monday.

# babies - Friday 19 August, 2016

Is it safe to raise your child on a vegan diet?

Consultant dietitian Sarah Keogh argues children can be raised vegan, but it requires a lot of hard work from the parents.

# babies - Wednesday 10 August, 2016

At least 12 newborn babies killed in fire at maternity hospital in Iraq

Electrical fires are common in the Iraqi capital and elsewhere across the country because of shoddy maintenance and poor wiring.

# babies - Friday 29 July, 2016

From The Daily Edge This Mam wrote a hilariously honest ad to sell a baby cradle she bought on a whim

This Mam wrote a hilariously honest ad to sell a baby cradle she bought on a whim

“We really need to sell this lovely bassinet that I bought in a whimsical moment in early pregnancy…”

# babies - Tuesday 12 July, 2016

German mother admits killing babies, but says she can't remember how many

“It could have been two, three or four”.

# babies - Friday 8 July, 2016

From The Daily Edge This Mam showed a gas photo to show what the aftermath of birth is REALLY like Mam Nappy

# babies - Tuesday 5 July, 2016

From The Daily Edge These parents handed out sweets to plane passengers to apologise for their crying babies Have A Nice Flight
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