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Dublin: 22 °C Thursday 24 July, 2014

Science - Today’s News

It seems most Irish couples DON’T bicker over household chores

A new study shows that Irish couples are less likely to engage in disputes than their European counterparts.

Irish scientists in Trinity have made another ‘world-first’ breakthrough

This time it relates to measuring nanoscopic changes in an object’s elasticity.

Suffer from lower back pain? Paracetamol might not be effective in relieving symptoms

A study has found the drug to be no more effective than a placebo in treating the condition.


Science - Yesterday’s News

Have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Try these 9 tricks for waking up early

Anyone who is not naturally an early riser , but still needs to get things done in the morning should read this.

Opinion: Ireland should be at forefront of modern science – Ireland should join CERN

International project collaboration, such as the pan-EU radio telescope LOFAR, would benefit Irish businesses and tourism, as well as our IT and science graduates.

Infographic: Here’s how a Sainsbury’s store will run on rubbish

Supermarket branch will use food waste to make methane gas and generate enough electricity to power the store.

Science - Tuesday 22 July, 2014

More research needed into possible link between infertility and mobile phones

An Irish support group has asked couples not to panic about a recent study.

Irish researcher wins major acclaim for ‘lifesaving’ medical app

It’s designed to help doctors on the ground in remote parts of Africa.

Science - Monday 21 July, 2014

45 years ago, man walked on the moon – here’s how it was reported

It was one small step for man, one giant leap for media coverage.

Science - Sunday 20 July, 2014

Met Éireann part of international study using birch trees to monitor climate change

The results could be used to better plan forestry in future.

From The Daily Edge 7 deeply unsettling facts about your body that you didn’t know Weird Science

7 deeply unsettling facts about your body that you didn’t know

Your body is a temple, son. Not a toy.

Science - Friday 18 July, 2014

Why people work hard, even when they already have everything they need

These scientists carried out a study to understand why people sacrifice leisure to work and earn more than they need.

Junk in that trunk: The weight problem facing elephants

It’s not as funny as it sounds.

Suspects who stole baby dinosaur from a museum hand themselves in

Doyouthinktheysaurus? Yes. Yes they did.

Dislike: The more time you spend on Facebook, the worse you will feel

A new study shows that going on Facebook can only have a negative impact on your mood, regardless of what you look at.


Death rates for HIV-positive adults have halved

However, the risk of death from non-AIDS cancers remained stable.

Science - Thursday 17 July, 2014

Political favouritism can now be seen from space

A new study by an Australian university has used night time light to establish that economic activity gravitates towards the birth places of political leaders.

From The Daily Edge Great white shark dies after choking on a sea lion Shark Bait

Comet-chasing probe sends back pics of ‘strange-looking potato’ formation

The Rosetta probe is due to land on the comet in November – and its latest pictures suggest it is made of two distinct parts.

In search of dolphins aboard Charlie Haughey’s old yacht

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group are making the most of the fine weather today, as they set off on their mission to survey the dolphin population in the North West

From Business ETC This robot is designed to become part of your family’s day-to-day life Jibo

Science - Wednesday 16 July, 2014

The internet is changing what we find attractive

Apparently the internet and the media push portrayals of certain types of attractiveness. Who knew?

Science - Monday 14 July, 2014

Here’s why you shouldn’t be worried about shark attacks

We thankfully don’t have any nasty sharks in Irish waters, but even if we did, we wouldn’t need to get worked up about it.

A glass or two of alcohol a day is good for you? Think again, say scientists

Researchers say the long-held belief in the health benefits of light drinking may have been flawed.

Science - Sunday 13 July, 2014

What can people remember about being in a coma?

People report strange memories, dreams, or even visions after being in a coma. But that’s not always the case.

Irish engineers are working to improve space rocket lift off

UCD has previously worked on a light flexible robot arm concept for an ESA Mars rover mission.

Science - Friday 11 July, 2014

From The Daily Edge Smelling flatulence could help you live longer, scientists claim Weird Science

The most spectacular piece of rubbish you’re likely to see

Space junk from a Russian rocket lit up the Australian sky.

Baby ‘cured’ of HIV has relapsed

The news is a setback to hopes that very early treatment with powerful HIV drugs might reverse the infection.

An extra dose of polio vaccine helps boost immunity in under 5s

Researchers in India and the UK recommended a dose of IPV be added to vaccination programmes in polio-endemic countries.

Science - Thursday 10 July, 2014

A man and his dog have been diagnosed with plague in the US

The man is still alive but the dog died after contracting pneumonic plague.

I read the news today, oh boy: Study finds news is stressing people out

New study finds that over-exposure to the media could have a serious impact on your mood

Astronauts take photos of storm causing devastation in Japan

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have posted photos of Typhoon Neoguri

SpaceX are to launch a solar powered ship that will sail up into orbit

A few weeks into orbit, the LightSail’s wings will expand, making it visible from Earth.

NASA captures stunning footage of rare solar flare

The remarkable event was filmed by NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory.

Why we smile…and why we fake it

Studies indicate smiling plays a key role in our social dynamics, but can you tell a fake from the real thing?

Science - Wednesday 9 July, 2014

US to try new experiment to restore soldiers’ memories

The US says it is carefully weighing the ethics of the experiments.

Would you buy medicines online? 45-55 year olds are all for it

An EU ‘kite-mark’ certification for online purchasing of medicines came into effect on July 1.

Science - Tuesday 8 July, 2014

Forgotten smallpox vials discovered in US research centre

World health authorities had believed the only samples left of the disease were safely and securely stored away.

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