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How to get pregnant women to quit smoking? Pay them

More than 20% of the women offered vouchers kicked the habit, compared with 9% given normal NHS support alone.

Potholes could soon be but an unpleasant memory

New research has developed a system of detecting costly road damage before it occurs.

Science - Tuesday 27 January, 2015

Galway the latest council to call for fluoride ban – despite what the science says

Dentists don’t agree with a ban, neither do public health boards.

Stop everything: Scientists can now UNBOIL an egg

The results may have implications for cancer treatments.

Worried you might have an STI? More people are going online to get tested

The most popular age group turning to online testing are people in their twenties.

Science - Saturday 24 January, 2015

Science - Friday 23 January, 2015

Scientists in Scotland managed to SLOW DOWN the speed of light

The team applied a mask to an optical beam, giving photons a spatial structure that reduced their speed.

Science - Wednesday 21 January, 2015

Heart attacks are hard to diagnose in women, but this test could change that

It has proved to be twice as effective when compared with previous methods.

Science - Tuesday 20 January, 2015

Beaming the internet down from space looks like Google’s next project

Reports say Google are planning a big investment in SpaceX.

Science - Monday 19 January, 2015

Science - Sunday 18 January, 2015

From Business ETC Weird Wide Web: Terrorist hackers, missing children on Facebook and the anti-Tinder Week In Web

Weird Wide Web: Terrorist hackers, missing children on Facebook and the anti-Tinder

All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.

Science - Saturday 17 January, 2015

Did you know that the US left poo on the moon?

They did. And it was for a good reason.

There’s an easy, scientifically proven way to delay the negative effects of aging

There IS something you can do to prevent — or at least, delay — the inevitable decline.

Science - Friday 16 January, 2015

Video shows moment SpaceX rocket crashed down on ocean barge

The company hopes to hone technology so that rockets can return to Earth intact for use again.

2014 was the hottest year in modern history

Record cold for the year was apparent only in some parts of the eastern and central United States.

A robot missing since 2003 has been found on Mars

Beagle 2 has been missing since it was due to land on Mars on Christmas Day 2003.

Saudi blogger’s flogging for “insulting Islam” postponed

Raif Badawi criticised clerics and the kingdom’s notorious religious police.

Science - Tuesday 13 January, 2015

Display of Inside-Out animals ‘will show people they’re flesh and bone, just like us’

A new exhibition by anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens is coming to Dublin later this year.

Science - Monday 12 January, 2015

Want to try Haughey’s ‘sadistic’ songbird dish? Here’s a vegan version of it…

You won’t need to force-feed any tiny animals for this version. Or drown them in Armagnac for that matter.

Science - Saturday 10 January, 2015

“Close, but no cigar this time”: SpaceX launch goes (more or less) to plan

A revolutionary attempt to land the craft’s leftover booster on an ocean barge did not fare as well as hoped.

Science - Friday 9 January, 2015

Alcohol consumption project wins Young Scientist award

Ian O’Sullivan and Eimear Murphy from Coláiste Treasa in Kanturk, County Cork, won with their project, Alcohol Consumption: Does The Apple Fall Far From the Tree?

The new driverless Mercedes is mouth-watering, but is it the end of sports cars?

Will the thrill of driving be a thing of the past?

Science - Thursday 8 January, 2015

A new antibiotic could finally turn the tide against superbugs and drug-resistant infections

And it could be just start of the discovery of dozens of new antibiotics.

Science - Wednesday 7 January, 2015

We’re getting an extra second this year, but don’t jump for joy just yet…

Some computer systems might have a bad reaction to the leap second.

Science - Tuesday 6 January, 2015

This is what the most Earth-like planet ever discovered looks like

It’s chance of being habitable? “Promising.”

This revolutionary rocket will have to wait to try a risky new way of landing

Instead of being discarded in the ocean, the booster stages could return to Earth.

Eating porridge for breakfast could be saving your life

A new study from Harvard University has found that a small quantity of oats every day could help a number of health issues.

Science - Monday 5 January, 2015

An “imaginary meal” pill could help fight obesity

The pill is like a “relay race”, researchers say.

Just how much bacteria is in Ireland’s holy water fonts?

We’ll find out later this week.

Science - Sunday 4 January, 2015

From Business ETC Weird Wide Web: Robot lessons, calming apps and a snarky Lindsay Lohan game Week In Web This post contains videos

Weird Wide Web: Robot lessons, calming apps and a snarky Lindsay Lohan game

All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.

Science - Friday 2 January, 2015

Cancer is often down to bad luck, not lifestyle

So say researchers in the US.

Science - Thursday 1 January, 2015

Here’s how many days a person can survive without water…

Humans can go for over three weeks without eating… But without water, it’s unlikely we’d survive more than four days.

Science - Monday 29 December, 2014

9 big ideas that could change medicine forever

Could one-drop blood testing and wireless pacemakers soon be a reality?

Ever wonder why traffic jams sometimes happen for no reason?

You probably have while tutting and cursing other drivers.

My 2014: I met the Taoiseach, President Obama, and put spinal injuries on the global agenda

I may no longer be the adventure athlete I was before I broke my back, but I am now an explorer searching for a cure for spinal cord injuries.

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