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Science - Yesterday’s News

The food sector wants to sell us more for greater profits – but we need to consume less

For the first time in human history our biggest killers are not pathogens, at least in the Western world, but illnesses created by poor diet and the drive to consume more calories.

Science - Monday 29 June, 2015

Your day will be one second longer tomorrow

It could make some computers go a little weird.

Science - Sunday 28 June, 2015

A space rocket has exploded on a routine cargo mission

The incident happened at NASA’s base near Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Science - Saturday 27 June, 2015

For all its technological wizardry, there is a terrifying blandness about modern food

The veggie patch is a place where, thankfully, the seasons still hold sway in all their riotous glory.

Science - Friday 26 June, 2015

Science - Thursday 25 June, 2015

An 8-year-old girl busted the McDonald’s burger ‘no rot’ myth

Turns out they do have a use-by date.

Science - Wednesday 24 June, 2015

Teenagers invent a condom that changes colour if you have an STI

It’s all about the molecules.

Is this the hoverboard we’ve all been waiting for?

Lexus has shown off one in a new ad campaign.

Science - Monday 22 June, 2015

Committing a murder will make your heart race and blood pump

Even if it’s a fake murder.

Science - Sunday 21 June, 2015

An Irish-backed company is making rhino horns to stop poaching

They plan to use them to destroy the demand for poaching.

Think you’re too ‘time poor’ to grow your own food? Think again…

It’s what we choose to do with our time that really counts.

Science - Saturday 20 June, 2015

Bad news: the human race is at risk of extinction

Which is less than ideal.

This year will be one second longer than normal

Seriously. It’s called a leap second.

Drop dead gorgeous: Do you know what’s in your cosmetics?

Skin absorbs and delivers to the bloodstream any product it comes into contact with – so you have to be careful what you put on it.

Science - Friday 19 June, 2015

Doctors find 92-year-old woman has been bearing a mummified fetus for 50 years

The incredibly rare phenomenon is known as “lithopedion”.

So far, 2015 has been the hottest year since records began

And we just had the hottest ever May, and hottest ever Spring.

A museum is battling moths by turning them gay

The cloth-eating insects pose a threat to exhibits.

Science - Thursday 18 June, 2015

Of 23,000 who say they took MDMA, 202 ended up in hospital

There has been a steady rise in the number of people seeking medical treatment after taking the drug over the past few years.

Science - Wednesday 17 June, 2015

Pope Francis will make powerful enemies tomorrow by releasing a radical new document

The pontiff is to issue a scathing papal encyclical directly linking rampant capitalism with irreversible environmental catastrophe and rising global inequality.

Meet the most chill shark attack victim you’re ever likely to see

Despite losing an arm, Hunter Treschl is taking it all in his stride.

Science - Tuesday 16 June, 2015

Stephen Hawking explains what would happen if Dara Ó Briain jumped in a Black Hole

(Presumably, the advice applies to everyone.)

Science - Sunday 14 June, 2015

Do best before dates actually matter?

No. They do not. Use by dates? They’re REALLY important.

Remember iodine tablets? You won’t be getting them again

But only because there threat of nuclear annihilation has receded. Yay.

Science - Friday 12 June, 2015

Locked, upright position: The Dreamliner’s near-vertical takeoff is amazing (and terrifying) Grab Your Sick Bags This post contains videos

Locked, upright position: The Dreamliner’s near-vertical takeoff is amazing (and terrifying)

Wouldn’t fancy that with the nerves a little tender.

World’s first penis transplant patient ‘to become a father’

The operation, which took 9 hours to complete, was carried out in December of last year.

Science - Thursday 11 June, 2015

The Nobel Prize-winner who told us about his ‘trouble with girls’ has quit his job

Tim Hunt’s controversial comments on women in labs have lost him his college gig.

Science - Wednesday 10 June, 2015

Scientists have built a lab 62 feet under the sea – but they aren’t using it to explore the ocean

Before you can become an astronaut – you need to learn how to be an aquanaut.

Woman gives birth to baby using ovarian tissue frozen when she was a child

The woman had fragments of her ovary frozen before undergoing chemotherapy at the age of 14.

This Nobel Prize winner just apologised for saying all women in laboratories cry when criticised

Briton Sir Tim Hunt said his controversial remarks were meant to be taken in a humorous fashion.

Science - Sunday 7 June, 2015

10 changes to make in your 30s to set yourself up for lifelong success

From your health to your wealth.

Women don’t mind if men are ugly, as long as they don’t misbehave

A new study has found that unattractiveness can compound the negative effect of breaking a social norm.

Do astronauts shower while they’re in space?

No, but they don’t stink. Here’s how.

Science - Saturday 6 June, 2015

A company spent nearly $100m to make their HQ look like Star Trek’s Enterprise

The Chinese gaming company was very committed to its look.

Science - Friday 5 June, 2015

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