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Science - Yesterday’s News

This violet diamond is so rare it's practically priceless

The company that owns the Argyle Violet declined to put a value on it.

Scientists have discovered three "potentially habitable" planets

The ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 is 39 light years from earth, and orbited by three planets.

Science - Saturday 30 April, 2016

The true story behind the Chernobyl 'suicide squad' that saved Europe

Three men risked their lives by climbing into a pool of radioactive water in an attempt to stop an explosion that would have destroyed the entire plant.

Science - Friday 29 April, 2016

One of the most complex machines in the world was stopped by a rogue weasel

The weasel died — and little remains of it.

Science - Tuesday 26 April, 2016

30 years on: The impact of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster

Three decades on from the disaster, we take a look at the effect it had on Ireland – and how we’re facing a much greater threat to our health already.

Science - Sunday 24 April, 2016

When pain has no physical cause: The real world of imaginary illness

We talked to Irish consultant neurologist Suzanne O’Sullivan about the issue.

This fuelless plane may just be changing the future of air travel This post contains videos

This fuelless plane may just be changing the future of air travel

Solar Impulse 2 flew across the Pacific at night with no fuel.

Science - Friday 22 April, 2016

Your mam could be a big factor in how much you weigh

Mothers perceive the weights of their children differently.

Science - Wednesday 20 April, 2016

Dublin was looking very nice from space today

The blue skies made it easy to see from the International Space Station.

Science - Sunday 17 April, 2016

Keep an eye on the sky tonight for a spectacular astronomical display

It’s the most impressive display the Moon can ever put on with another celestial object.

A study says that Grand Theft Auto 'might make the world a worse place for females' Gta

A study says that Grand Theft Auto 'might make the world a worse place for females'

But the gaming community has hit back.

Science - Saturday 16 April, 2016

Nasa has found eight "potentially hazardous asteroids" - but we don't need to worry

An asteroid-hunting Nasa craft has come up with some interesting data.

FactCheck: Is MMA really safer than boxing?’s FactCheck deals with one of the most emotive controversies of the week.

Science - Wednesday 13 April, 2016

Paralysed man can now use his hand thanks to pioneering software

Ian Burkhart was left with a broken neck after a swimming accident.

Science - Tuesday 12 April, 2016

FactCheck: Are children who get smacked more successful later in life?’s FactCheck looks into the study that caused ructions on Liveline yesterday.

Science - Monday 11 April, 2016

FactCheck: Is Ireland really one of the world's most obese countries?’s FactCheck puts some alarming recent headlines to the test.

Science - Saturday 9 April, 2016

Doctors rebuilt a man's throat using regenerating tissue

The results are a major breakthrough in the field of regenerative tissue.

Science - Monday 4 April, 2016

Still a football pitch after five years: The sorry history of the Cork science park

Why a plan that could bring locals thousands of high-end jobs has barely gone anywhere.

Science - Sunday 3 April, 2016

Science - Saturday 2 April, 2016

Giant holes that mysteriously appeared in Siberia could be sign of climate ‘time bomb’

When the first 100 foot hole was spotted two years ago, everyone was baffled.

Dublin woman’s ‘Life History’ quilts bring comfort to dementia sufferers

The ‘Anchorlily’ products bring together photos and familiar items – ensuring family memories are always within reach.

Science - Wednesday 30 March, 2016

A simple blood test can diagnose concussions

Left untreated or under-treated, concussions put patients at risk for further, often more serious injury.

Science - Sunday 20 March, 2016

Science - Saturday 19 March, 2016

The smell of alcohol makes it hard to resist

The study, published in the Psychopharmacology journal, shows that people can smell alcohol itself.

Science - Thursday 17 March, 2016

One third of women have their baby by caesarean section

A new report into maternity services says there are a number of reasons.

Science - Monday 14 March, 2016

WATCH: Spacecraft blasts off in new mission to search for life on Mars

The key goal is to analyse methane, a gas which is created in large by living microbes.

Science - Sunday 13 March, 2016

Having tattoos can help you fight colds

But one could make you more susceptible.

Science - Saturday 12 March, 2016

Science - Friday 11 March, 2016

Do you think about where your food comes from? It might be time to start

A new exhibition in Dublin’s Science Gallery on the future of farming may just make you.

Science - Sunday 6 March, 2016

Not sleeping well? It could be your street’s fault

“The concern is that we have reduced our exposure to darkness and it could be affecting our sleep.”

Science - Friday 4 March, 2016

Scientists have discovered cancer’s ‘Achilles heel’

New research could help train the immune system to target tumours.

Science - Tuesday 1 March, 2016

Science - Thursday 25 February, 2016

Sperm has been made from mouse stem cells paving way for treatment of male infertility

Scientists say the breakthrough may lead to ‘exciting new’ fertility treatments.

Science - Saturday 20 February, 2016

Top comments of the week You Told Us This post contains videos

Top comments of the week

Did you make the cut?

NASA wants to grow genetically modified potatoes on Mars Astro Spud This post contains videos

NASA wants to grow genetically modified potatoes on Mars

The spuds will first be tested at the International Potato Center in Peru.

Science - Tuesday 16 February, 2016

China’s space telescope will displace humans in the search for aliens

It will be the world’s biggest radio telescope.

‘Extraordinary’ cancer trial sees symptoms vanish in 94% of patients

The new treatment uses the immune system to eliminate cancer cells.

Science - Saturday 13 February, 2016

Disabled kids can customise their prosthetic arms – thanks to this Lego-based invention

Kids can follow their imagination wherever it takes them – and build their arm into a digger or spaceship.

Here’s why smiling really is contagious

Say cheese!

Science - Thursday 11 February, 2016

Scientists have proven a 100-year-old Einstein prediction

The announcement was made at a press conference today.

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