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Dublin: 11 °C Thursday 8 December, 2016

Science - Today’s News

500 people die of alcohol-related cancer in Ireland every year

10% of all cancers in men and 3% in women are caused by alcohol.

Science - Yesterday’s News

The mild December weather broke temperature records at Phoenix Park today

The record temperature for Finner in south Donegal has been equalled, meanwhile.

Days on Earth are getting longer (very, very slowly)

A new study says that Earth’s days are getting longer by around 1.8 milliseconds per century.

Medics 'can calculate the likelihood of your death' based on new research

Researchers said they can predict mortality by measuring heart rates of those over 50 performing a simple task.

Science - Tuesday 6 December, 2016

People who shave, wax or trim their pubic hair are at a higher risk of catching an STI

A major study found that pubic groomers are 80% more likely to carry an STI – but said it could not conclude that shaving caused the infections.

Science - Monday 5 December, 2016

US hunter 'paid substantial sum' for licence to shoot rare red deer in Killarney

The Wild Deer Association of Ireland is investigating the allegations.

Science - Friday 2 December, 2016

Man who hiked price of HIV drug mocks schoolkids for recreating medicine in lab

Martin Shkreli’s company raised the price of HIV drug Daraprim from €13.50 to €750 per pill.

'What is the thing that will wipe us out?' The Dublin Science Gallery is addressing some big questions

Science Gallery Dublin launched its programme for 2017 at an event at its Trinity site yesterday.

Science - Thursday 1 December, 2016

China is building a full-size replica of the Titanic Titanic II This post contains videos

China is building a full-size replica of the Titanic

It’s going to go into a theme park.

Concern for Buzz Aldrin's health as he is evacuated from South Pole

The second man on the moon was there as part of a tourist group.

Science - Wednesday 30 November, 2016

Irish Water to pump €200 million into plant to avoid undrinkable water

Not everyone is in favour with the first major upgrade in 150 years of the Vartry scheme.

Science - Tuesday 29 November, 2016

Poor diets are causing scurvy to make a comeback in Australia

The disease was historically associated with seafaring and a lack of vitamin C on long voyages.

Science - Thursday 24 November, 2016

European Investment Bank to invest €100 million in UCC and €70 million in Trinity

The developments will support hundreds of jobs and focus on improved student accommodation and research facilities.

Science - Tuesday 22 November, 2016

'The fear that I felt almost six years ago came back': Relief as tsunami warning lifted in Japan

The powerful 6.9-magnitude earthquake sparked fears of a repeat of the 2011 disaster.

Science - Saturday 19 November, 2016

Leprosy found in Irish red squirrels

Scientists were surprised to uncover signs of the infectious disease that ravaged Europe in medieval times.

'It's been a bit taboo ... but it attracts people': Inside the world's biggest penis museum

“It all started as a joke,” the museum’s manager said. “My father had fun just collecting, doing something no one has done before.”

Science - Friday 18 November, 2016

What are the implications of freezing your body after you die?

A landmark case in the UK – thought to be the first of its kind – has thrown up a lot of questions.

Girl who died of cancer won the right to have her body frozen

“I am only 14-years-old and I don’t want to die but I know I am going to die,” she had written to the judge.

Science - Thursday 17 November, 2016

Man who fell into Yellowstone hot spring "dissolved" in acidic boiling waters Great Outdoors This post contains videos

Man who fell into Yellowstone hot spring "dissolved" in acidic boiling waters

The man’s body was never recovered.

Science - Wednesday 16 November, 2016

FactCheck: Is Denis Naughten right about the deaths caused by air pollution in Ireland?

The Climate Action Minister says four people die every day due to air pollution. We put his claim to the test.

The supermoon is still over Ireland - here's how it looked last night

The moon will remain much brighter than normal this evening – cloud permitting.

Science - Tuesday 15 November, 2016

Pictures: Here's how the supermoon looked over Ireland last night

Some of us got incredible views of the moon last evening. Cloud spoiled the views in other areas unfortunately.

Science - Monday 14 November, 2016

As the moon rises over Ireland at 5pm, it will be the biggest it's been in 68 years

Make sure to catch a glimpse, weather pemitting of course.

Heating up: 2016 "very likely" to be hottest year on record, says UN

“The election of Donald Trump is only going to make matters worse,” said Green Party leader Eamon Ryan.

What is the theory of relativity all about?

This is the century-old theory that has given us concepts like black holes and the big bang, writes Dr Cormac O’Raifeartaigh.

Science - Sunday 13 November, 2016

Your smartphone could be making your sleep worse

Longer average screen-time was associated with poor sleep quality.

Science - Saturday 12 November, 2016

Dublin firm's technology used in new device that cured paralysis in monkeys

Scientists are excited about what this could mean for humans.

Science - Tuesday 8 November, 2016

Three people die every day due to the state of the Irish environment - study

1,200 premature deaths are caused every year by pollution according to the EPA.

Science - Saturday 5 November, 2016

Seventy years ago today, the social history of Ireland began changing forever Wire To Wire This post contains videos This post contains images

Seventy years ago today, the social history of Ireland began changing forever

Almost two million people were without electricity in rural Ireland in 1946.

Science - Wednesday 2 November, 2016

FactCheck: Was damage to the ozone layer caused by nuclear testing?

Independent TD Danny Healy-Rae made the extraordinary claim during a debate on climate change last week.

Science - Tuesday 1 November, 2016

Using your smartphone at night could make you temporarily blind

This week, a woman from Fermanagh described her experience of Transient Smartphone Blindness.

Science - Monday 31 October, 2016

Irish researchers discover potential new way to treat one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer

If the new drug – APR-246 – is found to be effective at clinical trials it will have the potential to save lives.

Science - Sunday 30 October, 2016

Here's What Happened Today: Sunday

Pirates in Iceland, skeletons in Mexico, clowns in Brussels – and that’s just the news. It’s the Evening Fix.

"Landing has taken place!": Three astronauts return to earth after 115 days in space

Footage from the landing site on NASA television showed Rubins smiling after she was hoisted out last from the Soyuz descent module.

Science - Saturday 29 October, 2016

Babies should sleep in same room as parents to reduce risk of death - doctors

Close to 3,500 infants die each year in the United States from sleep-related deaths.

Science - Tuesday 25 October, 2016

Irish plastic surgeon and bat expert have teamed up to find the cause of cleft palate in humans

Clefts affect approximately 1 in every 700 babies in Ireland.

Science - Saturday 22 October, 2016

Here's What Happened Today: Saturday

Protests in Dublin after the Jobstown verdict, and protests in London calling for Britain to do more to stop the bombing in Syria – it’s your Evening Fix.

Pepsi wants to make its offerings healthier

Pepsi’s “2025 Sustainability Agenda” also included policies to limit water consumption.

Health costs associated with pesticides 10 times higher in EU than in US

Food container chemicals are causing ADHD, autism and loss of IQ, according to medical research.

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