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Dublin: 15 °C Tuesday 23 September, 2014

Science - Today’s News

Number of Ebola cases could hit 20,000 within weeks

Members of the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Health are set to meet with NGOs to discuss the issue tomorrow.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore are at the UN Climate Summit but China and India are no shows

Leaders from China and India, two of the world’s largest polluters, are not attending.


Science - Yesterday’s News

After hitting the brakes from 10,000 mph, Nasa’s newest Mars orbiter is circling the red planet

Maven is joining a growing number of probes observing Mars from above.

Edinburgh Zoo’s panda is “no longer pregnant”

It is not known whether Tian Tian had a miscarriage.

From Business ETC Oculus Rift takes a step closer to release with new prototype headset Crescent Bay

Oculus Rift takes a step closer to release with new prototype headset

The new headset, nicknamed Crescent Bay, features a higher resolution and refresh rate, integrated headphones and 360-degree head tracking.

Science - Sunday 21 September, 2014

‘You could have lung disease, but won’t notice if your only exercise is shopping’

Most people are unable to spot the warning signs of the disease.

Science - Saturday 20 September, 2014

From Business ETC We now pronounce you Lego man and wife Brick By Brick

We now pronounce you Lego man and wife

From €1000 investment to 10,000 students – how couple’s startup Learn it built something from Lego.

Another look at how alcohol can be more dangerous than heroin

Alcohol can be more harmful to those around the user.

Science - Friday 19 September, 2014

Opinion: Are these questions about climate change preventing you from taking action?

This weekend, protests are planned all over the world to show that citizens care about this climate change – but do they really?

‘It’s not like Star Trek’: This is a big weekend for NASA’s plans to land a human on Mars

The MAVEN spacecraft, a scout for human explorers, is approaching the red planet

Science - Thursday 18 September, 2014

There could be 11 BILLION people on earth by 2100

That’s a lot of people.

Science - Wednesday 17 September, 2014

Scientists use modern forensics to find out which gory wound killed this English king

Three of his injuries had the potential to cause death quickly – two to the skull and one to the pelvis.

Science - Tuesday 16 September, 2014

Boeing and SpaceX to build new spacecraft for ISS astronauts

SpaceX is headed by PayPal co-founder Elon Musk.

This colossal squid is absolutely massive and slightly terrifying

It’s only the second time a colossal squid has been found intact.

From Business ETC Researchers develop robot arm that can move like a snake Flexibility

Researchers develop robot arm that can move like a snake

The soft robot arm is made out of rubber and is designed to move in confined spaces.

A woman was missing part of her brain for 24 years – and nobody noticed

The woman had been nauseous and vomiting for a month before going to her doctor.

Goldfish recovering after undergoing high risk brain surgery

The vet said he had to be careful that the goldfish didn’t lose more than half a millilitre of blood.

Irish cancer study reaches ‘the Oscars of the radiation oncology world’

The clinical trial has shown how to reduce hospital visits for patients with a certain kind of tumour.

People who eat high-fat dairy foods less likely to develop type 2 diabetes

Researchers found there is no association between low-fat dairy products and the risk of T2D.

Danish archaeologists uncover ringed Viking fortress for first time in 60 years

The fortress was a genuine military facility and was probably the scene of fighting as well.

Science - Monday 15 September, 2014

Skeletons found in a Portuguese mass grave belonged to African slaves

That’s according to the Trinity researchers who researched them, anyway.

From Business ETC A fridge that monitors medicines takes top prize in Ireland’s first hardware hackathon Creation

A fridge that monitors medicines takes top prize in Ireland’s first hardware hackathon

More than 120 people participated in the event, which saw groups invent and develop a project over the space of two days.

New treatment could drop recurrence by half for some lung cancer sufferers

A new radiation treatment could lengthen the lives of those suffering from small-cell lung cancer.

Science - Sunday 14 September, 2014

Scientists unveil magnetic gadget that can strip toxins out of blood

The device, which has only been tested in rats so far, could be adapted one day for removing Ebola from blood, they said.

Men have bigger noses than women… Here’s why

Even if a woman and a man are the same size, the man probably still has a bigger nose.

Science - Saturday 13 September, 2014

Science Changes Lives: Medical trial is saving me from illness that took my two sisters

A genetic test pinpointed a destructive lung condition in Michael McNamee’s family – now experimental medicine is helping him to beat the odds.

From The Daily Edge 12 beautiful maths-inspired GIFs that are dizzying to watch Spellbinding

12 beautiful maths-inspired GIFs that are dizzying to watch

A Dublin-based PhD student created these incredible works.

Look up! The Northern Lights will be visible over Ireland tonight

The Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country?

Science - Friday 12 September, 2014

Keeping muscle mass is more important than losing fat in avoiding GAA injuries

A study of GAA players has found that strength training should be year round, not just pre-season.

Science - Thursday 11 September, 2014

‘The far frontier’: NASA Curiosity rover makes it to Martian mountain

“The scientific sequel is upon us.”

Forget bomb shelters, ‘tsunami survival capsules’ could be the new thing in Japan

The spherical capsules are designed to deflect debris strikes.

Science - Wednesday 10 September, 2014

76-year-old woman diagnosed with cystic fibrosis is Ireland’s oldest ever case

The woman is the oldest ever first presentation of the condition in Ireland.

Teen cannabis-users ‘more likely to attempt suicide’ later in life

A study published today also found they are less likely to finish secondary school or get a degree.

Science - Monday 8 September, 2014

French doctors have carried out a second artificial heart transplant

The operation took place last month, and is said to have gone well.

Two endangered elephants found dead with their tusks removed

There are fewer than 3,000 Sumatran elephants remaining in the wild.

Science - Sunday 7 September, 2014

Have you got the Sunday Fear right now?


From The Daily Edge Two exceptionally rare albino lobsters caught in one week in Maine One In 100 Million
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