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# emigration - Yesterday’s News


# emigration - Wednesday 19 April, 2017

'Kiwis first': New Zealand joins Australia in tightening visa rules

Irish people wishing to enter New Zealand under a skilled visa will have to earn $48,859 a year.

# emigration - Sunday 2 April, 2017

Emigrating to Australia: 'I’ve learned that home is home'

Moving to Australia at just eleven was daunting but taught me lots about myself, writes Aimee Murphy.

# emigration - Wednesday 25 January, 2017

'You are not alone': Irish women in London have been anonymously sharing their secrets

2,000 blank postcards were sent to Irish women across London to take part in the project.

# emigration - Saturday 5 November, 2016

Play remembers the "forgotten generation" of Irish men who emigrated to London

We speak to an actor in the play about its importance.

# emigration - Wednesday 5 October, 2016

'We only hire Australians' - The experience of Irish people in Australia

Have you had a similar experience?

# emigration - Wednesday 31 August, 2016

Pat Shortt's new drama explores how families deal with emigration and cancer

Shortt said he thinks Smalltown will create the ‘water-cooler chat’ that TV series such as Love/Hate and Charlie have in the past.

# emigration - Sunday 5 June, 2016

Irish in Britain being 'lovebombed' into staying in EU - but why?

Irish government is sending in the troops to support the anti-Brexit side, writes historian Bryce Evans, without giving Irish emigrants anything back.

# emigration - Saturday 30 April, 2016

Why do Irish people leave Ireland - and what happens when they do?

A new exhibition tells the stories of the Irish people.

# emigration - Sunday 6 March, 2016

From The Daily Edge 9 Facebook statuses every Irish person posts from Australia Irish Abroad This post contains videos

9 Facebook statuses every Irish person posts from Australia

It’s, like, the law over there? Or something?

# emigration - Thursday 3 March, 2016

Former Dublin mayor Royston Brady has a bone to pick with ‘pyjama-wearing’ water charge boycotters

Ex-Fianna Fáil councillor Royston Brady says he has no problem with paying for water in his adopted home of Florida.

# emigration - Thursday 11 February, 2016

‘Home to what?’: Emigrants want a say in who runs the show while they’re living abroad

Barry Johnston says emigrants are exercised about having no say in the kind of country they would one day like to return to.

# emigration - Tuesday 26 January, 2016

218 Irish arrested and deported from Australia since 2010

There has been a steady increase in the number of people overstaying their welcome over the past five years.

# emigration - Sunday 24 January, 2016

Promoting ‘brand Ireland’ with a film about emigration? I’m not comfortable with that

There’s something weird about a media and government cheering on a movie about emigration, writes Julien Mercille.

# emigration - Thursday 17 December, 2015

Irish family to spend first Christmas together in 12 years as parents follow kids to Australia

Janet and Eugene found being separated from their children and grandchildren unbearable.

# emigration - Sunday 25 October, 2015

This map shows where all the Irish emigrants went

One in six people born in Ireland are still living abroad.

# emigration - Wednesday 14 October, 2015

From The Daily Edge 10 little problems every Irish emigrant will understand Not So Grand

10 little problems every Irish emigrant will understand

That pale, sickly American butter. Pssh.

# emigration - Friday 18 September, 2015

The economy may be on the up, but one in six people born here still live abroad

The ‘brain exchange’ of both highly-educated emigrants and immigrants remains a significant threat to an Irish recovery according to a new report.

# emigration - Tuesday 8 September, 2015

‘We’re sleepwalking into a nightmare’: People are loving this man’s anti-emigration rant

“You can’t walk down a street in Jamaica or Hong Kong or India without hearing someone speaking English”.

# emigration - Saturday 15 August, 2015

# emigration - Monday 3 August, 2015

Like many other graduates, I left Ireland knowing I wanted to come back

Some days I ache for Dublin. I long for its old haunts, restaurants, pubs, faces, places.

# emigration - Sunday 2 August, 2015

Emigration quiz: Where does your heart reside, Ireland or abroad?

Have you gone native or are you coming home?

# emigration - Monday 27 July, 2015

After too many tearful airport goodbyes, I couldn’t be happier to be home from Australia

There’s a feeling that Dublin, at least, is alive and thriving again.

# emigration - Saturday 11 July, 2015

From Boston to Blanchardstown, how we speak is a part of our identity. Let’s be proud of it.

The world-renowned Boston accent is in decline. Similarly, people from sections of cities or rural Ireland often moderate the way they speak. But why?

# emigration - Sunday 28 June, 2015

Emigration and Ireland: The evolution of how we say goodbye

The folklore of the emigrant – from Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore to The Fairytale of New York.

# emigration - Monday 22 June, 2015

When I left Ireland, I thought I wouldn’t be gone long. But emigration sneaks up on you.

After spending the best part of a decade in Australia, I decided to give Ireland another go. I soon realised I hardly knew anyone. My social cohort had simply disappeared.

# emigration - Friday 29 May, 2015

Poll: Is the government doing enough to bring emigrants home? Open Arms This post contains a poll

Poll: Is the government doing enough to bring emigrants home?

The Taoiseach is confident.

Irish emigrants in Australia feel Irish Government not encouraging them home

Many emigrants feel they have to wait longer than they want before a return is realistic.

# emigration - Friday 22 May, 2015

From The Daily Edge Referendum Day: 4 stories of people who came #HomeToVote The Return

Referendum Day: 4 stories of people who came #HomeToVote

This was their journey.

# emigration - Friday 8 May, 2015

Irish people still LOVE Australia

Well, it is the birthplace of Home and Away.

# emigration - Thursday 30 April, 2015

Ireland isn’t as welcoming as it used to be

But we’re less worried about the impact immigration could have on education and health services.

# emigration - Friday 24 April, 2015

Just how many Irish people can really be classed as filthy rich?

5% of the tax-paying population are on salaries of €100,000 or greater…

# emigration - Tuesday 14 April, 2015

Gone in 12 minutes: Canadian visas for new Irish emigrants were snapped up tonight

The online application portal opened at 7pm and shut minutes later.

# emigration - Wednesday 8 April, 2015

Why is the government trying to push emigrants even further away?

The opinions of thousands of young, educated Irish emigrants are not worth considering – or so the government seems to think.

# emigration - Saturday 4 April, 2015

An Irishman in America: The mixed emotions of making a new home

The moments of regret have been few and far between since my move to the States, but I still think about what it means to be ‘Irish’ in a new land.

# emigration - Thursday 12 March, 2015

90% of Irish medical students considering emigration after they qualify

In a study by NUI Galway, a third of students also said they had a poor understanding of how the Irish health system works.

# emigration - Tuesday 10 March, 2015

From Business ETC ‘If things are so successful, why are people still leaving the country?’ Goodbye Ireland

‘If things are so successful, why are people still leaving the country?’

Richard Bruton has come under fire as he claims “substantial progress” on jobs.

# emigration - Friday 6 March, 2015

Here’s a little help for anyone thinking of emigrating (and for anyone who already has)

A new website has been launched to offer advice to emigrants, tapping into the wisdom of 500 who already have.

# emigration - Friday 27 February, 2015

Not all emigrants are yearning for the green grass of home

There are things all emigrants miss about Ireland, but some of us are much happier abroad. I know I am.

# emigration - Saturday 7 February, 2015

Column: An anatomy of one family’s emigration

A generation on, we’re still scattered across the US, England and Australia.

# emigration - Friday 6 February, 2015

The Government has a big secret plan to lure Irish emigrants home

Any incentives are expected to target middle-income earners

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