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Dublin: 17 °C Sunday 30 August, 2015


# health - Friday 28 August, 2015

Epilepsy unit at Beaumont Hospital closed because of staff shortages

Vacant positions have been filled but the unit will not reopen until 21 September.

# health - Thursday 27 August, 2015

Rosanna Davison is upset over ‘very aggressive’ criticism

The model has faced a backlash about her views on diet.

# health - Wednesday 26 August, 2015

This dietician says gluten is good for you and here’s why

Cutting out gluten healthily can be tricky as you need to replace it with other foods that are more expensive and not as tasty, writes Fiachrá Duffy.

Where do you pay €1,000 a night for lumpy Weetabix and white toast? An Irish hospital

Aine Bonner describes how she lived on Tesco meals while caring for her one-year-old daughter in CUH.

# health - Tuesday 25 August, 2015

‘This is a do or die situation’: Family tries to raise €1m for son’s transplant

“If this operation is not carried out, he is unlikely to live beyond Christmas.”

# health - Monday 24 August, 2015

Do you know which age group is most likely to become obese?

A new study by the Irish Society of Chartered Phsiotherapists found that most people are unaware that children aged 0 to 5 years are most at risk .

# health - Wednesday 19 August, 2015

Sitting down for too long is as bad as smoking

Many people spend up to 80% of their waking day sitting down.

# health - Sunday 16 August, 2015

San Francisco paints walls with repellent that makes pee spray back on your shoes and pants

San Francisco was forced to tackle public urination after a light pole corroded by urine recently fell on a car.

# health - Saturday 15 August, 2015

So many customers complained about aspartame in Pepsi, it’s removing it

Will it become more popular now?

# health - Tuesday 11 August, 2015

From The42 Give this brutal chest workout a try Chest Desserts

Give this brutal chest workout a try

Go on, you know you want to.

Scientists have been studying the link between stress and junk food

Why a challenging meeting can lead you to reach for chocolates or sweets…

# health - Monday 10 August, 2015

This man’s hilarious and touching account of having cancer is raising thousands for charity

John Underwood’s tweets are, by turns, funny, heartbreaking and inspiring.

“There’ll always be objections, there’s objections to somebody putting an extension onto their house.”

Planning permission for the new hospital to be built on the St James’s Hospital site is due to be submitted today.

# health - Friday 7 August, 2015

Stay away from Cork University Hospital, it’s “exceptionally busy”

Unless they have to attend CUH, patients are being asked to seek treatment elsewhere.

# health - Thursday 6 August, 2015

This year’s King Puck has been picked… But what exactly happens at the Kerry fair?

The organisers of the Puck Fair have responded to criticism from animal rights groups.

# health - Wednesday 5 August, 2015

Girl tells Joe Duffy how she tried to amputate her own finger with an axe

Megan Cullen has chronic pain in her finger.

Contraception pill reduces risk of developing womb cancer

About 300 women in Ireland are diagnosed with womb cancer each year.

# health - Sunday 2 August, 2015

Poll: Would you consider euthanasia while still healthy? Assisted Suicide This post contains a poll

Poll: Would you consider euthanasia while still healthy?

A healthy nurse has ended her life in a Swiss clinic.

# health - Thursday 30 July, 2015

‘I’m afraid that by the time they sort this out, I’ll be too weak for a transplant’

Health minister Leo Varadkar has sought to reassure patients waiting on a pancreas transplant.

From The Daily Edge WTF is bee pollen and why is everyone eating it? Not The Bees

WTF is bee pollen and why is everyone eating it?

This is real life. Not a parody.

# health - Sunday 26 July, 2015

How many times a week? Sex in Ireland by the numbers

The facts (and figures) of life.

# health - Friday 24 July, 2015

This 40-stone man is biking across America to lose weight and win back his wife

Eric Hites says he “has to show her and the world” what he can do.

These Irish hospitals are spending millions on PRIVATE ambulances

This is despite the fact they established their own hospital transport service.

# health - Thursday 23 July, 2015

From The42 Women’s Running magazine praised for showing the sport’s for everyone Praise

Women’s Running magazine praised for showing the sport’s for everyone

Erica Jean Schenk is the cover star of the August issue.

The HSE is trying to entice Irish nurses back home with promises of money and contracts

It is seeking to attract up to 500 people and it is hoped it will encourage Irish nurses working abroad to come home.

# health - Wednesday 22 July, 2015

13 people using mental health services in Carlow, Kilkenny and Tipperary took their own lives

The state’s mental health watchdog has found training for mental health service providers was inadequate.

# health - Sunday 19 July, 2015

Scientists are on the cusp of these 11 discoveries that will transform the world

Many of the devices that power our everyday lives would have been unimaginable a century ago.

# health - Saturday 11 July, 2015

Do you suffer with psoriasis? A new drug treatment could offer you great news

Clinical trials show guselkumab to be better than current medicines.

# health - Thursday 9 July, 2015

Ireland won’t be fined over 24-hour shifts for junior doctors

The European Court of Justice said there was not enough evidence put forward to show the Working Time Directive was not being implemented.

# health - Tuesday 7 July, 2015

Nearly half of pregnant women in Ireland binge drink

That’s the highest rate among four studied countries.

# health - Monday 6 July, 2015

Poll: Should the HSE cover the cost of Viagra? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should the HSE cover the cost of Viagra?

The HSE has spent €57 million on prescription drugs to help with erectile dysfunction in the last six years.

Should we ban giving away free toys with fast food? Unhappy Meals This post contains a poll

Should we ban giving away free toys with fast food?

A TD says Ireland should follow San Francisco’s lead on the issue.

# health - Sunday 5 July, 2015

Breakthrough as ‘bionic eye’ restores sight in blind patients Second Sight This post contains videos

Breakthrough as ‘bionic eye’ restores sight in blind patients

A new clinical trial has given hope to people with sight loss.

# health - Thursday 2 July, 2015

‘Beaumont Hospital chiefs are playing Russian roulette with my life’

I’m 38, a mother to two boys, and I have just been handed a death sentence.

# health - Wednesday 1 July, 2015

Teen in cardiac arrest turned away from Navan hospital and sent to Drogheda

Paramedics across the country say they are being forced to travel long distances with critical patients.

# health - Tuesday 30 June, 2015

The food sector wants to sell us more for greater profits – but we need to consume less

For the first time in human history our biggest killers are not pathogens, at least in the Western world, but illnesses created by poor diet and the drive to consume more calories.

# health - Monday 29 June, 2015

From The42 How many of these nutrition myths do you still believe? Mythbusting

How many of these nutrition myths do you still believe?

Four plates of pasta won’t always help you..

# health - Sunday 28 June, 2015

As many as 17,000 people in Ireland could have this disability… but no one knows for sure

Activists say more accurate data is needed.

# health - Wednesday 24 June, 2015

Teenagers invent a condom that changes colour if you have an STI

It’s all about the molecules.

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