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# nhs - Monday 5 February, 2018

Donald Trump has united British politicians after he went after the 'broke' NHS

Trump’s tweet comes after UK marchers have been calling for more NHS funding.

# nhs - Sunday 28 January, 2018

Number of elderly people with four or more diseases to double by 2035

A third of these people will be diagnosed with dementia, depression or a cognitive impairment.

# nhs - Friday 12 January, 2018

Surgeon who burnt his initials on the livers of two patients avoids jail and gets £10k fine

Simon Bramhall said he was trying to relieve tension in the operating theatre.

# nhs - Tuesday 18 July, 2017

'They have taken away my trust': Paramedic sprayed with 'noxious' liquid brands attackers cowards

The paramedic was treated for her injuries but was discharged from hospital.

# nhs - Wednesday 17 May, 2017

5,000 cyber-attacks were attempted against one Irish hospital in just 24 hours

The HSE decided to cut external communications, including emails and server connections, on Friday.

# nhs - Tuesday 16 May, 2017

There have been lots of cyber attacks on State websites that the public aren't even aware of

There have been calls for the Garda cyber crime unit to be beefed up.

# nhs - Sunday 14 May, 2017

Growing global cyberattack hits 200,000 victims so far and there's more to come

Fears for millions of users who will be turning on their computers tomorrow morning.

# nhs - Saturday 13 May, 2017

No reports of computer virus attacks in Ireland following global hacking

The situation is being monitored currently by the NCSC.

# nhs - Friday 12 May, 2017

HSE removes all external access to its network following NHS cyber attack

The HSE leadership convened a meeting tonight to decide what steps to take.

'This was an international attack': NHS plunged into chaos in large-scale cyber hack

Theresa May has said the cyber attack wasn’t specifically targeting the NHS.

# nhs - Monday 6 March, 2017

Ever lied on your CV? This NHS executive on £100k a year said he had two PhDs (he hadn't)

Jon Andrewes was sentenced to two years in jail at Exeter Crown Court today.

# nhs - Monday 27 February, 2017

Family wants criminal inquiry after 5-year-old turned away by GP dies of asthma attack in Wales

Ellie-May Clark was told to come back the next day after she was a few minutes late for her appointment.

# nhs - Wednesday 7 December, 2016

Pfizer gets record fine for 2600% price increase on epilepsy drug

Pfizer raised prices to a level that were said to be “excessive and unfair”.

# nhs - Monday 14 December, 2015

Tinder encouraging users to swipe to donate their organs NHS

Tinder encouraging users to swipe to donate their organs

The NHS has teamed up with the dating app for an organ donor campaign.

# nhs - Monday 7 December, 2015

Ireland's health system is broken, we need an NHS model like the UK

Private for-profit health care systems are both more costly and provide lower quality care than public systems, writes Julien Mercille.

# nhs - Friday 13 November, 2015

British government considers blacklisting homeopathy treatments

A minister confirmed the government is looking at removing these products from the NHS prescription list.

# nhs - Friday 24 July, 2015

Unfortunately, this Sky News reporter getting videobombed brilliantly is all a big fake Not A Kind Of Magic This post contains videos

Unfortunately, this Sky News reporter getting videobombed brilliantly is all a big fake

But seriously, if only all their reports were like this…

# nhs - Tuesday 3 March, 2015

From The Daily Edge “Believe in something!” – Here’s why everyone’s talking about Michael Sheen’s stirring speech Get Out

# nhs - Thursday 26 February, 2015

Jimmy Savile was known as a 'sex pest' but complaints were still not taken seriously

Another shocking report into the appalling behaviour of the “opportunistic predator”.

# nhs - Friday 13 February, 2015

It's official: Sex is good for you

So now we know.

# nhs - Thursday 12 February, 2015

The things most likely to kill you in one handy infographic

People worry about being murdered and dying in plane crashes but the NHS says it’s the heart disease that’ll get you.

# nhs - Wednesday 7 January, 2015

Irish hospitals aren't the only ones dealing with an overcrowding crisis

It’s a very similar story in England.

# nhs - Monday 13 October, 2014

Pics: NHS workers stage first strike in 32 years

The strike follows a rejection by the government of an across-the-board pay rise for workers.

# nhs - Thursday 9 October, 2014

This TD wants to tax lotto winnings to pay for more teachers

Stephen Donnelly also wants us to team up with the NHS and make Irish Water more efficient.

# nhs - Friday 29 August, 2014

UK hospitals to be fined for serving up unhealthy food

There have been calls to have a national standard of hospital food for Irish hospitals.

# nhs - Friday 8 August, 2014

Here's What Happened Today: Friday

Everyone’s talking about US strikes on Iraq, a new weather warning, and an Irish woman charged over baby death.

NHS clarifies "call for Irish blood donations"

And we thought we were special.

# nhs - Sunday 13 July, 2014

Are gardaí investigating Savile’s activities in Ireland? They’re staying tight-lipped Crc

Are gardaí investigating Savile’s activities in Ireland? They’re staying tight-lipped

A solicitor who represented a number of Savile’s victims said that Ireland needs to “dig deeper” with its investigations.

# nhs - Thursday 24 April, 2014

Group says HSE should pay for chemo patients to have eggs frozen

Those on lower incomes are selling life insurance policies and taking out considerable loans to cover costs.

# nhs - Thursday 6 March, 2014

Claim that high protein diets are as bad as smoking dismissed as 'PR hype'

The NHS has released a detail take-down of the claim that appeared in news reports earlier this week.

# nhs - Saturday 15 February, 2014

INMO look at patient care guidelines in wake of Francis Report recommendations

The report, published last year, looked at the failings of a UK hospital that led to the deaths of as many as 500 patients.

# nhs - Tuesday 4 February, 2014

From The Daily Edge UK city sending 'motivational' texts to obese citizens You Can Do It

UK city sending 'motivational' texts to obese citizens

The council say the messages will give them a “effective nudge” to lose weight.

# nhs - Friday 8 November, 2013

Workplace testing for alcohol misuse should be considered --- campaigner

A recent study showed that a quarter of the UK workforce — around seven million people — drink at hazardous levels.

# nhs - Thursday 13 June, 2013

Former NHS employee arrested in media conduct probe

The 52-year-old woman was arrested at her home this morning.

# nhs - Wednesday 6 February, 2013

Patients left 'unwashed, unfed and without fluids' due to NHS failure - UK report Public Inquiry This post contains videos

Patients left 'unwashed, unfed and without fluids' due to NHS failure - UK report

The public inquiry into the Mid Staffordshire Hospital in the UK has shown that ‘corporate self interest’ was put before patient safety.

# nhs - Saturday 12 January, 2013

Savile victims to pursue compensation claims against BBC, NHS and others

The lawyer who represents over 50 of his victims said that compensation was the only option left available to them at this stage.

# nhs - Saturday 27 October, 2012

Study of one million women says giving up smoking can extend life for ten years

The study published in The Lancet found that the earlier women give up, the more likely they are to not to see their lifespan cut by a decade.

# nhs - Wednesday 19 September, 2012

Painkillers "can cause" headaches

Overuse of drugs such as aspirin reduces effectiveness and can cause pain, says NHS authority.

# nhs - Friday 7 September, 2012

Fall in numbers travelling to England and Wales for abortion

4,149 people travelled to England and Wales for an abortion in 2011, down by 5.7 per cent on the previous year.

# nhs - Monday 30 July, 2012

Opening ceremony hospital beds to be donated to Tunisia London 2012 This post contains images

Opening ceremony hospital beds to be donated to Tunisia

The 320 beds will have all lights and wiring removed before they are donated to hospitals in Tunisia.

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