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Science - Yesterday’s News


Science - Yesterday’s News

Irish plastic surgeon and bat expert have teamed up to find the cause of cleft palate in humans

Clefts affect approximately 1 in every 700 babies in Ireland.

Science - Saturday 22 October, 2016

Here's What Happened Today: Saturday

Protests in Dublin after the Jobstown verdict, and protests in London calling for Britain to do more to stop the bombing in Syria – it’s your Evening Fix.

Pepsi wants to make its offerings healthier

Pepsi’s “2025 Sustainability Agenda” also included policies to limit water consumption.

Health costs associated with pesticides 10 times higher in EU than in US

Food container chemicals are causing ADHD, autism and loss of IQ, according to medical research.

Scared of the dentist? It's in your genes

Around 15% of people describe themselves as being afraid of the dentist.

Science - Thursday 20 October, 2016

Almost one in every four Irish adults smokes - and the numbers aren't falling

Some 23% of adults in Ireland smoke, the same proportion as in 2015.

Science - Wednesday 19 October, 2016

Humans are hunting 300 mammal species to the brink of extinction for meat, says new global report

The Earth’s species are dying out at more than 1,000 times the usual rate.

Science - Tuesday 18 October, 2016

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service says it is running low on blood

Blood donations in Ireland have fallen 21% in five years, and the IBTS is down to three days’ supply.

Tasmanian devils could hold the key in a battle to save the lives of 10 million humans

Milk from the marsupial could be used to battle superbugs.

Science - Monday 17 October, 2016

The creators of the Muppets want this cartoon to help kids save the planet

It’s one of a number of new series that want to raise awareness about environmental issues with kids.

Plans for new cancer institute at St James' Hospital

Cancer in Ireland is projected to double by 2040, with increases in all types of the disease.

'The line between good and bad people can be thinner than you think'

Psychologist Ian Gargan says knowing what we are capable of, not being fearful of the darker sides of our personality and embracing the differences is important.

Science - Sunday 16 October, 2016

DNA is helping Irish people find their ancestors from centuries ago

We spoke to one Irish man who’s made genealogy his passion.

'The land of a thousand hills' is now using drones to deliver medicine

On Friday, Rwanda inaugurated a drone operation that its backers hope will kickstart a revolution in the supply of medical care in rural parts of Africa.

Why does the naked mole rat feel no pain and not get cancer?

They wouldn’t feel getting into a hot tub with sunburn.

Science - Saturday 15 October, 2016

Tom Crean's granddaughter breaks leg in bid to recreate explorer's arduous island trek

Aileen Crean-O’Brien sustained a shattered knee, ankle and fractured lower leg.

"I believe that there are other species": John Halligan was asked about aliens on the Late Late

The Waterford TD, known for his outspoken views, spoke to Ryan Tubridy last night.

Danish people are all really, really alike

Genetically speaking.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been quietly lobbying against anti-obesity measures in the US

At the same time, the two sugar firms have given millions of dollars to health organisations.

Science - Monday 10 October, 2016

Over a third of young people drink sugary drinks most days of the week

Revenue Commissioners estimate that 411.3 million litres of SSDs were sold in Ireland in 2014.

Science - Saturday 8 October, 2016

This is the tallest wooden building in the world

The student accommodation is 53 metres tall and was completed in less than 70 days.

Japanese politicians are pretending to be pregnant to encourage men to clean the house

Japanese men are not very helpful husbands when it comes to housework: they do just one hour of unpaid work daily compared to five hours for their wives.

Science - Friday 7 October, 2016

Over 30 Irish buildings to light up to raise awareness of 'one of the most painful conditions known to science'

It is estimated to affect 1 in 20,000 people, but is often misdiagnosed as a migraine, toothache or a joint condition.

Science - Saturday 1 October, 2016

Japan's solution to queues? Self-driving chairs On The Move This post contains a poll

Japan's solution to queues? Self-driving chairs

They’re being tested at certain restaurants.

Keeping your spouse happy could be good for your health

There are a number of reasons.

Science - Friday 30 September, 2016

Fears for Rudolph as 250,000 reindeer to be culled before Christmas over anthrax fears

A state of emergency was imposed in July over the anthrax outbreak, which has claimed the life of a 12-year-old boy.

Science - Thursday 29 September, 2016

Look up - the Northern Lights could be on display in Ireland's skies tonight

That’s according to Astronomy Ireland.

Science - Tuesday 27 September, 2016

Baby born in Mexico using 'three parent' fertility technique

The parents went to Mexico with a specialist team so that the procedure could be carried out.

Calls for Government to follow France and ban plastic cups and forks

The French Government recently became the first to ban plastic cups, cutlery and plates from 2020.

UN agency says 681 people died in Ireland from air pollution in one year

The UK had 16,355 deaths from air pollution in the same year, according to a WHO report released today.

Science - Sunday 25 September, 2016

Shopping mall home to 'world's saddest bear' refuses wildlife park offer

Photos of Pizza show the polar bear lying listlessly in a gloomy, windowless room while visitors crowd around with phones.

Science - Friday 23 September, 2016

'Alarming results': Unfit Dublin teens show risk of heart disease similar to 55 or 60-year-olds

The DCU research concentrated on the health of moderately fit and unfit transition-year students in the greater Dublin area.

Science - Thursday 22 September, 2016

Australia's 'Barefoot Bushman' has been mauled by a 15-foot crocodile

Rob Bredl, 66, was bitten by the 4.5-metre crocodile at an Australian wildlife park in Queensland.

Eir is hiring 100 new people to work on the rollout of rural broadband

Separately, BioPharma Engineering is creating 70 new jobs at its Dublin and Cork offices over the next three years.

Science - Tuesday 20 September, 2016

Trinity study seeks women exposed to Hepatitis C-contaminated product in 70s

Almost half of the women screened, who had contact with the virus, showed no signs of infection after.

Multimillion euro children's science centre to be built alongside Ireland's only Real Tennis court

The proposals mean 200 exhibits in the the old north wing of the NCH will connect to the Real Tennis building by a tunnel.

Science - Monday 19 September, 2016

Pharmaceutical BioPark to create 500 full-time jobs and 800 construction jobs in Cork

The site will feature Europe’s first eco-friendly prefab ‘KUBio’ facility, which allow Co2 emissions to be reduced by 75%, and water and energy use by around 80%.

Science - Sunday 18 September, 2016

Science - Friday 16 September, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio wants you to spy on fishermen

“It gives the public an opportunity to see what is happening, even out in the middle of the ocean.”

Science - Thursday 15 September, 2016

The UK is to push ahead with a new nuclear power station across the Irish Sea

The Hinkley Point project had been thrown into doubt but it will go ahead.

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