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Science - Today’s News

It's now possible to test sperm quality with a smartphone

An optical attachment analyses video of semen.

Science - Saturday 25 March, 2017

Tea could be good for your brain

Not just your thirst.

Science - Thursday 23 March, 2017

Ireland's largest windfarm begins powering 50,000 homes

Ireland's largest windfarm begins powering 50,000 homes

The windfarm is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 100,000 tonnes each year.

Science - Wednesday 22 March, 2017

Baby born with four legs and two spines recovering well after surgery

Dominique can now sit up, raise her hands and reach for things, which she couldn’t do before.

Science - Tuesday 21 March, 2017

Chinese man arrested for allegedly stealing 80 dinosaur eggs

The fossilized eggs were being held by a collector. .

'My daughter is seriously in need of this medication' - Vera Twomey is coming back to the Dáil

Twomey says nothing will happen until the law is changed.

Science - Monday 20 March, 2017

Women next in line for serious gambling problems thanks to 'female-friendly gaming sites'

Multi-billion euro companies are now targeting women through marketing campaigns.

Science - Sunday 19 March, 2017

In Youghal, one businessman prays for storms to test his high-speed 'stealth boats'

Cork firm Safehaven Marine sells its vessels as far afield as the Middle East and Asia.

Science - Saturday 18 March, 2017

How the Wax Museum is using Pokémon tech to bring Brendan Behan to life

Augmented Reality features will add an extra layer of experience at the attraction’s new home.

The Late Late Show tested Michael Healy-Rae's DNA and found he's '100% Irish' Guaranteed Irish This post contains videos

The Late Late Show tested Michael Healy-Rae's DNA and found he's '100% Irish'

More Cork than Kerry though it seems.

A half-skull that is 400,000 years old was found on last day of excavation project

Researchers don’t know if it was from a male or female, how the person died, or even what form of early human it was.

Science - Wednesday 15 March, 2017

This is the number of 'current smokers' in Ireland today

A new report differentiates between occasional and daily smokers.

Science - Sunday 12 March, 2017

'Life is left up to you': NUIG researcher delves into her Mars simulation mission

The experiment has been compared to a desert version of the Hollywood movie The Martian.

Science - Saturday 11 March, 2017

Gene that causes sudden death in young people identified

This may lead to a reduction of cases of sudden death in patients with the mutation.

Science - Thursday 2 March, 2017

Science - Tuesday 28 February, 2017

'It could have been a little nipper' - Shark snatches dog from Sydney beach Australia This post contains videos

'It could have been a little nipper' - Shark snatches dog from Sydney beach

Some beaches in the Kurnell area have now been closed to swimmers.

Science - Sunday 26 February, 2017

The first birth control app to be officially approved as a contraceptive uses an age-old method

As a fertility-awareness based contraceptive method, the app will only work well for some people.

Getting people to care about the environment? It's all in the pupils...

New research at Trinity College Dublin is aimed at better understanding what drives human choice when presented with a lot of information.

Science - Saturday 25 February, 2017

Tom Clonan: Nerve, blood and choking agents sending state-sponsored message of terror

VX is a weapon of incredible cruelty and terror, writes security expert Tom Clonan.

Science - Thursday 23 February, 2017

You need to eat 10 fruit and veg a day to avoid serious illnesses, study says

The previous five-a-day still reduces risk, but the number to aim for is actually double that amount.

Science - Wednesday 22 February, 2017

Heavy rain and severe winds expected tonight as Storm Doris nears Ireland The Lady Is Wild This post contains videos

Heavy rain and severe winds expected tonight as Storm Doris nears Ireland

A weather warning is in place until tomorrow at 11am.

Science - Sunday 19 February, 2017

Galway mathematicians have found a way of making Batman's cape

NUI Galway mathematicians’ research makes Batman that bit more real.

Poll: Do you get dragged into doing work while off-duty? Always On This post contains a poll

Poll: Do you get dragged into doing work while off-duty?

A new study has shown its contributing to people’s stress.

North Korean antics aside, poison has been a hugely popular killing agent through the ages

Poison has been one of an assassin’s favourite methods of dealing death for centuries.

Science - Saturday 18 February, 2017

An Irish med-tech firm has raised over €2m to help cut down on needless chemo

OncoMark’s test would make it easier to work out which breast cancer patients require the treatment.

The Royal College of Surgeons is tackling treatment-resistant tumours

The project will explore whether a drug can be used to treat the tumours.

On the brink of war in 1939, Winston Churchill found the time to write a scientific paper on alien life

A newly discovered essay by Churchill, “Are We Alone in the Universe?”, was published this week.

Science - Friday 17 February, 2017

Welcome to Zealandia: Scientists reveal 'Earth's hidden continent'

They want the landmass recognised as a continent.

Science - Thursday 16 February, 2017

Robert DeNiro backs $100k reward pushed by anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists

It comes as a controversial documentary is released in Ireland.

Poll: Should vitamin D be added to more foods? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should vitamin D be added to more foods?

New research has shown the proven benefits of vitamin D additives.

'First definitive evidence' that taking extra Vitamin D can prevent the flu

A new study has reopened a debate on the usefulness of over-the-counter supplements.

Science - Sunday 12 February, 2017

First female to suffer from 'tree man syndrome' undergoes successful surgery

10-year-old Bangladeshi Sahana Khatun has undergone surgery to remove bark-like growths from her chin, ear and nose.

'Hearsay on social media' being blamed for falling vaccine rates

A Trinity professor says such fear mongering presents a risk to the wider public.

Science - Friday 10 February, 2017

Eyes to the sky: Ireland will be treated to a rare eclipse of the moon tonight

The eclipse will officially begin at 10.30 but dimming will not be visible until after 11.

Science - Thursday 9 February, 2017

Cave where priceless Dead Sea Scrolls were kept discovered in Judean desert

It’s thought the cave, one of 12 above the Dead Sea, was looted in the 1950s.

Science - Wednesday 8 February, 2017

Just right: Trinity scientists find the 'Goldilocks' genes which cause disease

The researchers believe they’ve identified genes implicated in schizophrenia, autism and heart disease.

Study shows shift work and physically demanding jobs may lower women's fertility

Research shows that heavy lifting at work or working rotating patterns can be associated with poorer egg quality.

Science - Tuesday 7 February, 2017

Vaping is 'far safer than smoking'

New research found those who switched to vaping had reduced toxins and carcinogens in their bodies.

Science - Saturday 4 February, 2017

We can now add 'third hand smoke' to the reasons smoking is dreadful for our health

Third hand smoke (THS) refers to the sticky residue from tobacco smoke that clings to walls and furniture.

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