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# suicide - Today’s News


# suicide - Sunday 24 April, 2016

Limerick beauty queen speaks of finding body of friend who died by suicide

Judy Fitzgerald said her grief inspired her to help raise awareness of suicide in Ireland.

# suicide - Thursday 14 April, 2016

VIDEO: If you break your arm, it is fixed but what happens when your mind is broken?

Doug Leddin’s powerful video message has been shared thousands of times since he posted it last night.

# suicide - Tuesday 12 April, 2016

Indigenous community declares state of emergency after 11 members attempt suicide in one month

Canadian government officials said yesterday they were sending an emergency psychiatric team to the isolated aboriginal community.

# suicide - Monday 4 April, 2016

"If I had him back now, I'd hug him, then I'd smack him" - Mother whose son took his own life

Elaine Clear was speaking to Ray D’Arcy today.

# suicide - Tuesday 29 March, 2016

Lad Bible apologises to Prison Break star over meme about weight gain

Actor Wentworth Miller said on social media that the pictures were taken while he was suffering from depression.

Panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts: the human cost of the housing crisis

National suicide prevention charity Console says an increasing number of people with housing difficulties are seeking help to deal with mental health issues.

# suicide - Friday 25 March, 2016

At least 30 dead after suicide bomber hits football match

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

# suicide - Thursday 24 March, 2016

‘A lot of young Irish people don’t see a future’: Blindboy gives powerful interview about suicide Channel 4 This post contains videos

‘A lot of young Irish people don’t see a future’: Blindboy gives powerful interview about suicide

The Rubberbandits member spoke about the suicide epidemic in Ireland.

# suicide - Monday 21 March, 2016

From The42 ‘Eventually you start talking, like a gas valve releasing’: Jack McGrath on his brother’s suicide Mental Health

‘Eventually you start talking, like a gas valve releasing’: Jack McGrath on his brother’s suicide

McGrath and Hannah Tyrrell are ambassadors for IRUPA’s Tackle Your Feelings initiative.

# suicide - Sunday 20 March, 2016

Many people in mortgage arrears are contemplating suicide

A new survey explores the impact debt has on people’s mental health.

# suicide - Friday 18 March, 2016

No explanation for why police release pictures of gun Kurt Cobain used to take his own life

It’s unclear why they’re making them public at this time.

# suicide - Thursday 17 March, 2016

This young woman’s powerful story about grief and suicide is going viral

“Those nights that I used to cry myself to sleep I held onto one thing; I held onto hope.”

# suicide - Wednesday 16 March, 2016

Self-harmers need to be seen in hospital, there’s a plan to make that happen

There’s a new plan to ensure people who self-harm get the help they need.

# suicide - Tuesday 15 March, 2016

‘Imagine being suicidal and waiting hours and hours for help’ Broken System This post contains videos

‘Imagine being suicidal and waiting hours and hours for help’

The founder of Pieta House has said the current mental health support system is not working.

# suicide - Wednesday 9 March, 2016

‘When I was told my brother had died by suicide, I crumbled to the floor and howled’

Michelle Ross speaks openly about what she and her family have gone through since her brother died by suicide last year.

# suicide - Sunday 28 February, 2016

Man kills 14 members of his family with butcher’s knife before suicide

Police said the man took his own life after slitting the throats of family members.

# suicide - Tuesday 23 February, 2016

On a busy campus, an empty bag for every young life lost by suicide

A new campaign aims to raise awareness of the impact of suicide.

# suicide - Thursday 11 February, 2016

Family of Caoilte O’Broin hold ‘Anyone’s Brother’ candlelit vigil

The family say they want to stop families having no one to turn to.

# suicide - Tuesday 2 February, 2016

Marriages are becoming the hidden victims of home repossession

Debt support charity Phoenix Project Ireland says 3 in 5 of their clients are women going through separation.

# suicide - Thursday 21 January, 2016

The over-emphasis on medication over therapy is just one problem that needs fixing

Before the 2011 election, Taoiseach Enda Kenny singled out mental health as the key issue he wanted to tackle.

WATCH: Bressie gives impassioned speech about the ‘epidemic of this generation’ Suicide This post contains videos

WATCH: Bressie gives impassioned speech about the ‘epidemic of this generation’

“We simply cannot ignore this anymore. We have to be honest and ask ourselves, ‘Truly are we doing enough?’”

# suicide - Monday 18 January, 2016

Six members of the force died by suicide last year and here’s what gardaí want to do about it

As it stands gardaí do not receive specialist counselling services which are available to other emergency services.

# suicide - Friday 25 December, 2015

Feeling down today? There are people you can talk to

Christmas can be a difficult time for people, but help is out there.

# suicide - Wednesday 23 December, 2015

Frenchman who decapitated boss takes his own life in jail

Yassin Salhi, who was 35, carried out the grisly attack on his boss in June.

# suicide - Wednesday 16 December, 2015

Mother of tragic Skeffington brothers: ‘They loved each other very much’

Shane Michael Skeffington killed his younger brother Brandon before taking his own life last year.

# suicide - Wednesday 18 November, 2015

Gay priest says hiding his sexuality is ‘tearing him apart’

“I’m not unnatural, I’m not sub-human, I’m not any different to anyone else in society and I am an equal, but that’s not the reality.”

# suicide - Saturday 14 November, 2015

‘I lost two brothers to suicide. It’s unimaginable that it could happen twice’

With suicide you are robbed of the natural grieving process. It should be about the person but the act takes over, writes Mary O’Neill.

# suicide - Wednesday 4 November, 2015

‘Hero’ cop faked on-duty murder, took his own life

Lieutenant Charles Gliniewicz had been embezzling money from a police program for local young people.

# suicide - Tuesday 3 November, 2015

Robin Williams’ widow says they were ‘living a nightmare’ in the months before his death Suicide This post contains videos

Robin Williams’ widow says they were ‘living a nightmare’ in the months before his death

Susan Williams says the actor was suffering from both Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia.

# suicide - Saturday 26 September, 2015

Celebrity suicides lead to increase in suicidal tendencies

A study found that activity on ‘SuicideWatch’ changed dramatically in the weeks after celebrity suicides.

# suicide - Sunday 20 September, 2015

‘She was kind and considerate. She never realised how much she was loved’

Carmel Lynch, whose daughter died by suicide earlier this month, has urged anyone with mental health issues to seek health.

‘I know too many young farmers who have died by suicide’ Macra Calendar This post contains images

‘I know too many young farmers who have died by suicide’

A new calendar aims to start a conversation about mental health in the agricultural community.

# suicide - Thursday 17 September, 2015

Mother tells inquest that son who overdosed ‘should never have been let out of hospital’

Glen Murphy McNally died days after discharging himself. An open verdict was returned at the inquest.

# suicide - Thursday 10 September, 2015

‘Part of you wants to tell someone, but you’re afraid of their reaction so you keep it to yourself’

‘I’m not a mental health expert but I do know how it feels to be in a really dark place and how lonely it can be’, writes Marie Duffy.

Teen girl charged with “recklessly” encouraging her boyfriend to take his own life

18-year-old Conrad Roy killed himself in Massachusetts last summer.

# suicide - Sunday 6 September, 2015

# suicide - Monday 24 August, 2015

Two suicides connected to the Ashley Madison website hack

Canadian Police say a link has yet to be confirmed.

# suicide - Tuesday 18 August, 2015

Man dies from college dorm fall after trying to talk man down from 14 storey ledge

A second man, who was apparently distraught on the ledge, also fell and is in a critical condition.

# suicide - Monday 17 August, 2015

ITV journalist ‘tries to save man’ after apparent suicide in Greek harbour

Tom Bradbury says a number of police looked on as the man died.

# suicide - Sunday 2 August, 2015

The mystery of ‘Mayerling: 126-year-old letters penned by crown prince’s mistress emerge

The suicide notes were discovered in a bank vault, giving more insight into history’s greatest love affair.

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