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#true or false

# true-or-false - Monday 14 May, 2018

From The Daily Edge Are These Facts About Irish Counties True Or False? True Or False

Are These Facts About Irish Counties True Or False?

Now’s your time to shine if you know where the driest place in Ireland is.

# true-or-false - Wednesday 25 April, 2018

From The Daily Edge Can You Guess Whether These Weird Celeb Stories Are True Or False? True Or False

Can You Guess Whether These Weird Celeb Stories Are True Or False?

How’s your weird celeb trivia?

# true-or-false - Friday 29 December, 2017

Quiz: Did a British politician say this about Ireland during the Brexit talks?

How well do you remember what British politicians have been saying about Ireland?

# true-or-false - Friday 30 December, 2016

True or false: Did these things actually happen in 2016?

Have you been paying attention this year?

# true-or-false - Sunday 29 May, 2016

Quiz: Are these commonly known "facts" true or false?

Are they actually true?

# true-or-false - Saturday 26 December, 2015

From The Daily Edge The Great True Or False Quiz of 2015 Big Quiz

The Great True Or False Quiz of 2015

Were you paying attention?

# true-or-false - Saturday 7 February, 2015

From The Daily Edge True or false? 9 Uber Facts investigated and debunked Fact Or Fiction

True or false? 9 Uber Facts investigated and debunked

Don’t believe everything you read.

# true-or-false - Friday 2 January, 2015

From The42 Can you tell the real NFL player from the name we just made up? Guess Who?

Can you tell the real NFL player from the name we just made up?

It’s harder than you think.

# true-or-false - Wednesday 24 December, 2014

# true-or-false - Monday 2 June, 2014

Debunked: Is it better to keep bread in the fridge or a bread bin?

Mould is likely to contaminate the bread at some point, but what is the best way of stopping this from happening?

# true-or-false - Sunday 24 November, 2013

Debunked: Does water drain in a different direction in each hemisphere?

You remember this from The Simpsons, don’t you?

# true-or-false - Sunday 10 November, 2013

Debunked: Will a bee die if it stings you?

Will you be taking less pity on the next bee that stings you?

# true-or-false - Monday 28 October, 2013

Debunked: Are redheads, gingers, and strawberry blondes going extinct?

Someday in the future, that pesky MC1R could be a thing of the past, if this myth is to be believed.

# true-or-false - Sunday 20 October, 2013

Debunked: Are Daddy Longlegs the most poisonous spiders in the world?

Perhaps you should take a wide berth next time you see one dangling above your bed.

# true-or-false - Sunday 13 October, 2013

Debunked: Does switching off your engine when stuck in traffic save fuel?

It’s time to settle the argument you always have with that back-seat driver.

# true-or-false - Sunday 6 October, 2013

Debunked: Is it possible to have a photographic memory?

It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. You’d never have to double-check to see if you locked the back door or not. Did you?

# true-or-false - Sunday 29 September, 2013

Debunked: Does pressing the pedestrian crossing button more than once make any difference?

And why do we feel the need to press it over and over again?

# true-or-false - Sunday 22 September, 2013

Debunked: Does swallowed chewing gum stay in your stomach for seven years?

Or longer? Is that piece that you swallowed when you were six still there?

# true-or-false - Sunday 15 September, 2013

Debunked: Does Earth's distance from the Sun cause our seasons?

The thinking that the further away we are the colder it gets isn’t right. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

# true-or-false - Sunday 8 September, 2013

Debunked: Do ostriches bury their heads in the sand when scared?

Or could that just be according to a book published in 77AD?

# true-or-false - Sunday 1 September, 2013

Debunked: Does reading in low light or staring at a screen damage your eyesight?

“Turn off that feckin’ laptop and go to sleep, Séan, your eyes will fall out of your head by the time you’re thirty” can now be swiftly met with “Eh, Mam, about that…”.

# true-or-false - Sunday 25 August, 2013

Debunked: Does sugar make children hyperactive?

Although we are quick to lay the blame on fizzy pop and chocolate, studies show that they might not have anything to do with hyperactivity.

# true-or-false - Sunday 18 August, 2013

Debunked: Is a rat never more than a few metres away?

That would mean there could be one right at the foot of your bed, but is this actually the case?

# true-or-false - Sunday 11 August, 2013

Debunked: Does knuckle-cracking cause arthritis?

A loud cracking sound coming from inside your hand can’t be a good thing, right?

# true-or-false - Sunday 4 August, 2013

Debunked: Do you really eat a dozen spiders in your sleep every year?

Maybe there are some arachnids clumsy enough to fall in.

# true-or-false - Sunday 15 July, 2012

From The Daily Edge The truth behind 5 old wives' tales Myth-busting

The truth behind 5 old wives' tales

Sitting too close to the TV? Swallowed chewing gum? Worried chocolate causes spots? Relax – it’s not as bad as you were led to believe.

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