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# efsf - Tuesday 19 November, 2013

Guess who's getting closer to the end of their bailout too?

Portugal received its penultimate tranche in rescue loans today.

# efsf - Monday 24 June, 2013

Debt deals mean we're borrowing €20bn less in next decade - Noonan

The finance minister gives his formal tip-of-the-hat to the news that the two European bailout funds are delaying repayments.

Eurozone bailout fund gives Ireland seven more years to repay loans

Good news for Michael Noonan this morning…

# efsf - Friday 21 June, 2013

The 5 at 5: Friday

5 stories, 5 minutes, 5 o’clock…

Ireland gets another seven years to repay its European bailout loans

EU finance ministers have officially signed off on a deal which means the average European loan will be repaid in 19.5 years.

# efsf - Tuesday 18 June, 2013

Ireland gets another €1.6 billion in bailout loans from the EFSF

That’s on top of the IMF loans announced earlier today – and these ones will be on the books until 2042.

# efsf - Saturday 23 March, 2013

IMF approves latest round of bailout loans for Ireland

The approval of nearly €1 billion in new lending means the IMF has handed over about 89 per cent of the total loan.

# efsf - Saturday 16 March, 2013

Eurozone ministers: We'll change repayment date for Ireland's bailout loans

The Department of Finance says the move will make it easier for Ireland to emerge from the bailout programme.

# efsf - Tuesday 5 March, 2013

EU finance ministers confirm deal to delay Ireland's bailout repayments

Ministers have asked the Troika to come up with a proposal on the best options for extending the maturities of Irish loans.

Deal could delay repayment of Ireland's EU bailout loans

The detail of extended loan repayments on the EU portion of Ireland’s bailout is still to be worked out but could save the State significant amounts of money in the coming years.

# efsf - Saturday 28 July, 2012

Germany rejects notion that Europe's bailout fund could buy Spanish debt

Despite promises, no green light has been given to any specific action.

# efsf - Thursday 26 July, 2012

Column: Ireland has no option but to play hardball. So why aren’t we?

Economic commentator Anthony Phillips paid a visit to the Department of Finance. This is what happened…

# efsf - Friday 22 June, 2012

Brussels made 17 errors translating the ESM Treaty into Irish

Dáil approval was needed this week to correct 17 grammatical mistakes, and typos, in the Irish version of the Treaty.

# efsf - Wednesday 20 June, 2012

Dáil approves Ireland's ratification of new Eurozone bailout fund

TDs vote by 114 to 22 to have Ireland participate, a move which will require €1.27bn in cash payments before 2014.

Explainer: Have Spain and Italy been 'bailed out'?

Germany has reportedly relented and will allow the ESM to buy bonds directly, which could save Spain and Italy.

The 9 at 9: Wednesday

Nine things to know this morning…

# efsf - Monday 18 June, 2012

Brussels says report on Troika loan proposal is "simply not true"

The European Commission flatly denies an RTÉ report saying the Troika are considering extending the schedule for repayments.

# efsf - Wednesday 13 June, 2012

Spanish bailout: what we know so far

An essential round-up of the details to date of the Spanish bailout, from interest rates to lending conditions.

# efsf - Saturday 9 June, 2012

Noonan welcomes Spanish request for banking bailout

But will Ireland have to contribute to the bailout?

# efsf - Tuesday 8 May, 2012

Honohan calls for EU-wide 'banking union'

The Central Bank governor also said Irish banks should be recapitalised with EU funds – and without running up our national debt.

# efsf - Thursday 26 April, 2012

Column: If Ireland votes no, how would we finance the country? Here's how

The debate about what would happen if Ireland votes no is based on worst case scenarios. We should focus on real alternatives, write Michael Taft and Tom McDonnell.

# efsf - Sunday 1 April, 2012

German central bank 'to stop taking Irish bonds as collateral'

A German newspaper report says the Bundesbank won’t take Irish, Greek or Portuguese bonds from banks any more.

# efsf - Friday 30 March, 2012

EU finance ministers meet to decide on size of bailout fund EU

EU finance ministers meet to decide on size of bailout fund

The 17 eurozone finance ministers will meet in Copehagen for two days of discussions concerning the size of the bailout fund available to countries.

# efsf - Tuesday 13 March, 2012

Noonan closes door on amendments to EU bailout treaty

The finance minister says it makes sense that countries seeking bailout funds must first apply “sensible budgetary policies”.

# efsf - Wednesday 29 February, 2012

The 5 at 5: Wednesday

5 minutes, 5 stories, 5 o’clock.

# efsf - Tuesday 21 February, 2012

Borrowing costs for eurozone bailout fund fall after Greek deal

The EFSF issues a new round of 6-month bills – with interest rates significantly lower than at the same time last month.

# efsf - Tuesday 24 January, 2012

Noonan to hold talks with ECB chief Mario Draghi

The Finance Minister will try to get a better deal on Ireland’s bailout as he holds talks with the European Central Bank president today.

# efsf - Friday 20 January, 2012

Could EU fiscal treaty go through with just 12 states on board?

Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal team says it has seen a draft of treaty.

# efsf - Tuesday 17 January, 2012

EU bailout fund overcomes downgrade with successful bond auction

The EFSF sells six-month bills with an average interest rate of 0.2664 per cent – despite being downgraded yesterday.

# efsf - Monday 16 January, 2012

Bailout costs likely to rise after S&P downgrades EU fund

Standard & Poor’s downgrades the European Financial Stability Fund, meaning our future loans will probably cost us more.

# efsf - Friday 13 January, 2012

S&P runs riot in the eurozone: France loses AAA rating as Portugal turns to junk

A French downgrade is bad news for us, too – because Europe’s bailout fund is also likely to be downgraded by S&P.

# efsf - Tuesday 10 January, 2012

Brussels says discussion of second Irish bailout is 'not helpful'

Ireland’s first bailout is performing well, says a spokesman for Olli Rehn – so it’s “not particularly useful” to discuss a second one.

Ireland 'should be praying for a second bailout', DCU economist warns

Tony Foley said only borrowing more billions from the EFSF would save Ireland from paying punitive interest rates on financial markets.

# efsf - Monday 9 January, 2012

Ireland should negotiate 'standby second bailout', says Citi chief

Citigroup’s chief economist Willem Buiter says Ireland should have a second funding deal wrapped up before the first one runs out.

# efsf - Thursday 5 January, 2012

The Daily Fix: Thursday

In tonight’s fix: Warnings over mortgage interest relief, Phil Hogan’s website woes, Vita Cortex owner “can’t move money” – and a solution to modern dinner part complaints?

EU fund issues new bonds to pay for Irish bailout

The European Financial Stability Fund says it issued €3bn in three-year bonds, at a rate over four times cheaper than we’d get.

# efsf - Tuesday 13 December, 2011

Belgium, Spain and bailout fund perform better in bond auctions

There’s little respite for Greece, though, which is asked to pay a higher yield on an experimental auction of short-term bonds.

# efsf - Wednesday 30 November, 2011

Kenny tells Dáil: ‘I have an answer to the euro problem’

The Taoiseach says the only way to solve Europe’s debt crisis is to tap the European Central Bank’s “infinite capability”.

# efsf - Tuesday 29 November, 2011

Eurozone finance ministers hold talks amid fears of euro breakup

US president Barack Obama has weighed in with a call for EU countries to find a solution to the spiralling debt crisis.

# efsf - Monday 28 November, 2011

Eurozone 'has ten days to save itself, or collapse' - analyst

Wolfgang Münchau, associate editor of the Financial Times, believes catastrophe is coming if a deal is not struck by December 9.

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