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# euthanasia - Friday 30 October, 2020

New Zealand votes to legalise euthanasia but not marijuana in referendums

The two referendums represented significant potential changes to New Zealand’s social fabric.

# euthanasia - Sunday 1 December, 2019

3 in 5 people in Ireland support the legalisation of euthanasia

Vicky Phelan has told the Irish Mail on Sunday that she is in favour of euthanasia.

# euthanasia - Friday 15 November, 2019

Poll: Would you support the legalisation of euthanasia in Ireland? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Would you support the legalisation of euthanasia in Ireland?

Yesterday, New Zealand lawmakers voted in favour of making euthanasia legal.

# euthanasia - Thursday 14 November, 2019

New Zealand lawmakers vote in favour of legalising euthanasia paving the way for referendum

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has publicly stated her support for euthanasia reform.

# euthanasia - Wednesday 23 October, 2019

From The42 Paralympic champion Marieke Vervoort dies by euthanasia RIP This post contains videos

Paralympic champion Marieke Vervoort dies by euthanasia

She suffered from an incurable degenerative muscle disease.

# euthanasia - Thursday 12 September, 2019

Dutch doctor acquitted in landmark case over euthanising woman with severe dementia

Prosecutors had accused the doctor of failing to properly consult the Alzheimer’s patient in the case in 2016.

# euthanasia - Monday 26 August, 2019

Dutch doctor goes on trial on charges of euthanising patient with dementia in landmark case

Prosecutors claim the patient may have had second thoughts about dying.

# euthanasia - Thursday 11 July, 2019

Vincent Lambert, man at centre of contentious right-to-die case in France, passes away

He died more than a decade after an accident that left him with severe brain damage.

# euthanasia - Thursday 6 June, 2019

FactCheck: Were media reports that a 17-year-old Dutch rape victim was euthanised correct?

A story that a 17-year-old rape victim had been euthanised was reported by media organisations across the world.

# euthanasia - Tuesday 21 May, 2019

Life support resumes for man in controversial case after court reverses earlier decision

Vincent Lambert is at the centre of a hugely controversial court case.

# euthanasia - Friday 1 June, 2018

'How can you cheer abortion?': Bishop 'horrified' by referendum celebrations

Alphonsus Cullinan said Catholic Yes voters “should go to confession”.

# euthanasia - Thursday 10 May, 2018

104-year-old Australian scientist dies by assisted suicide in Switzerland

David Goodall did not have a terminal illness, but said his quality of life had deteriorated significantly.

# euthanasia - Wednesday 22 November, 2017

'What right do we have to tell a dying person they should continue to live in pain'

Prominent Right to Die with Dignity campaigner Tom Curran appeared before the Joint Committee on Justice and Equality today.

# euthanasia - Saturday 17 September, 2016

Terminally ill child becomes first minor to be granted euthanasia in Belgium

Belgium is the only country to allow a child of any age to choose to end their own life.

# euthanasia - Thursday 14 April, 2016

Canada is looking to legalise assisted suicide - but not for tourists

“The plan we put forward is one that respects Canadians’ choices while putting into place the kinds of safeguards needed.”

# euthanasia - Thursday 4 February, 2016

Dutch man stabbed 81-year-old ex-minister to death on a "divine mission" against euthanasia

The accused man, Bart Van U, has admitted killing 81-year-old Els Borst for legalising euthanasia.

# euthanasia - Tuesday 15 December, 2015

'People should not suffer intolerable and horrible pain if they want to exit this life'

Independent TD John Halligan introduced ‘right to die’ legislation in the Dáil today.

# euthanasia - Saturday 19 September, 2015

Why we don't need to worry about mobile euthanasia booths in Castleknock

There’s been some chatter about mystery leaflets and planning permission notices this week. So what’s going on?

# euthanasia - Saturday 12 September, 2015

If I'm in lingering pain, I should have the choice to end my life

We should put the topic of Euthanasia on the table for a national debate towards legalising it here in Ireland, writes Aaron McKenna.

# euthanasia - Thursday 10 September, 2015

Nearly 40 million more Americans are to be given access to euthanasia

California is set to legalise the practice.

# euthanasia - Sunday 2 August, 2015

Poll: Would you consider euthanasia while still healthy? Assisted Suicide This post contains a poll

Poll: Would you consider euthanasia while still healthy?

A healthy nurse has ended her life in a Swiss clinic.

# euthanasia - Friday 5 June, 2015

European court rules French doctors can turn off Vincent Lambert's life support

The man’s parents had been fighting to keep him on life support though his wife had said he would not want to be kept alive.

# euthanasia - Tuesday 19 May, 2015

Woman dies after 42 years in coma following brutal rape

She has been in a vegetative state in a Mumbai since being attacked by a hospital worker in 1973.

# euthanasia - Tuesday 5 May, 2015

Assisted suicide could be introduced in Ireland

Tom Curran said TDs are ‘willing to break ranks’ to support his right-to-die law.

# euthanasia - Monday 13 April, 2015

Explainer: The facts about assisted suicide in Ireland

The first trial of a person charged for assisting suicide will take place this year.

# euthanasia - Saturday 3 January, 2015

Convicted serial rapist is to be euthanised in a Belgian jail

Frank Van Den Bleeken had asked to die on psychological grounds.

Ireland's euthanasia laws are some of the most strict in Europe

Here’s a look at the situation in other countries.

# euthanasia - Thursday 6 November, 2014

Opinion: Brittany Maynard deserves our compassion – and her bravery deserves our attention

As a compassionate society, must have the courage to face up to the question of terminal illness and euthanasia.

# euthanasia - Wednesday 8 October, 2014

A 29-year-old woman explains why she's planned her death - next month

“I don’t want to die. But I am dying. And I want to die on my own terms.”

# euthanasia - Monday 15 September, 2014

Belgium has agreed to "mercy kill" a convicted rapist

The convict says that he has “unbearable psychic suffering”.

# euthanasia - Thursday 13 February, 2014

Euthanasia for terminally ill children legalised in Belgium

In total, there were 86 votes in favour and 44 against from the country’s lower House of Representatives.

# euthanasia - Wednesday 12 February, 2014

Here’s What Happened Today: Wednesday

Everyone’s talking about storm damage, the Garda Ombudsman and the law on euthanasia in Belgium.

Poll: Should countries with euthanasia extend laws to cover children? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should countries with euthanasia extend laws to cover children?

What do you think about the highly-controversial issue?

Belgium set to extend euthanasia law to cover children

A bill allowing euthanasia for minors facing “unbearable physical suffering” will be voted on by lawmakers tomorrow.

# euthanasia - Sunday 9 February, 2014

Zoo kills healthy young giraffe despite protests

The giraffe’s body will be fed to tigers at the zoo in Copenhagen.

# euthanasia - Wednesday 16 January, 2013

'Right to die' challenge to go to the Supreme Court

Marie Fleming, who has multiple sclerosis, is to take her court case to the Supreme Court after she lost a High Court case on the ban on assisted suicide.

# euthanasia - Wednesday 9 January, 2013

Column: Assisted suicide ruling will be a landmark for Ireland

A terminally ill MS patient is due to learn whether she be allowed to die with the assistance of her partner, writes Sharon O’Connor.

# euthanasia - Monday 17 December, 2012

Vatican newspaper slams gay marriage as communist 'utopia'

“Why repeat the same mistake and chase after an unattainable utopia?” read the daily’s front-page editorial.

# euthanasia - Sunday 18 November, 2012

Poll: Do you support assisted suicide? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Do you support assisted suicide?

A case currently being heard before the High Court is asking whether Irish people have the constitutional right to an assisted suicide. What do you think?

# euthanasia - Thursday 16 August, 2012

Explainer: why nothing can be done for the Baltimore whale

Many of our readers have been wondering why the mammal cannot be ‘put out of its misery’. investigates.

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