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Dog fouling drops over 50% in Galway after spray paint trial
Galway City Council closes off 'Middle Arch' due to concerns over gatherings
Gardaí in Galway deny claims they will share student addresses with colleges over house parties
Warning over 'second wave' of homelessness in coming months
'Really disappointing', 'it's not right': Dumping in Dublin has increased during the Covid-19 shutdown
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Opinion: 'I won't wear ceremonial robes in council as they are a symbolic barrier to participation'
Galway City Council calls on RTÉ to boycott the Eurovision
Appeal lodged after council rejects plan for a penguinarium in Galway
'Damp, mould, swarms of flies and rodent infestation': Galway travellers on state of their accommodation
Objection to planning permission for bookies in town centre as it would create a 'no-go area'
Galway deals with the aftermath after 'unprecedented' floods hit the city
'Vague and poorly written': Galway buskers are irate at council plans for new restrictions
'I'm anxious that every bit of evidence gets out there, just in case it's a carbon copy of Tuam'
Galway City Council investigating allegations staff were gifted social housing
'I have never seen anything like this': Homelessness in Galway hits crisis point
Family of former journalist found dead on eviction day still looking for answers
Galway City Council has given this young woman 'a choice of a nursing home or hospital'
How does your local council spend its money?
Galway event promoter pays litter fine entirely in 1c and 2c coins
Fine Gael councillor to replace Martin McAleese in the Seanad
City Councillors vote to ban rickshaws from streets of Galway
Disruptions at Dublin and Galway council meetings over property tax
Galway City Council refuse trucks repossessed
Charity street fundraisers to face stiff new laws in UK
Poll: Should a statue of Che Guevara be erected in Galway?
Congresswoman urges Kenny to block Galway Guevara statue
Galway City Council to pay €1.5 million in legal costs over Eyre Square row
US Foreign Affairs Committee chair criticises Galway's Che Guevara project
Galway Mayor had 'no misunderstanding' over Norris vote, claims FF cllr
Galway Mayor says decision to block Norris was a mistake
David Norris blocked from addressing Galway city council