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Last year
Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch loses bid to have his legal costs in murder trial paid for by the State
Hutch’s bid to have his legal costs paid by the State adjourned to next month
State to oppose bid by Gerard Hutch to reimburse his legal fees for Regency shooting trial
Man arrested as part of probe into GSOC investigator's attendance at Hutch party is released
Garda probe establishes GSOC officer did attend Hutch party
Gardaí to investigate allegation that GSOC officer attended Hutch party last week
Calls for external investigation after GSOC officer allegedly attended Gerard Hutch party
Ex-Assistant Garda Commissioner says 'perhaps additional charges' against Hutch could've been pursued
'The Monk' acquitted: The full story of the Regency Hotel murder trial
Gerry Hutch walks free from court after not guilty verdict in Regency Hotel murder trial
Gerard Hutch prosecution stands or falls on evidence of Jonathan Dowdall, barrister tells court
Gerard 'The Monk' Hutch will not take stand in Regency murder trial, court hears
Lawyers for Gerard Hutch don't expect to call any evidence on his behalf, trial hears
'No further steps' to be taken by parties in Hutch trial in relation to 'curious development'
'Curious development' in Hutch trial as document disclosed to defence
All time
Dowdall denies lying when he said Gerard Hutch confessed in park to shooting David Byrne
Dowdall says his mother and children received death threats since he turned State's witness
Jonathan Dowdall tells trial he did not know there was 'this big Hutch criminal organisation'
Hutch trial: Jonathan Dowdall denies he is a 'master manipulator'
Jonathan Dowdall tells court that Hutch said he and another man had shot David Byrne
Jonathan Dowdall due to give evidence in murder trial on Monday
Dropping Dowdall murder charge was 'powerful' incentive for statement against Hutch, lawyers argue
No evidence to support allegation Hutch 'effectively confessed' other than Dowdall's 'say so'
Special Criminal Court to rule on admissibility of Hutch recordings on Friday
The Dowdall-Hutch tapes: What the court heard from secret garda recordings
Gerry Hutch trial: Permission to deploy garda bugging device sought under 'culture of secrecy'
Gerard Hutch tells Dowdall that Kinahan cartel want 'to be the biggest gang in Europe'
Hutch recordings: Dowdall tells 'The Monk' that accused's 'best move' was 'particular yokes used'
Hutch trial hears garda tracker records believed destroyed have now been recovered
Judges to listen to 10 hours of conversations between Hutch and Dowdall captured by gardaí
Garda didn't consult DPP when destroying records from tracker on Dowdall's jeep, Hutch trial hears
All records from tracking device on Dowdall's vehicle destroyed before murder trial began, court hears
Search warrant for Jonathan Dowdall's home was on basis of guns and explosives being stored, Hutch trial hears
Taxi driver said 'thank god' when gardaí arrived to tow his car, trial of Gerard 'The Monk' Hutch hears
Surveillance garda saw Gerry Hutch and Dowdall meet man later caught with AK-47s, court hears
Regency Hotel murder trial view CCTV of alleged dissident republican gunman escaping
Trial of Gerard 'The Monk' Hutch hears from photographers and CCTV footage of shooting shown
Trial of Gerard 'The Monk' Hutch to open before Special Criminal Court today