# Glitch

Last year
BOI suggests it won't charge interest to customers who withdrew extra cash during IT glitch
All time
Tidy Towns missed six town applications due to apparent email issues
Bank customers charged twice when taking money out of Bank of Ireland ATMs
Visa apologises for card issues, says services are 'operating at close to normal levels'
Ulster Bank says no customer will be 'out of pocket' after money disappeared from accounts
Thousands of American Airlines' Christmas flights left without pilots
15 times the universe conspired to produce something mildly interesting
Glitch that caused more than 400 US flights to be cancelled fixed
Woman jailed for stealing €57,000 to pay for her father's kidney transplant
Glitch in Ryanair app let users access other people's boarding passes
Lotto machines are back online after ANOTHER technical glitch
Teachers unhappy some increment payments not in Christmas salaries
Google Image Search experienced a strange glitch earlier today...
So many people tried to watch the True Detective finale, it broke the internet*
Minor hiccup sees delays for some Bank of Ireland customers
Ulster Bank hit by another technical problem
Justice Department staff not paid after processing error
Nissan Ireland warns of 'loose steering wheel' glitch in some 14,000 Micras
Ulster Bank: petition calls for free banking until 2013
Ulster Bank will pay utility bills for some customers
Ulster Bank to open again this Sunday as Central Bank expresses concern
Ulster Bank: Full services will be back to normal by Monday
UK staff drafted in to help clear Ulster Bank's payments backlog