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QUIZ: How Easy-Going Are You?
Chill out and take this quiz.

YOU PROBABLY LIKE to think of yourself as pretty easy-going, right?

No one wants to be someone that people have to tiptoe around, afraid of upsetting them. But sometimes it’s hard to tell. One person’s easy-going can be another’s annoyingly laid back.

So, are you really easy-going? Or do you only think you are?

There’s only one way to find out.

1. How do you feel about public transport delays?
Not thrilled, but not irate
So long as I have battery on my phone, it's ok

Ah, it happens. Not a big deal
Actual rage
2. Your friend cancels plans last minute - what do you do?
Make a joke about how flakey they are
Let them know it's not ok, and I'm not happy

Send a strongly worded text or email about how it's not ok
Let them know it's grand, things pop up
3. How do you react when someone skips the queue in front of you when you're getting your morning coffee?
Roll eyes, but don't say anything
Sigh and tut loudly

Let them in, they're probably rushing
Say, 'Excuse me' really loudly and tell them where the end of the queue is
4. Not having the remote control when you're watching TV makes you feel...
Out of control
A little worried - what if they want to watch something awful?

5. Your thoughts on lateness?
Not something to get worked up over

Occasionally unavoidable
Rarely forgivable
6. You sent a text to a good friend an hour ago - and you know they've seen it but haven't responded. That's...
Grounds for unfriending
Fine - they're probably busy

Ok - but they better have a good excuse
7. Your boss asks can you 'have a quick chat'. That makes you...
Figure they must have noticed your extra effort lately
Break out in a sweat

Delighted. You love chatting with your boss
8. How do unopened emails make you feel?
Must. Open. Now.
Need to get them down to 0 stat

They can wait until I'm ready
Would rather deal with them now and get them out of the way
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
Totally Chill
Nothing fazes you, does it?
Share your result:
You scored out of !
Pretty chill
You're pretty laid back alright - takes a lot to unsettle you. Good work.
Share your result:
You scored out of !
Borderline chill
You're walking a fine there...
Share your result:
You scored out of !
Not even a little chill
Hey... take a chill pill...
Share your result:

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