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David Hall challenges appointment of inspector to probe affairs of collapsed charity ICHH
Recommendations for reform of garda vetting pushed back due to 'complex' nature of review
Dublin councillors again defer vote to fill Anthony Flynn's council seat
Anthony Flynn's DCC seat may remain vacant if councillors can't agree on replacement
Dublin councillors at odds over filling Anthony Flynn's seat amid ICHH controversy
Some DCC members want Flynn to be replaced on Monday, while others want the vote postponed, Órla Ryan reports
A number of independent councillors are set to put forward Geraldine Molloy, an ICHH volunteer, to fill the seat
Mannix Flynn questioned bringing in a candidate while investigations into ICHH are ongoing
Dublin's homelessness authority to crack down on 'unofficial' services after ICHH scandal
Brendan Kenny says there is "currently no vetting on many people who are actually interacting directly with homeless people"
Volunteers say hundreds of people could go without food if certain services are shut down, Órla Ryan reports
"We don't want to be a charity or a business. We're volunteers, we just want to feed the people who need us and go home"
Social Democrats TD has 'declined' offer to take up role as chair of ICHH board
Councillor Christy Burke takes up role as ICHH chair after David Hall resigns
Dublin homeless charity suspends employee as inquiry launched over 'serious matters'
Balloons left outside Leinster House to represent the 56 people who have died in homeless services in Dublin this year
'They're not seen and definitely not heard': Why it's time for a homeless 'Rock the Vote' in Ireland
'I am worried about the cold - it kills me': A night on duty with a Dublin homeless charity
Homeless family of seven offered sleeping bags at Dublin garda station
'We need to stop this': Homelessness figures reach 10,000 for seventh consecutive month
'It can be damaging': People warned to avoid bogus charity collectors over Christmas
More homeless families living in hotels, despite Government claim that hubs are 'best response' to crisis
15 months into the job, how has Eoghan Murphy performed as Minister for Housing?
Mother and one-year-old child walk streets waiting to hear about accommodation for the night
Family who spent night in garda station offered three-bedroom apartment on trial basis
Family which spent night in garda station offered 'evening only' accommodation
Child homelessness rises 35% during Eoghan Murphy's first year in office
Dublin City Council issues €500k tender for homeless accommodation booking system
Hydration stations to be set up for rough sleepers in Dublin as temperatures soar
'As temperatures drop, there's a fear for life' - Volunteer group operates day and night ahead of icy weather
'It's a moral shame': Another 188 children have become homeless since the start of the year
'Homelessness is not normal': Effort to kickstart national movement begins with laughter and song outside the Dáil
Those on frontline of homeless crisis say the Housing Minister won't meet them
'The problem is that these are institutions': Family hubs for homeless compared to direct provision
This video of a homeless boy with cerebral palsy is going viral
Homeless families asked to pay €37 a week to live in 'hubs'
'My father used to beat me and my mother up for fun': A night on the streets with Dublin's rough sleepers
'This is just a drop in the ocean': Pictures show rats and mould in emergency accommodation
'We have our own beds now': Will family hubs be able to replace hotels for homeless families?
Here's the song a homeless charity hopes will be Christmas number one
Questions raised after man dies on busy Dublin street
Woman helping homeless people at GPO has hot tea thrown in her face
Enda Kenny was on the streets talking to homeless people last night
Dublin Mayor: It's 'bullsh*t' gardaí can't take in homeless under-18s without social worker
Charity calls on Housing Minister to meet homeless people tonight; she declines
Rough sleeper numbers up as Dublin's inner city hits 'crisis point'